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University of Minnesota

Recruiting, Hiring, and Onboarding Employees

University of Minnesota via Coursera


Finding and hiring the right people is often cited as the number one concern of businesses today. It seems we are all competing for the best and brightest workers. As you will see in our time together in the second course, a critical component of the People Manager Value Proposition is to hire talented people who enable the organization to achieve its strategic goals. This course is an introduction into the topic of recruitment, selection and onboarding.

At the outset of the course we will explore the importance of linking recruitment goals with overall company strategy. We then look at a number of options to recruit and select employees both effectively and legally. Throughout the course we will examine current issues in talent acquisition, such as how companies are now leveraging social media and hiring analytics to ensure better quality hires.

At the conclusion of the course, we look at how to onboard employees to promote employee commitment and engagement.


  • Aligning Recruitment and Selection with Company Strategy
    • In this module, we create the important foundation for the course: aligning recruitment and selection practices with your overall company strategy. We apply the framework of systems theory to understand the interdependent components of the organization and how our plan is affected by internal and external environmental factors. We explore the importance of workforce planning and, finally, conclude this module with a look at the core components of the hiring process: job design, job analysis, and job descriptions.
  • Recruitment: Finding the Best Candidates
    • In this module, we take a look at the macro-level strategic considerations in recruiting. We also will examine what makes an effective recruiter, along with where to find prospective employees. Current issues in recruiting are discussed, such as using social media and mobile technology. We then take time to focus on important legal and ethical issues in recruiting, and we wrap up this module with a look at recruitment from a global perspective.
  • Selection: Choosing the Best Candidates
    • In this module, we examine the selection process. Like the first two modules, we start from the big picture - what is selection and how do we tie it to strategic goals? We then explore the important legal considerations (U.S. laws) and other best practices in selection, such as avoiding biases and conducting background checks. Next we will see a number of different selection tools you can use to make a better hiring decisions. Lastly, we wrap up the third module by creating and presenting offers to candidates, and analyzing our hiring process for effectiveness.
  • Special Topic: Onboarding
    • In module four we will be talking about bringing on your new hire. Having just recruited and hired a new employee, you want to be sure that new employee gets up to speed as quickly as possible and becomes an engaged and excited member of your team. Module four will talk about how to work through a great onboarding process and why that matters to an employee's engagement with the organization.

Taught by

Stacy Doepner-Hove and Amy Falink


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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    This course wasn't as good as the first one in the HR specialization, Preparing to Manage Human Resources. The quality of the videos was poor, with the introductions being almost impossible to hear and then the following fragment very loud. The videos...
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    Took this course and although Amy seems like a very pleasant person, the course doesn't quite live up to the expectations: 1. There's a lot of general theory but very little practical cases how to actually use it and a lot of information is very vague....
  • Anonymous
    Beware: this course is NOT FREE. This course promises a free audit and free enrollment. I enrolled in the course and spent over an hour working my way through the first module. Practice quizzes, content, and videos all free. UNTIL completing the end of module quiz. I worked my way through the questions, and at the bottom instead of the typical "submit" button I had been seeing, there was an "upgrade to submit" button. If you click it, it takes you to a page to enter your credit card info and pay $50 to Coursera. So, so scammy that this course advertises itself as free and an hour into the content it wants you to pay to continue. No other options listed on the page to submit without paying. Beware!
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    Jerome Christofher J
    LinkedIn – Recruiter Certification. ...

    The Recruitment Education Institute. ...

    Alison – Modern Human Resource Management – Recruitment and Selection Process. ...

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  • Anonymous
    This outstanding course includes 4 modules taught by 2 highly-qualified instructors. Amy teaches the first 3 modules on recruiting, selecting, and hiring. She provides interesting slides, practical suggestions from her own work experience, and research...
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    Both lecturers seemed nice, friendly and informative. I enjoyed taking it and learning from each one of them, as they were able to pass on their experiences into very clear concepts
  • Jadab Kumar Pal completed this course, spending 3 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be medium.

    Amazing course on recruiting, hiring and onboarding employees. It deals with aligning recruitment and selection with the strategy of the organization, finding best candidates, choosing best candidates, and how to onboard them. The assignment on onboarding is helpful to sharpen knowledge. I must recommend this course for HR Managers.
  • Anonymous
    This course is really complement and I really love to learn completely. This course made my day to be meaningful in online-learning. Thank you Coursera and University of Minnesota.
  • Mohamed Salah completed this course.

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