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University System of Maryland

Project Management Principles

University System of Maryland via edX


Project management is a skill that is essential in today's business world. With this skill set, project professionals can help organizations manage and track projects effectively, ensuring that tasks are completed on time and within budget. Additionally, project management skills can be applied to a variety of other fields, such as marketing, engineering, accounting, non-profit, and even the creative arts.

This course will provide an overview of various project management methodologies. Learners will gain a comprehensive review of key methods, concepts, and roles in project management and achieve a solid understanding of the methodologies behind predictive, agile and hybrid project management.

In this course we'll cover the practices and management skills that can improve your organization's ability to deliver high-quality products and services:

  • Improved coordination of the efforts of teams and ensure that projects are completed on time and on budget.

  • Enhance the organization's ability to stay organized and on track, while meeting deadlines and delivering products or services on time.

  • Manage larger projects with more accuracy and precision.

  • Improved efficiency in your work.

  • The varied management approaches of agile and "traditional" project management methodologies. How they differ and how to identify the best approach for any project.

Project management is a critical skill for any business that can add significant value to any organization. In addition, effective project management can help foster team collaboration and communication. Learning project management is a valuable investment for any business and to the individuals taking the journey to develop their project management skills and effectively apply them in your organization.

There are many reasons to learn project management, but perhaps the most compelling is the ability to successfully manage complex projects. With proper planning and execution, a project can be completed on time, meeting the desired budget goals,, and with the desired result.

There’s not one right way to manage projects. There is a way and having knowledge of the various methodologies and techniques can help project professionals successfully achieve the goals of the project.

This course offers a fundamental understanding of predictive and agile project management principles based on better practice guidelines provided in the PMBOK® Guide and other major text books referenced by the PMP® Exam Content Outline (ECO). Learners will finish this course more than ready to continue their project management and PMP® journey, which we hope either completes your certificate with us.

By the end of the course, learners will be able to rapidly and successfully apply the principles of various project management methods in their organizations. Additionally, upon successful completion of this course, learners can earn 10 contact hours of project management education which are recognized by the Project Management Institute (PMI). A total of 35 contact hours in project management education are a requirement to those looking to achieve the Project Management Professional (PMP®)certification.


Week 1: The first week kicks off with a powerful set of statistics about the number of project managers in the world, the growth rate of the need for project managers, and why project management is needed. The lesson will dive deeper into what industries rely on project managers and despite the different industries, there is a need for standards and best practices which come from the PMBOK® Guide.

Week 2: The second week provides an overview of the concept of systems value delivery and gain insight and clarity around organizational viewpoint, different roles & functions of a project environment, internal and external factors that impact projects, and integration of products and product management.

Week 3: The third week introduces participants to the spectrum of project management: Predictive, Agile, and Hybrid. Participants will learn how the types of deliverables, delivery cadence, and how the products will be developed define the development approach.

Week 4: The fourth week explores agile principles and practices. Learners will learn about the Agile Manifesto, the key roles, meetings, and artifacts of agile practices.

Week 5: The last week provides the context of tailoring your projects and defining what it means to tailor. Students will learn why tailoring occurs, the value of tailoring and the key benefits of tailoring.

Taught by

Crystal Richards


4.7 rating, based on 22 Class Central reviews

4.4 rating at edX based on 7 ratings

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  • Anonymous
    Overall this course was extremely well paced and structured. The content was very helpful and practical to actual project management strategies and I definitely learned a lot with this course. Crystal is a great teacher and makes the videos easy to…
  • Anonymous
    As an audit student, I found the principles course more of an icebreaker into project management concepts, especially as someone who only has a little of the PMBOK6 foundational understanding. This course is based on PMBOK7 which is current. I used it more to gather as much preliminary understanding as I could. I think as time progresses and I become more familiar with project management and its core principles, things will become clearer and make more sense.

