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JavaScript Programming - Full Course

via freeCodeCamp


Learn JavaScript from scratch by solving over a hundred different coding challenges.


Passenger counter app.
Setting up file.
Create variable.
Mathematical operations.
Reassigning & incrementing.
Adding button.
onclick event listener.
Using functions to write less code.
First function.
Function that logs sum.
Function that increments.
Increment on clicks.
Display count.
Document Object Model.
Display count w/ innerText.
Create save button.
What is string?.
First string variable.
Log greeting to console.
Strings vs. Numbers.
Render welcome message.
Improve message w/ string concatenation.
Use plus equal for count.
Create save feature.
Debugging online.
Set count to 0.
Variables practice.
Concatenate strings.
Incrementing & decrementing.
Strings & numbers.
Rendering error message.
Calculator challenge.
Build Blackjack game.
Add firstCard, secondCard, & sum.
If...else conditionals.
if...else statement.
if/else...if/else statement.
if...else statement for our game.
hasBlackJack variable.
isAlive variable.
Practice boolean conditions.
Add message variable.
Link stylesheet.
Add basic styling.
Make start button work.
Display message.
Display sum.
Display cards.
New card button.
Add to sum when newCard is clicked.
Rename startGame function.
Solving our cards problem w/ array.
Arrays intro.
Array indexes.
Arrays w/ multiple data types.
Adding & removing items from arrays.
Creating cards array.
Push new card to array.
For loops & arrays.
First array-based for loop.
For loops, arrays, & DOM.
Use loop to render cards.
Avoid hard-coding values.
Returning values.
Use function to set card values.
Generating random numbers w/ Math.random().
Math.random() * 6.
Flooring number w/ Math.floor().
Create dice.
Completing dice function.
Make getRandomCard() work.
getRandomNumber function.
Assign values in startGame function.
Card feature is broken.
Logical AND operator.
Logical operators.
logical OR operator.
Only trigger newCard() if you're allowed to.
Object sneak peek.
Create first object.
Store player data.
Methods on object.
Objects & functions.
if else.
Loops & arrays.
push, pop, unshift, shift challenge.
Logical operators.
Rock papers scissors.
Sorting fruits.
Build Chrome Extension.
Add button & input tag.
Style button & input tag.
Make input button work w/ onclick.
Refactor to addEventListener.
Create myLeads array & inputEl.
Using let & const.
Push to myLeads array.
Push value from input field.
Use for loop to log out leads.
Create unordered list.
Render leads in unordered list.
How to render li elements w/ innerHTML.
More innerHTML practice.
Render li elements w/ innerHTML.
Use createElement() & append() instead of innerHTML.
Improving performance of our app.
Create render function.
Clear input field.
Add a tag.
Template strings.
Write template string.
Make template string more dynamic.
Template strings on multiple lines.
Refactor app to use template string.
Style list.
Preparing deployment.
Deploying Chrome Extension.
What is localStorage?.
First localStorage.
Storing arrays in localStorage.
Save leads.
Get leads.
Truthy & falsy values.
Guess expression: truthy or falsy?.
Checking localStorage before rendering.
Style delete button.
Make delete button work.
How function parameters can improve our code.
Write function parameter.
Functions w/ multiple params.
Numbers as function params.
Arguments vs Params.
Arrays as params.
Refactor renderLeads() to use parameter.
Create tabBtn.
Save tab url.
Get current tab.
Use Chrome API to get tab.
Deploy final version.

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