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Nutrition and Cancer

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Can cancer risk be reduced through a healthy diet or lifestyle? Many studies have been conducted on the role of nutrition and physical activity in cancer prevention. This has resulted in recommendations for cancer prevention. Far less research is conducted on nutrition and cancer progression, but the evidence is increasing that a healthy diet may also play a beneficial role for cancer survivors. Join this online course and learn more about the role of nutrition in the occurrence and progression of cancer. You will learn how nutrition is involved in cancer occurrence, cancer treatment, and progression. And you will discover what the evidence-base is for dietary guidelines.

This online course focuses on a wide range of dietary exposures (including vegetables, meat, dietary supplements, alcohol) and lifestyle factors (including body composition and physical activity) in relation to the occurrence and progression of the most common types of cancer, such as large bowel cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and lung cancer.

For whom?

Dieticians and physicians often get questions from cancer patients about what they can do themselves to help their recovery process. After completing the course you will have gained a solid scientific basis to better weigh and interpret all the information available on nutrition and cancer and to take care of your own health and/or that of your patients.

This online course is especially valuable for professionals (in training) from various fields related to nutrition or cancer (e.g. nutritionists, epidemiologists, health policy makers, physicians, caregivers, nutrition educators, biologists and food scientists).

This course, is part of theNutrition and Disease Professional Certificate Program of Wageningen University & Research. Did you already complete Nutrition, Heart Disease and Diabetes? That is the other course in this Professional Certificate Program.


Module 1
Start with an introduction to the relation between nutrition and cancer development and progression, and discuss the different types of research designs by which this relation is studied.

Module 2
Discuss dietary and lifestyle risk factors related to cancer occurrence, by outlining the current WCRF/IARC evidence-based recommendations for cancer prevention.

Module 3
Learn about the interaction between nutrition and genes, and how this can influence cancer occurrence.

Module 4
Learn about the importance of dietary and lifestyle guidelines for the increasing group of cancer survivors.

Module 5
In this module you will learn about the adherence to guidelines and how important it is to have a clear and correct communication to the public. (This module is only accessible to verified learners.)

Taught by

Ellen Kampman, Fränzel van Duijnhoven and Dieuwertje Kok


4.4 rating, based on 338 Class Central reviews

4.3 rating at edX based on 9 ratings

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  • A very nice class. Well organized and taught by researchers from a great institute. Still, I think, the name is misleading. There is not much direct information about nutrition and cancer, as the title suggests! There is a lot of information…
  • Anonymous
    As much as I aprreciate the efforts of the people involved in making the course, unfortunately I found it’s content extremely light on information. In my opinion, this course barely scratched the surface of the topic of nutrition and cancer. Of 5…
  • A highly insightful course for anyone to pursue. This great course introduces most aspects from prevention to survival, and even on press reporting. Of great help for anyone to access information and research interests would be the topics on typ…
  • Not as extensive or carefully edited as the Cardiometabolic Disease class but still solid and full of compelling information.
  • Anonymous
    I appreciate all the helpful and interesting information taught in this course. Learning official guidelines from world organizations has been enlightening. I look forward to feeling equipped and joining the community of people working to make a di…
  • Anonymous
    1. Final, graded assignments should not be graded by peers but by faculty members. I got to grade assignments of the same person twice. Not Fair to the person. Also, I noticed that students are grading their peers by cutting edges. They do not read…
  • Anonymous
    1. Final, graded assignments should not be graded by peers but by faculty members. I got to grade assignments of the same person twice. Not Fair to the person. Also, I noticed that students are grading their peers by cutting edges. They do not read…
  • I have benefited a lot from this course, and I hope to complete all the courses of your distinguished university.
    Many thanks to all the course workers and the university in general.
  • You will learn about the Wold Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) recommendations for cancer prevention, the types of research in cancer and nutrition. There is additional learning in critically analysing media communication around nutrition and cancer. I did this course for personal growth as a cancer survivor - highly recommend!
  • Brilliant course, logical, interesting and assessments are good. Two of the video's glitched and took longer to play but that may have been my end? Thank you for such an interesting, research based and practical how to course.
  • Dr. Kaukab Iqbal Jafry
    Great course with great insights into nutrition and the oncology landscape. I got to learn about different research studies that can be utilized in the research process. There were thought provoking insights on role of genetics and their correlation…
  • Anonymous
    thank you for your initiative in creating this course and the thought behind it

    unfortunately with most of your data pointing to inconclusive and insufficient proof, I am leaving the course even more confused and worried than i was when i started it.

    I am now doubting the intensity of workout and quality of " clean" maybe not so clean foods and became terrified of supplements

  • Anonymous
    I am located in the United States am currently enrolled in the Nutrition and Cancer course. I was particularly excited to enroll in this course so as to get an European view of Nutrition and Cancer. The course overall has been very informative and p…
  • Anonymous
    Good information and great presenters. It was interesting to learn more about what part nutrition play in the role of cancer. Even though there is not a lot of scientific information on nutrition and cancer I can see the cause and effect of it on someone who has cancer. If the diet is poor the health is poor. It gave me more insight on how to look at nutrition and exercise in regards to cancer.
  • Anonymous
    nutrition and cancer is a very good course that i learned from edx , because it gives knowledge about how to reduce the cancer by consuming dietary products and vegetables . I suggest that this is the best course to learn now a days because cancer's are more common issue in medical industry . To reduce those risks to learn this course
  • Anonymous
    Good course. Personally I would have expected a bit more in-depth information and theory. The interview about loss/change of taste and smell was very helpful to me. I am working in a hospital and am sometimes dealing with patients who are on chemotherapy. I now better understand why they often have problems with eating.
  • Anonymous
    The course presents important information from the field of cancer and nutrition. Various experts present their research findings and recommendations in interviews and presentations in video and text form. This makes learning easier and fun.
  • Anonymous
    the course is quite beneficial. there is a lot to learn in this course. the course has provided lot of useful interesting information for our life. i feel pleasure to be a part of this course.
  • Anonymous
    Am very grateful for this course. This is a great course to take if you want to understand more about how to reduce chances of getting cancer, its risk factors and how it's treated.
  • Anonymous
    Good course! High-quality videos. The course gives food for further thoughts. I would like to see more nutritional information / recommendations for most common types of cancer.

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