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Create Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) with PWABuilder

Microsoft via Microsoft Learn


  • Module 1: PWABuilder is an open-source tool developed by Microsoft that streamlines the process of deploying Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). It simplifies PWA development by automating the creation of essential components, providing a user-friendly interface for customization, and packaging PWAs for various platforms and app stores. PWABuilder is an ideal choice for projects that require a seamless app-like experience across different devices and network conditions. By using PWABuilder, organizations can save time and resources while delivering users a seamless, app-like experience.

    By the end of this module, you'll be able to:

    • Evaluate the features and benefits of PWABuilder in creating PWAs.
    • Describe the process of using PWABuilder to create and deploy a PWA.
  • Module 2: Elevate your web development skills by integrating Progressive Web App (PWA) features into projects. Master PWA readiness, app manifest generation, and service worker configuration using PWABuilder. Customize settings and appearance, configure essential PWA features like push notifications and background sync, and transform your project into a polished, app-like experience for users.

    By the end of this module, you'll be able to:

    • Utilize PWABuilder to create and enhance PWAs effectively.
    • Evaluate a website's PWA readiness and implement necessary improvements.
    • Customize your PWA's settings and appearance, integrating features like push notifications and background sync.
    • Gain practical experience in generating and customizing app manifests and service workers for PWAs.
  • Module 3: Learn to test and publish Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) on various devices and platforms, ensuring seamless user experiences. Acquire test packages, test on different browsers and devices, and comply with guidelines. Utilize PWABuilder to package and submit PWAs to the Microsoft Store, reserve app names, and navigate the Microsoft Partner Center for successful publication. Enhance PWA development skills and boost app performance and reach with this informative guide.

    By the end of this module, you'll be able to:

    • Test a Progressive Web App (PWA) on various devices and platforms, ensuring it's compliant with technical guidelines and requirements.
    • Understand the procedures for packaging and submitting a PWA to the Microsoft Store, including reserving an app name and reviewing store policies and code of conduct.
    • Successfully navigate the process for PWA review and publication.


  • Module 1: Module 1: Introduction to PWABuilder
    • Introduction
    • What is PWABuilder?
    • How PWABuilder works
    • When to use PWABuilder
    • Knowledge check
    • Summary
  • Module 2: Module 2: Integrate your project with PWABuilder
    • Introduction
    • Prepare project for PWA integration
    • Exercise - Evaluate a website's PWA readiness
    • App manifest and service worker with PWABuilder
    • Customize PWA settings and appearance
    • Exercise - Generate the app manifest and service worker
    • Knowledge check
    • Summary
  • Module 3: Module 3: Test and publish Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) for Microsoft Store
    • Introduction
    • Test PWA on devices and platforms
    • Ensure compliance with guidelines and requirements
    • Publish PWA to Microsoft Store
    • Knowledge check
    • Summary


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