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Intro to TensorFlow for Deep Learning

via Udacity


Learn how to build deep learning applications with TensorFlow. This course was developed by the TensorFlow team and Udacity as a practical approach to deep learning for software developers. You'll get hands-on experience building your own state-of-the-art image classifiers and other deep learning models. You'll also use your TensorFlow models in the real world on mobile devices, in the cloud, and in browsers. Finally, you'll use advanced techniques and algorithms to work with large datasets. By the end of this course, you'll have all the skills necessary to start creating your own AI applications.


  • Introduction to Machine Learning
    • Get a high-level overview of artificial intelligence and machine learning,Learn how machine learning and deep learning have revolutionized software
  • Your First Model: Fashion MNIST
    • Build a neural network that can recognize images of articles of clothing
  • Introduction to Convolutional Neural Networks ("CNNs")
    • Use a convolutional network to build more efficient models for Fashion MNIST
  • Going Further with CNNs
    • Expand your image classifiers into models that can predict from multiple classes,Use a convolutional network to build a classifier for more detailed color images
  • Transfer Learning
    • Use a pre-trained network to build powerful state-of-the-art classifiers
  • Saving and Loading Models
    • Look at the new SAVEDMODEL format in TensorFlow 2.0 and take advantage of it for TensorFlow-Lite and TensorFlow-Serving
  • Time Series Forecasting
    • Learning from sequential data with recurrent neural networks
  • Natural Language Processing
    • Tokenize words and create embeddings for using text data with neural networks,Build recurrent neural networks, such as LSTMs, for improved NLP models,Generate new text for tasks like novel song lyrics
  • Introduction to TensorFlow Lite
    • Learn how you can use TensorFlow lite to build machine learning apps on Android, iOS and iOT devices

Taught by

Magnus Hyttsten, Juan Delgado and Paige Bailey


3.2 rating, based on 4 Class Central reviews

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  • Anonymous
    My main problem with the course is the lack of exercises to reinforce understanding. For example, in the second part of the course, a learner is asked to write a machine learning algorithm to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit. The only exercise that has been given for this, is to run a pre-existing code from a Python notebook. This makes it really difficult for a person new to machine learning to gain a solid understanding of the material.
  • Anonymous
    This course will be very useful for beginners who would like to know about each and every basic concepts in deep learning. The examples they teach are wonderful.
  • Anonymous
    This is bs, course is not even finished. This is just another sign of tensorflow hype - people even market stuff that is actually finished!
  • Thuy Do
    Instructor are very clear and make the lecture very easy to understand!
    The lesson is perfect for beginner. I like this and want to recommend for others

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