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Charisma, Humour & Confidence - Upgrade Your SOCIAL SKILLS

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Become more charismatic, comfortable and humorous in social situations. Build confidence & charisma to express yourself

What you'll learn:
  • Become one of the most charismatic people in the room
  • Become more socially successful
  • Develop charisma and confidence
  • Learn how to push your comfort zone and be more social
  • Learn how to become more funny in social situations
  • Learn how to dance with your fears rather than getting crippled by them
  • Never run out of things to say
  • Become a better conversationalist
  • Learn how to develop your social confidence
  • Become more funny and creative on the spot
  • Learn how to start conversations with strangers
  • Learn how to handle your nerves and deal with your social anxiety

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    Would you like to feel more confident and comfortable in social situations? Would you like to learn how to become charismatic and humourous? The good news is that being socially successful is not a talent, it's a skill you can learn.
    In this course, you will learn powerful mindset shifts, strategies, and tools for becoming the socially savvy person you've always wanted to be. Here are some of the things you are about to learn:

  • How to become more charismatic

  • Tips to become more humorous even if you don't think you have it in you

  • How to develop self-confidence in social settings

  • How to deal with your social anxiety

  • What to do when you want to speak up, but fear is preventing you from saying anything

  • How to stop taking yourself too seriously

  • How not to run out of things to say

  • The "secret weapon" of shy people

  • How to use the power of questions

  • How to engineer a "Winner's" state to be more confident and charismatic

  • How to handle your fears

  • How to politely get out of a conversation you don't want to be in

  • Tips for being more funny and creative on the spot

  • How to start conversations with strangers

  • How to be creative in a social setting

  • How to handle your nerves

    ... and more

    We did our best to make this course actionable and comprehensive while keeping it concise. We hope that you will enjoy those videos and see you on the other side.

    If you want more charisma, humour, and confidence in the social setting, this course is for you. It is not a magic bullet, but the strategies we share will help you to gain confidence, activate your charisma, stop being afraid and finally embrace your humourous side.


"I really loved this course. It flowed really well, we were taught lots of great actionable tips, tricks and techniques. The course had a ton of Charisma, lots of Humour (nothing Dry here) and the teachers exuded lots of Confidence ... what more could you want, considering that's the topics they were teaching!" - Cory Schop

Great, lots of tips, conversation starters and builders. Just what I was hoping for!" - Mellen Kellett

I'm finding all of this information very practical for helping break out of feeling uncomfortable in social situations. This has made me look at charisma and humor as even more valuable assets to work on in every day life. Thank you Curtin and Jimmy!" - Rebecca Gillespie

"Charisma and humour aren't subjects that can be "taught" as such…being subjective as they are; it's difficult, perhaps impossible to teach them in the same manner that one would say teach maths or physics. But despite this, it's possible these two guys have indeed done "the impossible"... While how charisma and humour is something that's dependant to a large degree on one's lived experiences, Curtin and Jimmy give you the tactics and detail the mindset you need to succeed, even if your day to day life is about as exciting as the average TPS report. Instead of going into social situations bereft of any tools to make a positive impact, you'll know how to recalibrate your mind to transform yourself into that charismatic individual you've always wanted to become. It should be pointed out that their course isn't a magic bullet, but provided you're willing to do the work the raw materials are here in this course for you to become that person. And even if you're already that kind of person, Curtin's bizarre, off the wall humour alone is worth the price of admission, in my humble but accurate opinion… Overall, recommended!" - Keith Commins

"Yes, it has helped me see that I can take small steps to better myself. I need to be more aware of others and just relax a bit more" - Lynn Rodgers

"Good course, good tips and ideas. Top chaps :-)" - Jim McGuire

Taught by

Jimmy Naraine, G Curtin and Jimmy Naraine Support


3.8 rating at Udemy based on 146 ratings

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