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Create and use analytics reports with Power BI

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  • Module 1: Power BI is a collection of software services and applications that let you connect to all sorts of data sources and create compelling visuals and reports. You can benefit from receiving those reports, or you can share them with others inside or outside your organization. Learn the basics of Power BI, how its services and applications work together, and how they can be used to create or experience compelling visuals and analytics based on your data.
  • In this module, you will:

    • Learn how Power BI services and applications work together.
    • Explore how Power BI can make your business more efficient.
    • Learn how to create compelling visuals and reports.
  • Module 2: How can you find, collect, and clean data from different sources? Power BI is a tool for making sense of your data. You will learn tricks to make data-gathering easier.
  • In this module, you will:

    • Explore the data-centric features and tools of Power BI.
    • Explore ways to find data.
  • Module 3: Connect Power BI to multiple data sources to create reports. Define the relationship between your data sources.
  • In this module, you will:

    • Create relationships between your data sources
    • Create a new field with calculated columns
    • Optimize data by hiding fields and sorting visualization data
    • Create a measure to perform calculations on your data
    • Use a calculated table to create a relationship between two tables
    • Format time-based data so that you can drill down for more details
  • Module 4: Create and customize visuals to present data in compelling and insightful ways.
  • In this module, you will:

    • Explore Power BI visuals
    • Create visuals
  • Module 5: Turn your business intelligence data into data insights by creating and configuring Power BI dashboards.
  • In this module, you will:

    • Upload reports
    • Create dashboards
    • Ask questions of your data
  • Module 6: Publish and share your Power BI reports and dashboards to teammates in your organization or to everyone on the web.
  • In this module, you will:

    • Publish reports
    • Print and export reports
    • Build apps
    • Integrate with OneDrive
    • Publish to the web


  • Module 1: Get started building with Power BI
    • Introduction
    • Use Power BI
    • Building blocks of Power BI
    • Tour and use the Power BI service
    • Summary
    • Check your knowledge
  • Module 2: Get data with Power BI Desktop
    • Overview of Power BI Desktop
    • Explore Power BI Desktop
    • Connect to data sources
    • Get data from Excel
    • Transform data to include in a report
    • Combine data from multiple sources
    • Clean data to include in a report
    • Check your knowledge
    • Summary
  • Module 3: Model data in Power BI
    • Introduction to modeling your data
    • How to manage your data relationships
    • Create calculated columns
    • Optimize data models
    • Create measures
    • Create calculated tables
    • Explore time-based data
    • Check your knowledge
    • Summary
  • Module 4: Use visuals in Power BI
    • Introduction to visuals in Power BI
    • Create and customize simple visualizations
    • Create slicers
    • Map visualizations
    • Matrices and tables
    • Create scatter, waterfall, and funnel charts
    • Modify colors in charts and visuals
    • Page layout and formatting
    • Check your knowledge
    • Summary
  • Module 5: Explore data in Power BI
    • Introduction to the Power BI service
    • Quick insights in Power BI
    • Create and configure a dashboard
    • Ask questions of your data with natural language
    • Create custom Q&A suggestions
    • Share dashboards with your organization
    • Display visuals and tiles in full screen
    • Edit tile details and add widgets
    • Get more space on your dashboard
    • Check your knowledge
    • Summary
  • Module 6: Publish and share in Power BI
    • Introduction to using workspaces
    • Publish Power BI Desktop reports
    • Print and export dashboards and reports
    • Introducing Power BI Mobile
    • Create workspaces in Power BI
    • Build apps
    • Use apps
    • Integrate OneDrive for Business with Power BI
    • Publish to web
    • Check your knowledge
    • Summary


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  • Anonymous
    This content is quite superb and easily understandable helps to create a fruitful reports as for the requirements and also suggest a proper interpretation through the dashboard and also helps in guiding the business for the further achievements.
  • With Power BI Desktop, you can easily connect to an Analytics view to start creating reports for your project in Azure DevOps. An Analytics view provides a simplified way to specify the filter criteria for a Power BI report based on Analytics data.
  • Vikram Singh Parihar
    It was really brief and insightful session got the basic idea how does BI work and how we can use it our daily life
    I have enjoyed attending this course which is very useful for current role and for my career development. I have learned a lot in the data analysis, visualization, reporting and sharing internally and externally. From my point of view this will help me a lot for pursuing various or a wide range of roles in the future, such as business analyst, project manager, program manager, project director, program director, portfolio manager, team lead, Senior project manager, senior program manager, planning, monitoring, evaluation, learning and reporting expert/manager, strategic management expert, policy analyst, digitalization expert, etc
  • Profile image for SUMEER SYED
    Power BI proved to be an exceptional tool for creating and utilizing analytical reports. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive, while a range of impressive features enables users to tailor bespoke reports. The ability to connect to various data sources is a significant advantage, allowing for the analysis of multiple data sources in the same report.
  • It is great course and is enough to start working on power BI reports. There are few limitations to it like it is showing old videos which are not up to date with the current versions of power BI but still you can learn a lot.
  • Profile image for VINOTHINI S PSGRKCW
    In power Bi, We couldn't find the certified course in free domain. It helps a lot. I could get the better insight about the power BI, its features, advantages and whole out look about it.
  • Pascal Emmanuel Manyanda
    Overall, I found Power BI to be an excellent tool for creating and using analytics reports. The platform is easy to use, with an intuitive interface and a wide range of features that allow users to create highly customized reports. The ability to connect to a wide variety of data sources is also a major plus, as it allows users to analyze data from multiple sources in a single report. If you are looking for a powerful analytics tool that is easy to use and highly customizable, I would definitely recommend giving Power BI a try

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