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Information Security

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With everything we do online, there's a vast amount of sensitive information at risk: email addresses, passwords, phone numbers, and much more.

With the Information Security Certification, you'll build a secure web app with HelmetJS to learn the fundamentals of protecting people's information online.

You'll also build a TCP client, and an Nmap and port scanner in Python. This will help you learn the basics of penetration testing — an important component of good information security.

Major Topics:

  • Information Security with HelmetJS
  • Python for Penetration Testing
  • Information Security Projects


  • Install and Require Helmet
  • Hide Potentially Dangerous Information Using helmet.hidePoweredBy()
  • Mitigate the Risk of Clickjacking with helmet.frameguard()
  • Mitigate the Risk of Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Attacks with helmet.xssFilter()
  • Avoid Inferring the Response MIME Type with helmet.noSniff()
  • Prevent IE from Opening Untrusted HTML with helmet.ieNoOpen()
  • Ask Browsers to Access Your Site via HTTPS Only with helmet.hsts()
  • Disable DNS Prefetching with helmet.dnsPrefetchControl()
  • Disable Client-Side Caching with helmet.noCache()
  • Set a Content Security Policy with helmet.contentSecurityPolicy()
  • Configure Helmet Using the ‘parent’ helmet() Middleware
  • Understand BCrypt Hashes
  • Hash and Compare Passwords Asynchronously
  • Hash and Compare Passwords Synchronously
  • Introduction and Setup
  • Understanding Sockets and Creating a TCP Server
  • Creating a TCP Client
  • Developing an Nmap Scanner part 1
  • Developing an Nmap Scanner part 2
  • Developing a Banner Grabber
  • Developing a Port Scanner
  • Stock Price Checker
  • Anonymous Message Board
  • Port Scanner
  • SHA-1 Password Cracker
  • Secure Real Time Multiplayer Game

Taught by

freeCodeCamp Team

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