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Ultimate Electrical Design Course from Zero to Hero

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Learn everything about electrical low voltage distribution design without any previous knowledge for complete beginners

What you'll learn:
  • learn about Autocad and how to get free license for students
  • Change background in Autocad
  • Draw Line and Polyline in Autocad
  • Draw a Rectangle and Circle in Autocad
  • Draw a Circle and Polygon in Autocad
  • Draw an Arc and Multi Spiral Lines in Autocad
  • Use the Offset feature to Draw Multiple Lines in Autocad
  • Add Text to Autocad
  • Extend Lines in Autocad
  • Learn about Different Selection Methods in Autocad
  • Understand how to Use different F shortcuts in Autocad
  • Add Dimensions in Autocad
  • Draw the Fluorescent Symbol in Autocad
  • Save your Files and Autosave Feature in Autocad
  • Understand how to Add layers in Autocad
  • Switch and Create AutoCad Classic Mode and Workspace
  • Learn about Different Electrical Drawings
  • Understand different Lighting Situations
  • Understand Different Steps of Project Design
  • Understand the Requirements of Good Lighting and its Importance
  • Learn Important Definitions about Lighting
  • Understand the Interior Design using Dialux
  • Create Rooms in Dialux
  • Understand how to Use Catalogs of Luminaries and Add Photo-metric Data
  • Learn how to add Luminaries to Each room
  • Know Different Lux or Lumination Required for each Room
  • Understand the Light Scenes and Control Groups
  • Learn how to do Normal Lighting and Emergency Lighting
  • Learn how to Export Dwg and PDF Report in Dialux
  • Understand how to Do the Wiring of Luminaries using Autocad
  • Understand Difference between Normal and Power Sockets
  • Understand how to Add sockets in Autocad
  • Understand how to do the Wiring of Sockets
  • Understand difference between maintenance and utilization factors
  • Understand different lighting schemes
  • Do block and explode commands in Autocad
  • Do move and scale commands in Autocad
  • Do move and fillet commands in Autocad
  • Do rotate and mirror commands in Autocad
  • Do area calculation in Autocad
  • Add layers in Autocad
  • Understand different lighting schemes
  • Do the manual calculation for lighting
  • Learn how to do the panel schedule
  • Understand the circuit breakers and how to select them
  • Learn about cables and how to select them
  • Understand how to find the voltage drop and short circuit analysis using ETAP
  • Learn how to draw riser of building and the single line diagram for system
  • Components of fire alarm system
  • Sensors and detectors as smoke, heat, multi detector,..etc used in fire alarm system
  • Outputs of fire alarm system as bell, strobe light or horn
  • Types of modules used in fire alarm system
  • Types of fire alarm control panels as conventional, analog addressable, addressable and wireless
  • Types of cables used in fire alarm system
  • Types of telephone systems
  • Components of traditional telephone system
  • Cables, outlets and different frames used in telephone system
  • Components of MATV system
  • Types of antennas used and frequency
  • MATV switches, launch amplifier, combiner and more components
  • Cables used in MATV system
  • Function of data system
  • Data system outlet and different types of cables used
  • Patch panel, rack and switches used in data system
  • Camera selection in CCTV system
  • Types of camera according to fixed or movable, resolution and focal length
  • Management of CCTV system by using quadrature, multiplexer, matrix switch and DVR
  • Different cables used in CCTV system
  • Components of sound system
  • Types of speakers used
  • Selection and function of power amplifier
  • Function of attenuator, rack and matrix switch in sound system

"Ultimate Electrical Design Course Bundle"

The only course which will help you to learn everything about distribution systems design including lighting design using Autocad and Dialux programs, wiring of electrical components, selection of breakers and fuses, design of single line diagram and riser of building, selection of generators, design of earthing systems, light current systems and more.

This course is made of more than 150 lectures to give you the best and most in-depth experience regarding electrical design from zero to hero!

Throughout the course you will learn:

  • Basics of lighting design including concepts and methods of design.

  • Design of the lighting system using Dialux Evo.

  • Design of the lighting system using Dialux Red.

  • Basics of Autocad Electrical.

  • Wiring of the electrical system in Autocad that includes luminaries, sockets, and more.

  • Panel schedule for power and lighting systems.

  • Selection of circuit breakers and cables.

  • Drawing the single line diagram of an electrical system and the riser of a building.

  • Importance of load estimation process and how to do it with a step-by-step lesson.

  • Load estimation using Excel program.

  • Transformer room dimensions sizing.

  • Generator room dimensions sizing.

  • Voltage drop analysis using manual calculations and the ETAP program.

  • Short circuit analysis using manual calculations and the ETAP program.

  • Everything about cables including different types of cables, types of armouring systems, types of insulation, types of cable formation, derating factors, and more.

  • Sizing of the neutral and the earthing conductors.

  • Design of the earthing system using manual calculations and the ETAP program.

  • Design of lightning protection system.

  • Design of the UPS systems.

  • The residual circuit breakers, fuses, and breakers used in low, medium, and high voltage circuits.

  • Construction, types, and components of an electrical panel.

  • Fire alarm systems in low current systems and how to design them.

  • CCTV systems in low current systems and how to design them.

  • MATV systems in low current systems and how to design them.

  • Data, telephone, and sound systems in low current systems and how to design them.

  • Everything about the ETAP program from zero to hero.

Bonus Gift for buying the course:

⚡️ You will find also the slides for the Ultimate Electrical Design Course Bundle for those who are interested in them or having them as a revision for themselves ⚡️

✔️ 81 Pages of Lighting Design

✔️ 91 Pages of Light Current Slides

✔️ 32 Pages of Earthing System Slides

✔️ 49 Pages of Generator Sizing and UPS Slides

✔️ 20 Pages of Notes about Electrical Design

✔️ 70 Pages of Panel Board, Breakers, Fuses, and Cables

✔️ 27 Pages of Power Factor and Lightning Protection Systems

✔️ 8 Pages of Generator and Transformer Room Sizing

If you've been looking for ONE ULTIMATE COURSE with in-depth insight into electrical design, take this course.

Taught by

Ahmed Mahdy / Khadija Academy


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