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Going Places with Spatial Analysis

Esri via Independent


This Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is for people who know something about data analysis and want to learn about the special capabilities of spatial data analysis. Spatial analysis focuses on location to gain a deeper understanding of data. Spatial analysis skills are in high demand by organizations around the world. You'll get free access to the full analytical capabilities of ArcGIS Online, Esri's cloud-based GIS platform. Previous experience with GIS software is helpful, but not necessary for tech-savvy problem solvers. Could you and your career go places with spatial analysis?


Section 1

Going Places with Spatial Analysis

Consider the special characteristics and value of spatial data and analysis, and then get started with ArcGIS Online.

Section 2

Understanding and Comparing Places

Watch brief lectures about fundamental topics like queries, scale of analysis, descriptive statistics, and projection. Query a layer and sum attributes to make a map showing the best locations for new mixed-use development.

Section 3

Determining How Places Are Related

Learn about vector overlay, the modifiable areal unit problem, and normalizing data for choropleth mapping. Use ArcGIS Online to analyze watersheds for water quality monitoring, and summarize the number of streetlights in a city’s maintenance assessment district.

Section 4

Finding the Best Locations and Paths

Discuss topology, site suitability, cost paths, and other key concepts. Find suitable sites for a grocery distribution center and preferable areas for cougar habitat using ArcGIS Online.

Section 5

Detecting and Quantifying Patterns

Lecture topics include density surfaces, spatial autocorrelation, and spatiotemporal analysis. Use density and hot spot analyses to visualize patterns of personal and property crimes.

Section 6

Making Predictions

Learn about spatial interaction, regression, surface analysis, and interpolation. Use ArcGIS Online to interpolate sample points and make a map showing areas at risk of long-term poor air quality.

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  • In the fields of social and health sciences, the spatial analysis techniques introduced in this course are already being used in research published in the peer-reviewed literature. This course gives course participants insights on how to ask good study questions, assemble the needed spatial data, and not only visualize but analyze the data using Esri software. I recommend the course even if, like me, you have several years of experience with ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online, as you will inevitably be reminded of important analytic steps and new use cases for spatial analysis to inspire your own work.
  • This course was just great i have learnt new Techniques of which am already applying in my work. thanks alot
  • Anonymous
    This was a very useful and entertaining course. I learned to understand and apply Spatial Analysis in a series of very practical exercises. All the material was available for reference during the course and I used that material outside of the course to...
  • Anonymous
    Spatial analysis is very important method that helps researchers to present thier data in a fashion way. It also helps reader to understand the situstion in a simple way.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    Thank you Sir,
    This Course is good sensitive mind for geography.
    Find Location , Time Management, Saving Life and To do more good decision for Living life.
  • Anonymous
    Geography matters in everything that we do. It affects the schools we go to. It affects the first language we speak, who our neighbors are, our daily commute to work or school. It affects our health and even the health of our planet. Geography impacts almost everything.
    We all use maps to find out where things are and how we get to those things. Maps are created from spatial data. Maps help us learn about our world.
    But what if you go beyond just reading a map and start to analyze the spatial data?
    This MOOC discuss about spatial analysis that help us to answer real-word problem and gives new perspective to our decision-making.
  • Anonymous
    This is a very interesting and useful program for data analysis. It does not only teach how to create a spatial analysis app. It also demonstrated how to set up research criteria for research studies. In the program, I learnt about the condition of air pollutions and the population in California once were, with the tables and the spatial analysis app I created. I also learnt what aged groups were vulnerable to air pollution; and the different spatial analysis results from the air pollution standards between California and the Federal. Finally, I got help and learnt more tricks to use the ArcGIS program from the Lesson Forum.
  • Anonymous
    The class is a good intro into Spatial Analysis and the exercises really help you learn how to use this software, to help answer questions , of a geographical or anything with location type data . You do not need to understand stats or be a mapping genius , to go thru these lessons , but you will have an easier time, if you are familiar with mapping or with the arcgis software . If you dont have this background, it is still a good course, it will just likly take you the full time or longer, to do the exercises ...but ...that is the fun of this course, you are learning as you are doing the analysis.
  • Anonymous
    I would like to encourage others to do this course and explore more on esri using GIS . This course helps to create your own data ,analyze information on GIS. The tools used to create data and analyze are so user friendly and the options to change whatever u've done is provided so to those who have not yet take this course it's my pleasure to them to start doing it right now if you are someone living within the technological era like this . GIS is best suitable course to take and start doing your own work or within the organization you work for.