    The teacher is knowledgeable about the topic, has a bright personality, and a clear tone.
  • Anonymous
    I recently took the Project Management Principles course offered by the University System of Maryland via edX, and I want to share how great it was. Here are a few reasons why I highly recommend this course
    Well-Structured Curriculum
    Knowledgeable Instructors
    Practical Approach
    In conclusion, if you're interested in project management, I highly recommend the Project Management Principles course by the University System of Maryland via edX. It offers a well-structured curriculum, knowledgeable instructors, a practical approach, and flexibility. It's a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable skills and knowledge in project management.
  • Anonymous
    I highly recommend the course as it has been insightful and informative. Furthermore, its structured in a manner that was easy to follow and could slot into an already busy day. Even with on-hand experience gained in the project management aspects covered, it helps to fully understand the workings around project management, giving you context and enabling a more deliberate and effective effort towards managing any project.
  • Anonymous
    I highly recommend the course as it has been insightful and informative. Its structured in a manner that was easy to follow and could slot into an already busy day. Even with on-hand experience gained in the project management aspects covered, it helps to fully understand the workings around project management, giving you context and enabling a more deliberate and effective effort towards managing any project.
  • Anonymous
    Principle of Project Management is a good course for those looking for specific professional qualifications, as it provides a good understanding of the topic and makes the initial concepts clear to the student so that they can put them into practice in their work routine.
  • Anonymous
    a great course give an introduce to a rookie with project management guy. i am a project team member which only focus on the quality aspect. with this training, i get a bigger picture of the project management. thanks for the course.
  • Anonymous
    The course content was very interesting and helpful for me. The instructor is very friendly and it is easy to follow what she explains (English is my second language).
    The lesson summaries are good to repeat the content of the videos.
  • Anonymous
    This course has given me an insight into the various aspects of project management principles covering the ideal methodology to be taken, agile and hybrid practices and the tailoring of projects.
  • Anonymous
    The instructor is engaging and clear in the way she presents and explains the course content. She also comes across as genuine, warm and helpful which is always a nice touch.
  • Anonymous
    I would recommend because I truly learned alot. Everything has been simplified and for easy understanding. The example or case studies they use are easy to understand.
  • Anonymous
    Project Management Principles Course by Maryland University System has been an eye opener and now I have learnt project management skills, roles, and responsibilities that can be applied across a variety of industries. I am now able to deeply unders…
  • Sourabh Mahesh Gaikwadnaik
    The Course was very well organized and met the required expectations.
    The learning about PMI Triangle, System for value delivery, Roles and functions in Projects, Types of Organizational structure type, The Programs, Portfolios, Organizational Project Management, The Breaking down of the project work, Factors affecting the project, The Difference between Product Management V/s Project Management, Continuum of project management , Iterative and Incremental Life Cycle, The Agile methodology and others were met very well
  • Profile image for Jorge Ramírez Cacho
    Jorge Ramírez Cacho
    It was awesome! All the videos, slides and examples stated in the course are insightful and leaves you all the information you need to have. The modules are easy to complete and the extra information and tips at the end of each week lessons are a treasure!!!

    I highly recommend this course to whoever is interested in Project Management, it's an awesome way to start and understand the principles of this complex and fascinating world that is Project Management.
  • Profile image for Joao Moura
    Joao Moura
    I just took this course. It feel it's a great way to start studying for Project Management. I also expect this way I can have a career change.
    The course itself was very pratical, always testing us and at the same time allowing us to measure our level of knowledge and evolution in this course.
    I'm very curious to check the other programs from University of Maryland. I'm expecting the level to be maintained.
  • Anonymous
    I just completed the Project Management Principles, and I'm highly impressed. The course was well-organized, the instructor were knowledgeable and engaging, and the materials were top-notch. It offered flexibility and practical assignments, and I feel more confident in Project Management Principles now. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone looking to learn and grow in this field.
  • Anonymous
    this course is very instructive for basics of Project management. However sometimes I had the feeling that several concepts are provided without clear and defined structure. Consequently you may learn several concepts without being able to frame them properly.

  • Anonymous
    Good course. I did the free of charge course in order to get a feeling of the subject. I found it interesting. There is the possibility of claiming PDUs point in the end of the course but the website was not working. So, no points. All in all, good
  • Anonymous
    Very good course with good examples.
    Technically sound material.
    Good video lectures.
    Moderate amount of time which makes crisp and interesting to learn the basics of project management.
  • Anonymous
    It was a great course! The videos, audio, illustrations and examples stated in the course are insightful.

    I highly recommend this course to whoever is interested in Project Management.

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