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SuperThinker | A Way to Better Thinking

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Improve Learning Strategies, Communication, Reasoning, Decision Making, and Creative and Innovative Thinking

What you'll learn:
  • Improve learning with metacognition skills
  • Improve communication skills recognizing strong and weak claims
  • Craft stronger arguments to better communicate your ideas
  • Learn to disassemble weak arguments so you aren't fooled
  • Make better decisions
  • Learn to become an innovator in any field
  • Learn 75 logical fallacies
  • Apply over 30 strategies used by creative geniuses around the world and dominate creative thinking
  • From Picasso to Einstein -- truly understand the tools of the great creative thinkers
  • Improve reasoning
  • Become a better critical and creative thinker

Become a better thinker!

Improve learning, thinking, and communication skills!

Develop metacognitive learning strategies to boost your comprehension of any subject!

Develop your communication skills as you learn logical fallacies, cognitive biases, and cognitive distortions!

Learn the strategies of creative genius!

Two Courses in One

Creativity Supercharger -- to maximize creativity and innovative thinking

Metacognition, Logical Fallacies, Cognitive Biases and Distortions -- to improve learning, reasoning skills, communication, and decision-making skills

By the end of this course you will:

Increase your learning capacity with metacognition

Be able to identify and overcome almost 100 fallacies, biases, and distortions that lead to thinking errors

Increase your ability to reason soundly and craft stronger arguments

Learn to disassemble weak arguments

Recognize and overcome communication methods of persuasion and deception

Learn to think creatively and to innovate

Become a better problem-solver

Improve decision-making

Learn over 30 strategies used by creative geniuses around the world in a variety of fields

In this course

You’ll learn metacognitive methods to become more aware of your own thinking and increase your capacity to learn any subject more thoroughly.

You’ll learn 75 logical fallacies which are are common errors in reasoning that undermine the logic of an argument. They can occur in communication by accident, or they can be used to persuade or even deceive.

You’ll learn the most prevalent cognitive biases, which are repeating patterns of deviation from sound judgment that a person may not even be aware of.

You’ll also learn 10 cognitive distortions, which are thought patterns that cause people to view reality in inaccurate and negative ways. They cause thinking errors — usually with a negative bias.

Most importantly, you’ll learn how to overcome all of them.

The study of logical fallacies, cognitive biases, and cognitive distortions can improve critical thinking and reasoning, improve problem-solving, and improve decision making.

You’ll also learn over 30 strategies used by creative geniuses around the world in a variety of fields further empower creative and innovative thinking and problem-solving.

What are the most powerful principles that unleash creativity and creative power? This course covers them.

The work ahead is challenging. Getting great benefits will require solid effort. I strongly recommend you complete every training and practise exercise and that you do so in a space where you are comfortable and free from distraction.

You will also need to be in a space where you can write with pen and paper on hand. I’m certain that if you study each lesson with an open mind and work through each training session to the best of your ability, a new level of creativity and creative mastery can be attained by the end of this course.

Let’s get started.

Taught by

Rajiv Narang


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