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Bridging Distance and In-School Learning – Blended Learning in Practice

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As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers around the world were obliged to implement new ways of teaching and learning in distance and classroom settings. Accordingly, blended learning, the meaningful combination of learning at a distance and in school, through a careful choice of different tools and strategies, is becoming increasingly common in schools. The benefits of blended learning have been long recognised and go beyond the immediate needs created by the pandemic. Blended learning provides teachers more opportunities to personalise the learning process of their students and can thereby increase their autonomy, motivation and self-direction. Blended learning can therefore be an important step towards a competence-based education where the learner stands at the centre of an active learning process.

The Bridging Distance and In-School Learning – Blended Learning in Practice MOOC will demonstrate these benefits and help teachers to design and plan for blended learning as part of their usual practice. The MOOC will help teachers realise the pedagogical opportunities of adopting a blended learning model in their practice and get a better understanding of the way it can facilitate their efforts towards developing student-centred learning.


Module 1: Explore Blended Learning
Module 2: Designing and Planning for Blended Learning
Module 3: Implementing Blended Learning
Module 4: Blended Learning in Practice


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  • This course fulfilled all my expectations and even more. I've learned a lot aboud blended learning and what might be considered as a blended content. I've also learned that there were some activities in my previous work that could be considered as blendend learning even though I wasn't aware of the fact it truly is, so I was twice satisfied and confirmed myself that I was on the right path.

    I am truly satisfied with this course and all its content and I would definitely recommend it to everybody since you really have a lot of quality stuff to learn during it.
  • Anonymous
    This course was an excellent course. Basic aim was to provide blended learning as a new teaching approach. The COVID-19 pandemic closed schools and teachers around the world were obliged to implement new ways of teaching in distance and classroom settings. Blended learning is a meaningful combination of learning at a distance and in school. So, a careful choice of different tools and strategies is becoming increasingly common in schools all over the world. The Bridging Distance and In-School Learning – Blended Learning in Practice MOOC was a basic step for participants- teachers to understand blended learning. In addition, during this course participants communicated and changed ideas and teaching tools.

  • Profile image for Kristina Grigaitė Bliūmienė
    Kristina Grigaitė Bliūmienė
    Great thanks to the course organizers. Not only have I gained new approach toward the Blended learning, but also a great opportunity to share my understanding on this, to be evaluated and to evaluate other colleagues' work. The Teachers Academy support works qualitatively. I managed to solve the emerged situations and challenges.

    I got know a system of Badges. Great opportunity to communicate in different platforms.

    I would recommend this course to the others and would learn in Teachers' Academy again.

  • Anonymous
    The Teacher Academy's Course "Bridging Distance and In-School Learning – Blended Learning in Practice" was really an Apocalypsis for me. Very strong infra-structure and absolutely clear guidelines from the course's coordinators as well as at the utmost predictability of any processes entailed, consisting the keywords for the course's implementation and impact, offered all learners the chance to keep an eye worldwide about new methods, skills, and key competencies.
  • Profile image for STAYROYLA IOANNA Kypreou
    It is very intresting, Well organized, interactive Course. It disciplines our teaching materials. Thanks for the great opportunity.
  • Profile image for ENSSAF ALEWIDATALN'AN'AH
    Joining this this course allowed me to share experiences. I thank you with all my heart as I am an ambassador of in my country, Jordan.It was a wonderful course
  • Luis Domingo
    I like this course and would like to do it more frequently. It is a very good course indeed and indeed this course will open the intellectual as well as social understanding of learners. Different varieties too needed for advancement and mobility to engage in becoming a better teacher. Learning will be a master art and also create new variety of understand.
  • Anonymous
    I really enjoyed this course as it is fundamental for teachers and schools to implement a blended learning practice because it brings many advantages to a teaching and learning process that requires more diversity while respecting students as individuals. The different strategies and digital tools can enhance the attractiveness and interest in learning and it definitely improves the autonomy of students and boosts the creativity of both students and teachers. Now is the moment to implement blended learning because of the experience we got from distance learning and it would be a shame to forget everything that we have learned and not seize the opportunity to implement a new paradigm.
  • Anonymous
    This course gives significant insight to teachers to understand, plan and implement blended learning, both on theoretical grounds of the blended learning pedagogy and on practical design of blended learning scenarios. One of the most interesting features of the course has been the interaction with other teachers, through online tools, that enabled us to see peers' views and experiences. The course offers the possibility to attend at your own pace, something that proved very helpful for me. I liked very much the application introduced for designing teaching scenarios (Learning Designer) and I will use it in the future for developing my teaching/learning scenarios.
  • Profile image for Silvia Ramadas
    Silvia Ramadas
    This course has totally responded to my expectations as it provided a lot of new, innovative, challenging methods, strategies, learning scenarios, material and combined possibilities for both on-site and at distance learning. I got acquainted with a lot of creative digital tools which will allow me to do things differently. Taking this course also meant becoming aware of many interesting and relevant ways of teaching.
  • Profile image for ميس عبيدات
    ميس عبيدات

    A very wonderful course, complete and complete, its usefulness is great, through which I easily and easily designed my combined lessons and was able to distinguish the skills needed for each product, set the right time and use the appropriate strategy for the simultaneous and asynchronous part of the text. All thanks and appreciation for your wonderful efforts in proposing this great useful session.
  • Carmela Grancagnolo
    I found the course interesting and engaging in any section.

    Interesting because it gave me valuable suggestions and information.

    Engaging because I had the opportunity to read opinions of collegues from different countries and with different experiences.

    Also, the peer review section was for me particularly involving and stimulating.

    In a simple word, I enjoyed it.
  • Anonymous
    After joining the course I want to thank all owners. It is very worthwhile to join. I found diverse technology tools that can be used to teach our students and let them receive their learning progressively.

    The course was very useful ,its subjects and assessment process. Writing sinario was wonderful step it gave us as teachers to think outside the box.
  • Profile image for Rosanna Di Padova
    Rosanna Di Padova
    The first time i partecipate in a EuroSMooc, it was a very interesting and formative experience ,i discovered " new world".the structure of the course is simple and rich in content. Involving the exchange of ideas with colleagues from other countries and the peer evaluation useful.

    Congratulations to all the organizers.
  • Valbona REÇI
    I think this is a very valuable course for all teachers. Everything is thought out in detail and with many different resources to learn. An excellent collaboration between the moderators and its participants. I am so happy for this opportunity that gave me to learn more about this topic! Thank you Teacher Academy
  • Anonymous
    Great seminar, well-organised, simple language, clear structure and goals, sufficient time but not over-burdening, immmedite feedback form the administrators, many channels via which tranees got their feedback, updated information, all in all a really professional training programme, worth to attend!
  • Anonymous
    I attended the course and found it interesting, full of concrete activities to improve teaching

    The course is perfect for teachers, educators and trainers

    Chiara Delfini

    Formazione Mantova - For.Ma (Mantova - Italy)
  • Anonymous
    It was a very well structured and organized process that helped us understand the importance of blending our teaching techniques and skills in a constructive way with consideration of the pedagogical principles. Our students benefit the most..
  • Anonymous
    It was very well organised, very specific and every week I knew what I had to do. Wonderful experience the contact with people from other countries. The course moderators were pleasant and polite. The e-mails were helpful.
  • Anonymous
    Just to congratulate you about the excellent course you have developed.

    Once again, through the sharing of experiences and practices, it was possible to learn more about such an important topic. Thanks a lot!

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