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University of Maryland, College Park

Establishing Product-Market Fit

University of Maryland, College Park via Coursera


Entrepreneur and investor Marc Andreessen coined the term product-market fit in 2007 when he said, “Product-market fit means being in a good market with a product that can satisfy that market.” While there are ample articles that mention the term, detailed guidance on how to actually achieve product-market fit is scarce.

Through our course we will explore an actionable model that defines product-market fit using five key components. From bottom to top, we will examine the layers of product-market fit beginning with your target customer and transitioning through your customer’s underserved needs, your value proposition, your feature set, and ultimately your user experience (UX).

Our process is an iterative, easy-to-follow guide through each layer to achieve product-market fit. This process helps you to articulate, test, and revise your key hypotheses about your product and the market so you can define and improve your product-market fit.

Using the principles of Lean Product Process, our course is structured in seven steps: determining your target customer, identifying underserved customer needs, defining your value proposition, specifying your minimum viable product (MVP) feature set, creating your MVP prototype, testing your MVP with customers, and iterating to improve product-market fit.


  • Introduction to Establishing Product-Market Fit
  • Defining Product-Market Fit
  • Identifying Underserved Customer Needs
  • Determining Your Target Customer
  • Module 5: Defining Your Value Proposition
  • Specifying Your Feature Set
  • Creating Your Prototype
  • Testing Your MVP with Customers
  • Improving Product-Market Fit
  • Final Thoughts

Taught by

Dr. James V. Green


4.6 rating, based on 15 Class Central reviews

4.2 rating at Coursera based on 17 ratings

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  • Anonymous
    I can not believe what I have seen in this course.

    It is the ABC-Z of product management with its associated roles like product marketing manager, product design and brand manager.

    I recommend this course for people that are willing to switch industry and switch roles.
  • Anonymous
    The course was up to my expectations. Very well structure course. The content, speed, relevance was perfect. Nice job by the instructor. It starts with the concept of product-market fit. The broad framework consists of 6 steps. Starting with the target...
  • Anonymous
    The course is very detailed with content that is easy to articulate and follow through. The course structure is well done and allows for gradual build up into understanding product market fit from the starting point of identifying the target market to eventually having a product ready for the right market. Examples provided are relevant, unique, interesting and very informative. The tutor is extremely knowledgeable and experienced on the topic of product market fit thus making the course valuable, interesting and worth the time. I look forward to practicing the lessons learnt and eventfully developing a product that is fit for a market.
  • Anonymous
    This course was extremely helpful to me, as someone who has worked closely with Product Management, but did not have a good understanding of establishing Product-Market Fit. The pace, examples, and explanation were insightful, and everything circled back to the main focus of this course. I feel better equipped to collaborate with my colleagues, and this knowledge has better positioned me to do so.
  • Anonymous
    At start, seriously I felt somewhat bored because the trainer is teaching it seriously but after first session, I realized how important is to understand and started taking it seriously.
    I highly recommend to attend these training sessions. You will definitely get more than your expectation.
  • Anonymous
    I learnt so much about user stories, wireframe and prototypes. these speaker has a way of minimizing his sentences to the minimal but still convey relevant information in a clear way. I truly enjoyed these school for this course .it is easier than others I have attended
  • Anonymous
    I've enjoyed the course format and content. The visuals and practical examples were on point. The course tackles the essentials needed by aspiring startup owners, product managers, and other experienced professionals.
  • Anonymous
    I have an MS in Entrepreneurial Studies. I found this class to be very engaging. I have been taught most of these concepts but found that the lecturer provided a deeper dive. Highly recommend!
  • Anonymous
    I am Toheeb Ipinloju from Nigeria. I love the fact that the course is rich and brief. I think marketing managers and other stakeholders can learn a lot from the course.
  • Anonymous
    Very well structured course. The concepts explained are very easy to grasp and remember. However, I found the overall course rather shallow.
  • Anonymous
    Suggest a good book to read and understand afterwards for preparing for interviews... Course is very good and well explained
  • Anonymous
    Thanks for a really well based and designed course. I really enjoy it and gave me the tools to improve my work.
  • Anonymous
    very good and helpful.
    Market fit means in a good market and your product can fit that market needs. Very important
  • Profile image for Mohammad Ali
    Mohammad Ali
    As a product manager, I was aware of many subsets of the principles taught in this course - but having a comprehensive overview of exploring how to find product-market fit, and how different concepts feed into each other was very helpful. The other great part was introduction to a lot of good tools to tangibly take the journey forward.

    I found this course very useful, highly recommended.
  • Anonymous
    Superficial and obvious. The assignments (forum and quizzes) are useless. Use as example big companies, but the content is oriented to small web/apps products. Needs to put together a project. At least provide the PPT/PDF deck.

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