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Level up with Office 365 and Windows

Microsoft via Microsoft Learn


  • Module 1: Educators of all subject areas and levels explore ideas and resources to integrate Flip into the classroom to empower every student voice.

    In this module, you will:

    • Create a group, topics, and share with students.
    • Identify ways to use Flip within learning communities.
    • Become a Flip Certified Educator.
  • Module 2: OneNote Class Notebook is platform for teachers to prepare instructional material and collaborate with students. Create a Class Notebook and build instructional content to use with students.

    In this module, you will:

    • Create a OneNote Class Notebook and use the tools to create and distribute content to students
    • Give feedback via OneNote with a range of approaches
    • Identify lesson resources to create and store in Content Library
    • Plan an activity using Collaboration Space

    ISTE Standards for Educators:

    • Educator - Designer
    • Educator - Facilitator

    UNESCO Standards for Educators:

    • Application of Digital skills
    • Pedagogy
    • Teacher Professional Learning
  • Module 3: Microsoft Teams in educational settings is a hub for content and the centerpiece for collaboration. Teams facilitates communication between educators and students, families, colleagues, and the larger school community.

    In this module, you will:

    • Identify ways to build a class community using Microsoft Teams
    • Explain how Teams facilitates conversations and collaboration
    • Describe how to use the Class Notebook as a central location for course content
  • Module 4: Staff Teams and PLC Teams in Microsoft Teams facilitate collaboration between professional colleagues and incorporate file sharing and organization.

    In this module, you will:

    • Recognize the differences between Staff Teams and PLC Teams
    • Describe use cases for each type of team
    • Understand how to organize people, files, and communications in Teams
  • Module 5: Collaborate with colleagues or staff using OneNote. OneNote Staff Notebooks have a personal workspace for every staff member or teacher, a content library for shared information, and a collaboration space for everyone to work together.

    In this module, you will:

    • Identify different ways Staff Notebook can be utilized within school settings
    • Create a Staff Notebook and create different content within the notebook
    • Connect OneNote and Outlook to create a workflow for meetings

    ISTE Standards for Educators:

    • Educator - Leader
    • Educator -Collaborator

    UNESCO Standards for Educators:

    • Organization and Administration
    • Teacher Professional Learning


  • Module 1: Module 1: Engage and amplify with Flip
    • Introduction
    • What is Flip?
    • Create a Flip account and your first group
    • Create your first topic
    • Students share their voice
    • Meet the community!
    • Resources
    • Reflection
    • Knowledge check
    • Summary
  • Module 2: Module 2: OneNote Class Notebook: A teacher's all-in-one notebook for students
    • Introduction
    • Get started with OneNote Class Notebooks
    • Set up a OneNote Class Notebook
    • Use Content Library
    • Distribute sections and pages
    • Use Class Notebook with assignments in Microsoft Teams
    • Student feedback and assessment
    • Use Collaboration Space
    • Immersive Reader and accessibility
    • Researcher
    • Knowledge check
    • Summary
  • Module 3: Module 3: Converse, collaborate, and build community in Teams
    • Introduction
    • Increase efficiency with Microsoft Class Teams 
    • Create an impact on learners
    • Work with a team in channels 
    • Stay connected with conversations
    • Build a content center with Class Notebook
    • Enhance family communication 
    • Let me count the ways: The many educational uses for Microsoft Teams 
    • Knowledge check
    • Summary
  • Module 4: Module 4: Work collaboratively with Staff and PLC Teams
    • Introduction
    • Distinguish Staff Teams from other teams
    • Use Staff Teams for various educational needs
    • Manage team members to optimize collaboration
    • Focus on what matters: Avoid the email churn with conversations
    • Private channels
    • Collaborate on files for productivity
    • Sync Files tabs locally for offline use
    • Personalize Teams with apps
    • Knowledge check
    • Summary
  • Module 5: Module 5: OneNote Staff Notebook: Tools for staff collaboration
    • Introduction
    • Get started with OneNote Staff Notebook
    • Set up a OneNote Staff Notebook
    • Get the most out of OneNote Staff Notebooks
    • Knowledge check
    • Summary


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