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Tsinghua University

Medical Parasitology | 医学寄生虫学

Tsinghua University via edX


Ning Wu, M.D. is an acossiate professor in School of Medicine,Tsinghua University. Dr. Wu gained her Doctor of Medicine degree from Peking Union Medical College, the top 1 medical school in China. Afterward, she went to Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine in the United States doing HIV related immunological research as a postdoctoral fellow. When Tsinghua University decided to establish School of Medicine, Dr. Wu came back as the first batch of teachers and established four major compulsory courses, including medical parasitology, medical immunology, medical physiology and medical physiology experiment. Her teaching outcomes were outstanding. Students’ evaluation to Dr. Wu ranked top 5% among the whole faculties in Tsinghua university. Dr. Wu also won Tsinghua University’s “Young Teacher’s Excellent Teaching Award”, “Excellent Teaching Award of the Year”, “Best Teacher in Graduates’ Minds” and many other titles.

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Ning Wu



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  • Anonymous
    The instructors state in the beginning, that they put a lot of effort into making this course fun... And it was! The course provides an overview on history of emergence and treatment of infectious diseases as well as developments and future considerations for prevention and treatment. The information is explained very well and supported by very entertaining animations, which help to memorize the course material. The additional readings and videos provided each week were informative and offered increased understanding of each topic. This was the 8th course I completed on Coursera, and eventhough I enjoyed all, this the only one I rated with 5 stars. Enjoy!
  • Anonymous
    As someone with a laboratory background, I would have liked to have seen more about lab methods, particularly microscopic differentiation of helminth ova and larvae. I hope these experts consider creating a second course at some point with some more rare stuff (e.g. pentastomiasis, gnathostomiasis), and also maybe some fundamental topics of parasitology (morphology, life cycles, immunology / methods of immune system evasion). A veterinary (or zoology) parasitology course would be also be very interesting and relevant. Sincerest thanks to the course providers!
  • Quincy Whyte
    This course was amazing. i managed to complete it in no time by being dedicated and my hunger for knowledge was a Plus
  • Profile image for Caio Hamer
    Caio Hamer
    Loved it. The course is very insightful and I had never seen medical parasitology from this perspective.
  • Anonymous
  • Jason Hong
    This is an excellent course for medical students to learn parasitology. Not only will Prof. Wu teach us basic knowledge clearly and solidly, but she will also combine different teaching pattern to achieve the best performance. I learned more than medical knowledge. Anyone who take interest in parasitology or infectious diseases should have a look!

    All in all, this is really a 5-star course! Fantastic!
  • Anonymous
    I am a mathematician who is primarily researching in mathematical control theory, who wanted to have a broader overview of epidemiology necessarily with biological aspects and mathematical epidemiology. This course was very helpful! I definitely recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning epidemiology with possible directions of further studies and research. I make this an opportunity to thank everybody who taught the course and put everything together. Excellent job!
  • Anonymous
    Well-developed course with excellent content and a good variety of basic science and clinical content. An excellent overview for first-time learners of parasitology, or a good quick refresher for those who have encountered the subject before. The course's particular strength is the wonderful faculty from Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College, whose field trips to see vector habitats in vivo help bring the basic science to life. I strongly recommend this course!
  • Anonymous
    It is a really good course if you know how to organize your time. I suggest you to print first all the presentations and you can save time. I think if you take just 20min at day listening classes and doing the final test, you will learn a lot. IMPORTANT print to life cycle to understand better. I found some mistakes but I give 5 stars because all of them did a great job. (sorry about my English, im learning yet).
  • Anonymous
    This is a very good course!跟着老师学习到了很多关于医学寄生虫的知识,受益匪浅。听完您的课我觉得学到了很多东西,不仅止于书本上的,我觉得我懂得了很多,也成长了许多,这就是听君一席话胜读十年书吧!我很荣幸能得到您的教诲,希望我会追着您的脚步一直成长下去.
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Medical Parasitology特别棒,老师讲的也特别清晰,逻辑特别清晰,非常棒,非常认真,特别感谢老师,感谢平台,以后会继续使用,希望可以多听到这么棒的课程,对所学课程特别有帮助,理解更加深刻,点赞…
  • Anonymous
    Nice teacher and impressive course. 老師對于課程知识点的讲解很细致,课程的逻辑也很清晰。通过这门课程我对于医学寄生虫有了更加深入的了解,对于我学校所修的其它课程也很有帮助。谢谢Mooc平台!
  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    Excellent course! Doctors are great and despite Chinese, difficult to understand at times, it does not take away the brilliance of the course or the content presented! Thank you
  • Anonymous
    This lesson offers a broad and concise view of common medical parasites, with routine test and case discussion.
  • Anonymous
    Hi, I cannot get to the class, how come? did it happen to anyone? i don't know how to get access to the courses? some help.
  • Anonymous
    Enjoyed the course tremendously, and it was a wonderful refresher course that I am using to keep me current with some of the tangential parts of my field of expertise. I would recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in infectious disease, epidemiology, microbiology, or related fields. The videos were short, direct, and enlightening and not dry and boring light some educational videos can tend to be. I am planning on taking a number of other courses offered through Edx.
  • Anonymous
    I would like to thank the instructors for designing such a wonderful course which concentrates on every aspect of epidemics. I thoroughly enjoyed myself through this learning process. The concepts were explained in a simple manner with focus on arousing curiosity and interest in the mind of the learners while giving insights into the world of epidemics and its dynamics. Highly recommend this course for those who are interested in disease biology and its impacts on the world.

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