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Developing a Leadership Mindset

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Various leadership theories have emerged over time. We can categorize those theories in groups as per their approach to leadership as Trait theory, Behavioural theories, Contingency theories, Modern theories. These theories help us in understanding the leadership concepts. Organizations are spending millions on leadership development. World is full of MBA schools which produce more than a million MBAs every year.

Still, the biggest challenge being faced by organizations today is dearth of effective leaders. Organizations spend a lot on various leadership development programmes. These programmes do not have similar impact on all the individuals who attend the programmes. Everyone attends the same lectures, goes through same simulations,

exercises, psychometric instruments etc., yet these same inputs are processed in a different manner by each individual and a different output is seen in each case. To make leadership development programmes more effective, we need to know what is the hidden factor that affects the processing of input.

How leaders think, learn, and behave are driven by their mindsets. The mindset differences are consistent and can be documented. The course will make leaders question if they have the mindset necessary to pursue and achieve goals. This course is about leaders discovering how mindset can be developed for success in all spheres of life.

The course answers questions like how the mindset is formed. How does one’s mindset affect the outcome? What kind of mindset truly opens leaders to growth and change? What kind of mindset makes one a confident and successful negotiator, a win-win role that leaders and managers are often called upon to enact? How can one develop a leadership mindset?

This course provides a roadmap for leaders to develop a leadership mindset and cultivate minds for building and leading effective teams. This course will lead leaders to embark on a journey to the right mindset which will not only help in forging rewarding relationships but also in developing the willpower to transform their own mindset essential to leadership role and also to mentor their workforce and realign their mindset.


Module 1 – Introduction to Leadership Mindset

1.1 Introduction, background, and importance

1.2 Concept of mindset and leadership mindset

1.3 Where do mindsets come from?

1.4 Self-assessment

Module 2 – Types of Leadership Mindset

2.1 Growth and Fixed mindsets `

2.2 Learning and Performance mindsets

2.3 Deliberative and Implemental mindsets

2.4 Promotion and Prevention mindsets

2.5 Self-assessment

Module 3 – Discovering the Power of Mindset

3.1 Benefits of having the right mindset

3.2 How mindset affects management decisions?

3.3 Training to develop the right mindset

3.4 Self-assessment

Module 4 – Journey to a Growth Mindset

4.1 What is growth mindset and what is not?

4.2 How to get a growth mindset?

4.3 How to help develop growth mindset of others?

4.4 Self-assessment

The course will include a mix of videos, recorded audio clips, faculty led lectures, self-assessment tests and assignment(s).

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