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International Security Management

Erasmus University Rotterdam via Coursera


In this MOOC you will learn about the colorful and diverse international security landscape, and gain insights into challenging topics including Open Source Intelligence, serious organised crime and illicit trade. You will also meet stakeholders from different sectors and backgrounds. We recorded our videos at different locations in Europe to also give you an insight into the original environment of our contributing experts. You will realize that the style and focus of the various presentations will differ from one week to the other. We feel that this is a big asset! And yes, we also have men in suits and uniforms...


  • An introduction to the international security landscape
    • Welcome to the first week of our MOOC! During this week you will be introduced to the international security landscape, it's actors and why this landscape concerns us all.
  • Managing security
    • Welcome to week 2 of our MOOC! During this week we will take a closer look into the concept of security management as well as the underlying challenges. The week concludes with an exercise in which you can conduct your own risk assessment.
  • Internet Intelligence and Investigation
    • This week focuses on Internet Intelligence and Investigation (the three "I's"). This concept is sometimes also referred to as Open Source Intelligence or OSINT. In addition to learning how the Internet contributes to the management of security, you will also learn how technological developments have influenced security management over the past decades.
  • Serious Organised Crime
    • You are past the half-way point of our MOOC! During week 4 you will learn more about the concept of serious organised crime. Where does terrorism fit into serious organised crime and what are some of the treats emerging on the horizon? Read on to learn more...
  • Leadership in security management
    • This week takes a step back from the various facts and figures provided in the previous weeks and examines why leadership is an important element when addressing global challenges, including safety and security.
  • Illicit trade
    • Welcome to the penultimate week of our MOOC! This week provides a very detailed overview of illicit trade. What are the consequences of illicit trade, why does it concerns everyone, and what can you do yourself? These questions and more will be answered!
  • A positive lens on safety
    • You have made it to the final week of our MOOC! Let's take a look at safety from a more positive angle. What makes you feel safe in your day-to-day life and can taking a calculated amount of risk also be a positive approach to safety? In addition to covering these questions, we will also ask you to re-evaluate whether your definition of safety has changed following the completion of our MOOC.

Taught by

Lola Valles, Dominique Lapprand, Bernat Vivolas Jordà, Milton Sousa, Anthony Thompson and Gabriele Jacobs

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3.3 rating, based on 3 reviews

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  • Siraji Hassan Ali
    Very nice course and i would like to enroll for the course so as to develop my knowledge in security sector and will you give me certificate after i complete the course and is it free cause i hail from humble background and is the university recognized worldwide.

    Thank you.
  • Anonymous
    The most senior teachers give best quality classes, the Illicit Trade module is excellent, likewise the lectures related to Risk and the participations of SME from Deloittle and ABN. However, the course lacks seriously a structure of learning and cohesion, moreover, the younger instructors are very bad in general, reading TV scripts and giving a bad academic experience, OSINT module is a waste of time. Exercises are also too easy and sparse, this topic deserves a better course, sometimes what appears is that a certain Freemasonry of friends and acquaintances got together to talk about subjects at random.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous is taking this course right now.

    Some instructors are reading the information, just like on TV. There is no engament with the learners. Week 3 of the course and I fell like I am loosing time rather than gaining valuable knowledge.

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