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Learn to stop criticizing and judging yourself!

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Learn to develop Self-Confidence, Self-Love, Self-Acceptance at the deepest level of the mind!

What you'll learn:
  • Discover the power of Self-Acceptance
  • Learn how to transform the mind to become more Self-Confiden in life
  • Learn about how the mind works i.e. how Self-Rejection can create unhappiness and limitations in life


In life, we can develop a habit of constantly judging ourselves. For instance, we can criticize ourselves every time we under-perform, fail, do the wrong things, or even when others judge us negatively.

Whatever the case, when we are in a state of Self-Rejection we are in the Suffering State Of Mind.

What does judging oneself achieve other than Suffering?

The tendency to Self-Reject can be a habit so deeply rooted that one can easily overlook it because one has normalized the experience.

Even if one becomes aware of such habit patterns, how difficult it is to stop ourselves from judging ourselves?

This course will teach you a very simple technique called Self-Blessings.

Through this technique, you will be able to access the subconscious mind to discover the states of Self-Rejection and transform them into states of Self-Acceptance.

You will learn how to appreciate, love, and accept yourself by revealing and embracing the Self-Judging states that are happening deep within your consciousness.

So this course is perfect for people who are looking for ways to love themselves, to develop more self-confidence, self-support, and to release the fears of being rejected by others.

As with all my courses, the goal is to transform the mind completely.

So throughout the course, your deeply attached beliefs will be challenged so it will be an uncomfortable and slightly challenging course to take.

But realize that on the journey of Self-Transformation, whenever you are experiencing discomfort, it means your mind is being challenged, which is a good sign because it's only when the Mind is challenged that the Mind can be guided to do something different than before.

So, the Inner Resistance that you experience will all be a part of the process of refining and purifying the mind.

Live your life, loving yourself!

Life is too short to be spent criticizing ourselves and worrying about how people judge us!

If you are interested in understanding and addressing the suffering states of the mind, then you can try the more advanced course - Transform your mind - Transform your life where you will learn how to use life experiences to transform the mind.


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Taught by

Jonny John Liu


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