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MS Project 2019: From Fundamentals to Effective Planning

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Learn comprehensive project management using Microsoft Project 2019 with in-depth tutorials and practical insights.

What you'll learn:
  • Introduction to MS Project 2019: Understanding the interface and key features of Microsoft Project 2019.
  • Basic Plan Settings: Configuring basic settings for project plans to align with project requirements.
  • Entering Tasks and Duration: Learning how to enter tasks, define their duration, and organize them in the project timeline.
  • Task Linking: Understanding how to establish dependencies between tasks and create task relationships.
  • Resource Basics: Assigning resources to tasks, managing resource allocation, and understanding cost allocation.
  • Task Tuning: Fine-tuning tasks, removing overallocation, and identifying the critical path in project schedules.
  • Tracking Project: Monitoring project progress, updating task status, and using tracking tools to ensure project alignment with objectives.

Welcome to the comprehensive course on Microsoft Project 2019! This course is designed to provide you with a thorough understanding of project management using Microsoft Project 2019, a powerful tool widely used in various industries for planning, scheduling, and tracking projects. Whether you're a beginner or have some experience with project management software, this course will take you through everything you need to know to become proficient in using Microsoft Project 2019 effectively.

Throughout this course, you will learn how to navigate the interface, set up project plans, enter tasks and durations, establish task dependencies, allocate resources, manage costs, and track project progress. Each section is carefully structured to build upon the previous one, ensuring a seamless learning experience.

By the end of this course, you will have the skills and confidence to plan, execute, and monitor projects of any size using Microsoft Project 2019. Whether you're managing a small team or overseeing complex projects, the knowledge gained from this course will empower you to be more efficient and effective in your project management endeavors. Let's embark on this journey together and unlock the full potential of Microsoft Project 2019!

Section 1: Introduction

In this section, students will receive a comprehensive introduction to Microsoft Project 2019. They will learn about the software's interface, basic features, and its importance in project management. This section will lay the groundwork for understanding the subsequent sections of the course.

Section 2: Basic Plan Settings

Here, students will dive into the foundational aspects of project planning using Microsoft Project 2019. They will learn how to configure basic plan settings such as project parameters and working time. This section will equip students with the knowledge needed to set up their projects efficiently and accurately.

Section 3: Entering Tasks and Duration

This section will focus on the practical aspects of project planning, where students will learn how to enter tasks, create summary and sub-tasks, and define task durations. They will also explore the auto-scheduling feature of Microsoft Project 2019, which helps in automatically adjusting task durations based on dependencies.

Section 4: Task Linking

Task linking is a critical aspect of project management, and in this section, students will learn how to establish dependencies between tasks using Microsoft Project 2019. They will understand different types of task relationships and master the techniques to create and manage task links effectively.

Section 5: Resource Basics

Resource management is essential for successful project execution, and this section will cover the basics of allocating resources and managing costs using Microsoft Project 2019. Students will learn how to assign resources to tasks, allocate costs, and optimize resource utilization to ensure project efficiency.

Section 6: Task Management and Tracking

In the final section, students will delve into advanced task management and tracking techniques. They will learn how to fine-tune tasks, identify critical paths, and track project progress using Microsoft Project 2019. By the end of this section, students will be equipped with the skills to monitor project performance effectively and make necessary adjustments to ensure project success.

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