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Unlocking Information Security I: From Cryptography to Buffer Overflows

Tel Aviv University via edX


Information Security is everywhere: as the world becomes more and more digitized, so it becomes more and more hackable. Cyber attacks, data breaches, and even cyber warfare are all very real - so it is infinitely important to understand how hackers think and act, and how you can fight back.

In this course, which is the first part of the Unlocking Information Security program, you will learn the basic terminology and concepts in the field of information security. You will explore different types of vulnerabilities through famous examples of design flaws, implementation bugs and social engineering.

You will then move on to discover the art of cryptography, from ancient times to the modern era, and learn about famous ciphers, how they can be cracked, and what can be done to thwart such attacks. Next, you will learn about an important aspect of cryptography that involves no secrets at all: hash functions. You will understand what they are, how they can be used, and how they can be attacked.

You will then combine everything you've learned and take a critical view of different authentication schemes: passwords, challenge-response systems and biometrics. Finally, you will learn about the most critical vulnerability of all times - Buffer Overflow.

This course was produced at Tel Aviv University by TAU Online - learning innovation center.

Taught by

Avishai Wool and Dan Gittik

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4.8 rating, based on 265 reviews

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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous is taking this course right now.

    This course is amazing! First of all - the content is great, clear and profound, making complicated issues accessible and understandable. Furthermore, the lecturers are great, they are real experts and yet they seem approachable. The effort and thought that were put into this course really make it stand out, the explanations, the animations, I took many online courses before and none of them was as good as this one.
  • Anonymous
    Dears, students and docents .

    This course is more an introductory course than intermediate, if you have some prior undergraduate knowledge you might learn very few new things ...

    You can find almost all by searching on wikipedia, and trolling by your favorite space around the corner ...

    If you're a pentester or black hat, that tries to pwn things, this wont help ...

    Kind Regards,
    JP xor John Philippe
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous is taking this course right now.

    The moment the thought of cyber security came to my mind it was Israel that occupied my mind.Consequently I decided to take this course by TAU at EdX.The lucid explanation and effective teaching style of both the educators are worth mentioning.I was deeply impressed by the manner of teaching.Hope the journey continues.
  • Anonymous
    This is a great course. Especially those who know how to write code are going to enjoy it. The exercises helped me to have a deeper and better understanding of what really happens under the hood. Moreover, the course makes me realize how vulnerable our modern world is. Fortunately, this teaches me how to better protect my own thing!
  • Profile image for Tomgi859
    One of the mose awesome, friendly, understandable, and definitely the one with the most efforts invested in I've even ran into in my life! Super-friendly course, which require familarity with Python, which I had not a all in the beginning, but with JAVA,...
  • Anonymous
    Very presentable and cool instructors. Material is so informative yet digestible. I sincerely salute you for the effort it must've taken to do this, and I thank you for passing on your knowledge.
  • Great mix of concepts, illustrations, and practices, including relevant and useful quizzes and programming assignments! The informal and humorous approach makes the course very engaging and motivating! I highly recommend it!
  • Anonymous
    Can I buffer overflow this review? This is a nice course. First, there's no such a complete course of hacking and defending on the internet, all I saw was just "go to CTF!, Do more quiz!" But this one told us step by step, with small tests that were a little harder than the class, motivating us to think and understand it. Second, the presenter, no matter the "young" and "old" one's humorous speech telling skills (and also gifs) are wonderful! Last but not least, the "Hackxercise", all I can say is just go and experience in person.

    Thanks to all of the Staff, from the planner to those who made awesome animation.
  • Anonymous
    The course exposed me to new things, I knew most of the concepts at the top level, the course revealed to me the inner parts of the concepts. I enjoyed understanding and getting to know in depth.

    The explanations were simple and easy to understand, the examples made it easier to understand.

    What I miss - seeing solutions for the coding exercises as well, especially in places where I did not succeed, I could not understand what is wrong and what is not working for me. So sample solutions can definitely help
  • Anonymous
    Fantastic course. It gave a great overview of the field. And the quiz and programming questions were sufficiently challenging without being too time consuming or advanced. This is the second MOOC I've completed, and it's left me motivated to continue to Part 2. The only comment I have is regarding the exam: I got a couple of questions partially incorrect. It would be great if there was some explanation (not just the correct answers) to help me understand the concept and where I went wrong.
  • Anonymous
    Well constructed course. Concepts explained clearly. The content unfolded in a well-planned, logical manner. Animations were a great visual aid. The two presenters are highly engaging and relatable. I did not do the programming examples, but took the course to gain a basic understanding of the field. And the course delivered on that. I also did Security II. What I wrote here applies there too.
  • Anonymous
    It was a fun introduction to the field of information security, I thoroughly enjoyed the course, diverse in content, lot of supplementary material and most importantly the fun hackxercises. Personally, I felt that I learned a lot from the hackxercises and hope more will be included in future versions of the Course. Looking forward to part 2.
  • Anonymous
    I audited this course (so only had a subset of the exercises available). I definitely learned a lot, even though I had seen some of this material previously. I felt the explanations were very clear and the exercises helped me to really understand concepts such as buffer overflow.

    I look forward to Part II and highly recommend this course!!
  • Anonymous
    The course exposed me to interesting topics. But not only remained at the level of exposure but also dived inward.

    The explanations are catchy and understandable.

    The exercises are thought-provoking and even challenging making the course a challenging and fun experience.

    Feels I learned and learns a lot of things through the course
  • Anonymous
    The review is exciting with plenty of information covering the whole issue of part I

    Really it was interesting to audit the material from A to Z

    All the programming issues were explained in a way that any beginner programmer would follow and appreciate.

    Thank you

    Best regards
  • Anonymous
    the course is excellent, many thanks to Avi and Dan. I have learned more than I have expected incl. a crach course in Python. But - and there is a but - I think you shoud stay with python and not using C for the examples an quizzes in particular not for the final exam 9c.
  • Anonymous
    It was really well explained. The examples helped a lot. The overall feeling that we were discovering the topics together was amazing, along with the music, the presentation and the enthusiasm of both teachers was a really pleasant and informative course. Thank You.
  • Profile image for Lior Eitan
    Lior Eitan
    A course that conveys the main ideas in a clear and quality manner

    I am studying for various certifications in the field of cyber security and this course undoubtedly contributed and sharpened those ideas. The practice is also excellent.

    Great job!!

  • Anonymous
    This coure is defenetly provide a nice entering to the field of information security.

    The concepts are provided by very friendly way, and it is easy to understand, althought the subjects are pretty complex.

    I enjoyed participated and got vast knowledge in the field.
  • Anonymous
    really good course, sometimes stuff isn't so clear but generally, you learn a lot during the course and the videos are really good.

    if you are interested in Security storage or even just in Computer science I fully recommend you to pass over this course.

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