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Universitat Politècnica de València

Upper-Intermediate English: Business and Modern Life

Universitat Politècnica de València via edX


This course is the second in a series of four English language MOOCs designed for students with an intermediate level of English looking to reach a higher intermediate level. The course is comprised of video lessons, reading comprehension activities, grammar explanations and exercises, listening comprehension activities and speaking practice.

The course covers interesting topics such as the Olympic Games, natural resources, extreme sports, health issues, films, pollution or pets.

This course also includes preparatory materials and recommendations to take the Cambridge University First Certificate in English Examination (FCE).

Taught by

Prof. Ana Gimeno



4.3 rating, based on 27 Class Central reviews

4.6 rating at edX based on 5 ratings

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  • Anonymous
    The course was interesting but the bad thing is having to review and grade the work of others. If you are learning english how it can be possible to grade the work of others.
  • Anonymous
    Very Good Course, i learned many important issues about life around the world, use of gramaticals rules and i could practice the oral and listened english.
  • Irina Viktorovna Vinogradova
    During this course you may get a lot of issues. Discover many interesting information from different countries. Also you may start to use wealphy vocabulary, improve writing and communication skills.
    Moreover I would love to notice that there are many repetitive materials. Its about when you need to grade another students. It’s useful to explore different opinions, but it may be boring as well. Anyway, the is always favor, it’s up on you.
    As for me, that course allowed me to practice English. Improve my level at reading, writing, listening, grammar and even speaking.
  • Amina Ajamova
    I am so happy, because I have completed this course. It was a really good course. It helped me to keep practicing my english, and learning some new stuff.
    Thanks a lot!
  • Anonymous
    This course has been very useful to me. Even if I didn't really enriched my vocabulary or my grammar, that course allowed me to practice English. It gave me back the taste of English. Now, I'm more confident in both speaking and listening. I started watching TV Shows in English again.
  • Anonymous
    It's a excellent course I never had before that kind of course

    I would strongly recommend it for students at intermediate level who want to make progress and improve their level, either at reading, writting, listening, grammar and even speaking.

  • Anonymous
    Clear, concise, refreshing way to learn, lots of different types of media used, lot of ground covered, teachers imparting wisdom with love.
  • Anonymous
    It's a excellent course I never had before that kind of course my life help me a lot to improve my English communication and I know that other person
  • Anonymous
    I am very excited to take this course. I enjoy the course really. I have to upgrade my vocabulary level and this is what I know from the course. I also need to improve my listening skill. However, I gained much from it.
  • Anonymous
    This course is very useful for those of us who are on the way to improve the language. The topics are captivating and the activities are challenges for who are Spanish speakers.
  • Anonymous
    It was fine course for intermediates and upper intermediates. The course was focused on the topics which are on the title so course was giving what it says.
  • Anonymous
    I'm very satisfied with the course. I think I have improved a bit. The course was easy to follow, and creative.
  • Anonymous
    I am used to another English MOOCS .
    These courses are arduos,boring,slow,above all the grammar videos are very long and the after exercises are difficult so we have not time to retain so many information.
    IDEA (Pdfs with the lists of phrasal verbs,or expressions,,,)
    To correct three students exercises is complicated we are not teachers .
    IDEA (Not 3 )
    The 4 courses are repetitive .
    Some exercises are quite difficult to understand ,the ones that you have to change trhe words to change the meaning .
    But anyway of course THANKS .I appreciate your work it must be hard to prepare a funny,serious English course
    I have completed them and I have learnt a lot of vocabulary and new subjects.
  • Profile image for Juyean Hong
    Juyean Hong
    The course is very useful to learn English and also has some fun.
    For me, listening is not easy but, listening to pop is a kind of sensational attempt.

    Grammar is basic but I didn't get good points. I learned that writing with grammar is not different with grammar as knowledge.

    The good thing is to stimulate curiosity to learn English. Writing lecture as review is very useful.
    It's a shame that record function doesn't drive in iPhone directly.
    It is needed to be improved.
    Anyway, I am good to finish this course.
  • Anonymous
    The course is very comprehensive and easy to follow, at your own pace. I took a lot of advantage to it in order to improve my English.

    Moreover, the topics are quite interesting and attractive.

    I would strongly recommend it for students at intermediate level who want to make progress and improve their level, either at reading, writting, listening, grammar and even speaking.

    I'm very satisfied with it and will go for the rest of courses.

    Thank you all the team for your work and wish you a great success.
  • Anonymous
    This course was okay.

    Some exercises were way to easy for upper intermediate level in my opinion.

    I did like the topics of this course, they were well chosen and pretty interesting.

    What I did not like as much was that the instructors/docents/teachers were not native english speakers and had a strong accent.

    All in all it was okay but I expected a bit more to be honest :)

  • Anonymous
    This is the second course of a series of four which will help you revise or improving your English. You will practise all communicative skills, this is, speaking, reading, listening and writing. The variety of topics studied will provide you a good range of vocabulary and grammar structures.
  • Anonymous
    I liked the course very much it is very helpful and one striking thing for me was that it not only present tasks for the topic viewed but also sometimes it mixed up with other grammar lessons, also the explanations are straightforward and concise.
  • Anonymous
    It has been a pleasure retake my English and try to remember all the grammar I have studied! I would like that everyone in the course had done the best because sometimes you find people who don't want to work
  • Anonymous
    My special focus was on grammar which has been very skillfully carried putting into plug holes. The listening and writing exercise was very effective and i say it was not a simpler course.

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