    Thank you
  • Anonymous
    This course is very informative, attractive to beginners, students feel enthusiastic to learn. Initially you got to know a lot about the various webmapping, story maps, featured layer usage and analysis etc. At the end you feel comfortable with spatial analysis for sure. The way of conducting the course, giving brief idea ,next making us to learn through exercise, clarifying the doubts ,discussions through forms. Good and nice way of conducting and encouraging the learners to learn more.
  • Anonymous
    Going places with Spatial Analysis is one course i recommend for all geospatial data analyst. It was six weeks of fun and learning. From the introductory videos, the exercises, the discussion to the forum discussions. I have been able to understand spatial relationships using various analytical methods from proximity, to patterns to prediction. If you're looking to hone your spatial analytical skills using real world data to make critical decisions. This is a starter package.
  • Anonymous
    The Course: Going Places with Spatial Analysis was a great learning opportunity for me and i would recommend for anyone with interest in spatial analysis, as it helps to provide answer to spatial questions and help us understand the patterns and processes occurring in the world around us. Spatial Analysis concepts was well understood and the application area best suited for different analysis type.
  • Anonymous
    Thank you for this course. It was great experience learning about the different tools ,how to use it ,where to use it. It helps me in increasing my knowledge for maps ,data, GIS . As i am a geo-informatics student i didn't find any difficulty in analysing ,visualizing,creating maps . It was very much understandable with videos ,pdf, virtual interaction with instructor. Again thank you.
  • Anonymous
    First 3/4 weeks are a basic into to ArcOnline (changing symbols, zooming features, filtering data etc). Wouldn't recommend for experienced GIS person. Week 5/6 were interesting with very good content - more useful for someone experienced than the first weeks. All content was well explained and the topics/data chosen for analysis were very interesting which isn't always the case.
  • Anonymous
    I just completed this ESRI MOOC course, and I am glad for having this opportunity to improve my skills on ArcGIS OnLine and Spatial Analysis resources. I highly recommend it to be taken by any person involved in the GIS field, either a beginner or an expert, as a way to leverage his/her career, specially during pandemic times. Alexander Gonzalez (Sept, 2020 - TX, USA)
  • Anonymous
    Fantastic content, detailed instructions, interactive exercises, and informative videos! I highly recommend to anyone attempting to improve their understanding of spatial analysis. It provides practical application of skills involving data organizing, analysis, and cartography. Completion of the course also confers a certificate to advertise on your resume.
  • Anonymous
    This is an excellent introduction to ArcGIS. Basic concepts are explained at the beginning of each section and then real life examples are provided with the steps to complete each assignment. The quizzes at the end of each section are brief but have thought-provoking questions. And it's cool to see comments posted by people from all over the world.
  • Anonymous
    Going places with spatial analysis is an esri mooc course l will recommend for all. it is a knowledge you have today and you will not regret. is quite expository to any one that is involved it of which am one. the clarity i got is what any one who has been having difficult in map should embrace without delay
  • Anonymous
    Great course, high quality teaching. Everything is done using ArcGIS Online so all you need is access to a browser, no installed software needed.

    Course teaches beyond 'click this, click that' but aims at understanding what you are doing.

  • Anonymous
    This course is very practice with the good exercices with permit me to learn more. I recommande it course to everyone. The spatial analysis concept is very clear and the tutor speak very well. You can meet with the tutor at anytime.

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