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MongoDB: The Complete Guide to NoSQL Database Development

EDUCBA via Coursera


This comprehensive course ensures you develop a foundational understanding of MongoDB, covering its principles, architecture, and essential operations. You'll gain hands-on skills installing MongoDB, executing CRUD operations, and navigating its architecture. Progressing to advanced concepts, you'll delve into schema design, indexing, and performance optimization, incorporating advanced querying techniques using Mongoose. The course further extends to integrating MongoDB with Mongoose, emphasizing document creation, RESTful API design, and validation practices. Finally, you'll explore MongoDB's advanced functionalities, mastering data distribution, fault tolerance, and performance strategies. You will possess a robust skill set for proficient MongoDB development and management by the course's conclusion.


  • Introduction to MongoDB
    • In this module, you will delve into the fundamental aspects of MongoDB, including its architecture, data model, indexing, querying, and aggregation framework. You'll gain hands-on experience with document-oriented data storage, learning how to model complex data structures and relations more intuitively and efficiently. This module will cover essential topics such as CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations, data validation, data consistency, and transactions in MongoDB. Additionally, we'll explore best practices for schema design and performance optimization to ensure your MongoDB databases are highly efficient and reliable. You will have the skills and knowledge to work with MongoDB proficiently, allowing them to integrate it seamlessly into your development projects and enhance their capabilities as database professionals. Join us on this MongoDB journey and unlock the potential of the thirobustul NoSQL database.
  • Data Modeling and Querying in MongoDB
    • This module explores advanced MongoDB concepts, focusing on your understanding of critical elements like schema design, indexing, and optimal performance practices. You'll learn to apply advanced querying techniques, efficiently retrieving and manipulating data based on intricate criteria. Additionally, you are expected to demonstrate proficiency in expertly managing indexes, using aggregation pipelines, and seamlessly integrating MongoDB CRUD operations using Mongoose. Through this, you will understand MongoDB's advanced features comprehensively, ensuring you can optimize database performance and apply sophisticated querying strategies in real-world scenarios.
  • MongoDB and ExpressJS Integration
    • In this module, you will explore integrating MongoDB with Mongoose, a leading object modeling tool for Node.js. You will strategize and implement MongoDB's document creation and insertion processes, leveraging Express and Mongoose. This module equips you to design and construct RESTful APIs, showcasing your proficiency in implementing widely-accepted practices. It encompasses the creation of queries for diverse conditions in MongoDB and adeptly utilizing Mongoose's built-in validation features. Furthermore, you will interpret the design and execution of customized validation functions for MongoDB schemas using Mongoose, ensuring a deep understanding of MongoDB development and validation methodologies.
  • MongoDB in Production
    • In this module, we delve deeply into MongoDB's advanced functionalities, elucidating principles related to data distribution, fault tolerance, and scalability through replication and sharding mechanisms. You will demonstrate proficiency in various backup techniques, including automated scheduling and recovery procedures, ensuring robust data management despite potential setbacks. The module anticipates your comprehensive understanding of factors influencing database performance, empowering you to strategically apply measures like indexing and query optimization for heightened efficiency in MongoDB operations. By the module's conclusion, you will possess a thorough grasp of MongoDB's advanced features and their strategic application for optimal performance and reliability.

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