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Cyber Security - Go From Zero to Hero (2020)

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Become a Cybersecurity Expert in Computer Networking, hacking, malware, cryptography, audit, phishing, proxy servers!

What you'll learn:
  • Entire networking related to Cyber security and Terminologies - Threat, Vulnerability, Incident, Management, Attacks, Exploits, Events
  • Clear your interviews by becoming an expert in Computer Networking and Cyber Security
  • Fundamentals of Cryptography, Malware, Firewalls, Information Security
  • Fundamentals of Cybersecurity that will help students to dive in this field and Different Types of Attacks and world famous cyber attack examples
  • Careers and job opportunities in Cyber security
  • Roles in Cybersecurity - CISO, CISM, CISA, Penetration Tester, Incident Response Teams
  • Learn about different Cyber security organizations - NIST, NSA, SANS Institute, OWASP, CISCO
  • A brief overview of malware and its types
  • Overview of Security Audits and Frameworks
  • Self Evaluation through quizzes
  • Learn how to use Kali Linux for Ethical Hacking


The field of technology is growing exponentially with the IT sector flourishing every day. Amidst such growth of the industry and increased concern for privacy, the demand for security is rising. Cybersecurity has become an everyday struggle for many businesses. Recent trends and statistics reveal that there is a huge increase in hacked and breached data from very common sources at workplaces. So go for this course to get a better understanding of cybersecurity!

Most people are often confused when they are asked - “WHAT IS CYBERSECURITY?” The most common reply is - “UM, HACKING. ” Well, hacking is part of cybersecurity but it doesn’t mean that hacking is the synonym of cybersecurity. Many courses out there only teach how to use the tool but the reasoning that goes behind its selection is not taught. Also, the main focus of these courses is on hacking but it is not the only domain in cybersecurity. Other major domains are Incident Response Management, Blue team, Security Audits, IT Security Management, Security laws, and many more.

Well University of Maryland, United States, says,

Hackers attack every 39 seconds, on average 2,244 times a day.

So are you sure that your data is well protected from these hackers? Have you even configured your network to control your privacy? Do you know how hackers can access your devices without your knowledge?? Well, don’t worry! We are here to answer these questions. There must be many questions in your mind regarding this course. We will surely address all once you enroll for this course, but for the time being, we’ll focus on the following questions:


Let’s face it. We live in a digital world. Our work lives, personal lives, and finances have all begun gravitating toward the world of the internet, mobile computing, and electronic media. Unfortunately, this widespread phenomenon makes us more vulnerable than ever to malicious attacks, invasions of privacy, fraud, and other such frightening cases. This is why cybersecurity is such a vital part of a secure and well-ordered digital world. Cybersecurity keeps us safe from hackers, cybercriminals, and other agents of fraud.

But let me ask you a question,


Here are some facts that would blow up your mind!

1. According to Varonis, Worldwide spending on cybersecurity is forecasted to reach $133.7 billion in 2022.

2. Data breaches exposed 4.1 billion records in the first half of 2019.

3. Symantec says, the top malicious email attachment types are .doc and .dot which makes up 37%, the next highest is .exe at 19.5%

These are not just facts but they are warnings! Everyone who is accessing a device should be aware of their security and that is why we have designed this course. Okay, here comes the next question.


The perfect answer to this question would be - Have a look at our curriculum. Cyber Security - Zero to Hero in 9 Hours is the first part of our CYBERSECURITY SPECIALIZATION. In this course, we have covered from the basics of the computer to networking right up to advanced concepts such as cryptography, security auditing, incident management. Yes, we have started right from the definition of a Computer Network. Our course is broadly divided into seven sections. In the first section, we will cover the basics of networking. We will discuss the various protocols and their usage. We will talk about IP addresses and their classes and cover many important points in the field of cybersecurity.

Bonus Material -We have also included interesting practicals !!

In the second section, we dive into cybersecurity. We discuss right from the history of cybersecurity to different trending terminologies. We have specially designed the curriculum to make sure even a novice student can understand the concepts. The course will help you develop the critical thinking needed to pursue a career in Cybersecurity. You will also get to know about organizations and resources which provide assistance and framework in this field. We recommend you to watch our introductory video where we have discussed the entire syllabus :) Have a look at the few features of our course.

1. Handpicked curriculum, specially designed for all levels of learners.

2. Continuous assessment through challenging quizzes.

3. Get your questions answered within 48 hours.

4. A variety of resources such as useful links, books, PDFs are also provided.

5. Regular updates made to the curriculum.

6. Different aspects of Cybersecurity explored.

7. Practicals with explanation included.

8. Understand how cryptography works in real life.

9. Real-life examples such as firewalls, antivirus, cyber-attacks are also discussed and much more.

Suggestions are always welcome :)


This course is not intended for a specific group of people. Anyone who wants to learn about cybersecurity can enroll in this course. If you already know a few concepts, you can always revisit the ideas and clear them. We have covered statistics along with technical topics. In short, this is a perfect course for you if you want to kick start your career in cybersecurity!


Once you move ahead in this course, you will get a clear idea about what cybersecurity is. We have assembled this course in a way that you will enjoy and learn along the way.

Taught by

Chinmay Kulkarni, Yash Kulkarni and We Secure

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