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University of Queensland

English Grammar and Style

University of Queensland via edX


With the rise of social media and the Internet, many people are writing more today for different mediums than ever before. We'll present materials that cover grammatical principles, word usage, writing style, sentence and paragraph structure, and punctuation. We'll introduce you to some marvelous resources that we have annotated for your guidance. We'll show you video clips of interviews conducted with distinguished grammarians, challenge you with quizzes and writing activities that will give you strategies to help you to build skills that will enhance the quality of your writing, and invite you to participate in discussions and assess the work of your peers.


In Week 1 , we'll introduce you to the course and discuss what grammar is and why it matters; writing standard English; and how words work.

In Week 2 , Introduction to Sentences, we'll learn about parts of speech and word classes; structure and patterns of sentences, phrases, and clauses; and common sentence-level problems.

In Week 3 , Introduction to Verbs, we'll consider finite and non-finite verbs: linking verbs, auxiliary verbs, transitive and intransitive verbs, verb phrases, phrasal verbs, verbal phrases, infinitives, participles, and gerunds. We'll also look at tense, mood, and voice of verbs.

In Week 4 , Introduction to Nouns and Pronouns, we'll explore form and function of nouns: noun strings and nominalisations; form and function of pronouns, and problems with pronouns.

In Week 5 , Introduction to Adjectives and Determiners, we'll discuss the form, function, and use of adjectives including the 'Royal Order of Adjectives' and degrees of comparison. Adjectival sequencing, punctuation, and determiners will also be discussed.

In Week 6 , Introduction to Adverbs and Conjunctions, we'll learn about the form, function, degrees of comparison, and placement of adverbs; intensifiers; and weasels.

In Week 7 , Introduction to Prepositions and Paragraphs, we'll identify how prepositions function and problems with prepositions. We'll also look at paragraph development and cohesive ties.

In Week 8 , Introduction to Punctuation, we'll explore the main punctuation marks, punctuation problems, and other punctuation marks.

Approach: Video interviews, mini-lectures, readings, quizzes, writing activities, and writing assignments.

Taught by

Roslyn Petelin


4.0 rating, based on 32 Class Central reviews

4.5 rating at edX based on 21 ratings

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  • Annick Daelemans
    It's an interesting course but it does require some effort. Just watching the videos won't cut it. You'll have a few writing assignments during the course, and review other people's assignments. There are exercises, but the tests are not easy.
    Personally, I would have liked to have even more exercises, but I'm really glad I took this course. I learned a lot from it.
  • Anonymous
    Challenging but sensible. If you are a grammar freak, like me, you'll love it! By the way, the two previous sentences are grammatically horrible!
  • What made me remain to be in to the course until completion is the staff who were kept responsive throughout the course regarding queries of students. The course was well structured including the additional course resources was a plus, however, I'm still learn from this course.
  • Anonymous
    Very incomplete. Stating examples are helpful, but they don't count as "explanation"--until now I still don't understand what qualifier adjectives are. Frequently I had to resort to other resources for clarification. Worst, instructors sounded like they were reading scripts.
  • hello
    my name is elham.
    I living in iran and I am archaeologist
    l like participation in this course because my english grammer is very weak
    thank you
  • Aana
  • Gladys Dos Anjos Alves Mendes
    E um curso muito bom pois ele vai ajudar nos a saber melhor a gramática e estilo inglês, precisamos aperfeiçoar os nossos conhecimentos, pois o mundo está em constante mudança e renovação e por isso precisamos aprender mais e mais para podermos acompanhar a dinâmica do universo.
  • Anonymous
    Because i need improve my english. Probably in jun i will travel to UEA and speaking is necessary to enjoy.
  • Albert
  • Profile image for Michael Ye
    Michael Ye
  • Aretha Collins
    I am looking forward to taking this class. It will be an enriching experience. I have slot to learn although I've been to college. I want a lifelong of learning.
  • Natalia Epshteyn
  • Kuronosuke
  • Chinakaran Manikam
  • Rufusdaniel

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