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NodeJS Unleashed: Mastering Backend Development

EDUCBA via Coursera


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Embark on a comprehensive Node.js development journey with this course. Starting with the fundamentals, you will establish a solid foundation by mastering Node.js installation and utilizing Visual Studio Code. Later, We will delve into advanced topics, such as asynchronous programming, error handling, CRUD operations, and OS module usage for system information retrieval. The course progresses to web development essentials, covering HTTP request handling, JSON manipulation, and Express.js configuration. Authentication, authorization, and email communication with Nodemailer are explored for secure applications. The course culminates in advanced Node.js features, including WebSocket communication, real-time chat application construction using, and scalability/performance optimization for responsive applications. You will emerge adept in foundational and advanced Node.js concepts.


  • Introduction to Node.js
    • This module lays the groundwork for a comprehensive exploration of Node.js, beginning with establishing a foundational understanding. You will delve into the installation process of Node.js and Visual Studio Code (VS Code), ensuring a thorough grasp of the essential tools for Node.js development. The module progresses to proficiently utilizing the REPL (Read-Eval-Print Loop) in Node.js, offering practical insights into interactive code execution. Additionally, you will apply their comprehensive knowledge of Node Package Manager (NPM), gaining proficiency in managing dependencies and optimizing the development workflow. By the module's conclusion, you will possess a solid foundation and practical skills for effective Node.js development.
  • Asynchronous Programming in Node.js
    • This module immerses you in the intricacies of synchronous and asynchronous programming in Node.js, fostering a profound understanding of their differences and advantages. You will elevate their mastery by evaluating the fundamental concepts of asynchronous programming to a sophisticated level. The module further explores comprehensive error handling in Node.js and guides participants through performing CRUD operations for effective data manipulation. Additionally, you will develop practical skills in utilizing the Node.js OS module to retrieve vital operating system information. By the module's conclusion, participants will possess a well-rounded skill set in asynchronous programming, error handling, CRUD operations, and system information retrieval in Node.js.
  • Building RESTful APIs with Node.js
    • This module provides a comprehensive exploration of key aspects of Node.js development. You will grasp the fundamentals of handling HTTP requests and responses, laying a strong foundation for web development. The module delves into the nuanced handling of JSON in Node.js, emphasizing effective data exchange. Evaluating proficiency, you will configure Express.js with Node.js, gaining essential skills for robust web application frameworks. The module extends to comprehensive insights into authentication and authorization in Node.js, ensuring secure user identification. You will then analyze and master sending emails using Nodemailer, enhancing your expertise in communication functionalities within Node.js applications.
  • Real-Time Applications with Node.js
    • This module focuses on advanced aspects of Node.js development, starting with developing proficiency in WebSocket communication for real-time, bidirectional interaction. You will then analyze and acquire the skills necessary to construct chat applications using, mastering the principles of dynamic, interactive communication in Node.js. The module extends into scalability and performance optimization, ensuring participants comprehend the essential concepts and best practices for developing responsive and high-performance applications. By the module's conclusion, you will be equipped with advanced skills in WebSocket communication, chat application development, and optimizing scalability and performance in Node.js.

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