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The University of Texas at Austin

Happier Employees and Return-On-Investment Course

The University of Texas at Austin via edX


How is career success related to happiness and vice versa? Most of us believe that career success leads to happiness. In fact, however, scientific evidence suggests that the reverse is even more true: happiness leads to career success. For example, one study found that the top 20% of the happiest people earned 32% more salary than least happy 20%.

In this short 4-week course, co-taught by award winning professors Raj Raghunathan (author of ‘If you’re so smart, why aren’t you happy?’, and instructor for one of ‘Top 50 MOOCs of all-time’) and Marshall Goldsmith (world-famous CEO coach and author of ‘What got you here won’t get you there’), you will learn about 5 main topics:

a. Why does happiness at work matter?

b. What are the 5 most important determinants of happiness at work?

c. What is holding me back from feeling happy and fulfilled at work?

d. What can I do to enhance my own happiness levels at work?

e. What can I do to enhance the happiness of my coworkers?

In addition to learning about these topics, your happiness levels will improve significantly and, in the process, you’ll be on your way to a more meaningful and successful career.


• Week 1, Module 1
a. ROI of happiness: how happiness leads to greater success & more profits
b. Measuring your happiness @ work (1st happiness measurement)
c. Overview of the determinants of happiness at work—The ‘BAMBA’ model

• Week 1, Module 2
a. Why is fulfillment of ‘Basic needs’ at work important?
b. The 3 domains and 9 subdomains of Basic needs at work
c. Measuring your Basic Needs at work
d. Fulfilling Basic needs at work: 3 things you can do for yourself
e. Fulfilling Basic needs at work: 3 things you can do for your coworkers

• Week 2, Module 3
a. Why is fulfillment of ‘Autonomy’ at work important?
b. The 3 domains and 9 subdomains of Autonomy at work
c. Measuring Autonomy at work
d. Gaining autonomy at work: 3 things you can do for yourself
e. Gaining Autonomy at work: 3 things you can do for your coworkers

• Week 2, Module 4 & Week 3, Module 5
a. Why is fulfillment of ‘Mastery’ at work important?
b. The 3 domains and 9 subdomains of Mastery at work
c. Measuring Mastery at work
d. Gaining Mastery at work: 3 things you can do for yourself
e. Gaining Mastery at work: 3 things you can do for your coworkers
f. Happiness measurement (2nd)

• Week 3, Module 6
a. Why is fulfillment of ‘Belonging’ at work important?
b. The 3 domains and 9 subdomains of Belonging at work
c. Measuring Belonging at work
d. Fulfilling Belonging at work: 3 things you can do for yourself
e. Fulfilling Belonging at work: 3 things you can do for your coworkers

• Week 4, Module 7
a. Why is fulfillment of ‘Abundance orientation’ at work important?
b. The 3 domains and 9 subdomains of Abundance culture at work
c. Measuring Abundance at work
d. Gaining Abundance orientation: 3 things you can do for yourself
e. Fostering Abundance culture: 3 things you can do for your coworkers
f. Happiness measurement (3rd and final)

Taught by

Raj Raghunathan, Sandrine Muller, Marshall Goldsmith and Ahsan Vency


4.9 rating, based on 33 Class Central reviews

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  • An excellent course for everyone who wants to improve their happiness at work or as a leader improve the happiness of their employees. The BAMBA model being introduced provides the main domains and subdomains that contribute to happiness at work, bo…
  • Anonymous
    I had previously taken the other course A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment by Prof Raj. I took this course from the viewpoint of an Employer as I wanted to learn ways to make my Employees happier. I learnt a lot by participating, hearing from other participants and putting myself in my employees shoes. I really do think that they are happier from the new changes I implemented. I hope that in the future there could be a program/ course specifically for Employers. I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to improve their happiness in their jobs or perhaps as I did, peek into the thoughts and feelings of one's employees to try and be a better boss.
  • Anonymous
    This is a wonderful course and I am pleased to say I am a lifelong learner. Professor Raj. is highly appreciated by me and has the inner ability to motivate myself and all his students to be positive and have an open mind towards their own learning process. Thank you for your course, Professor Raj. and Happy Thanksgiving. Ms. Kate Tanenbaum.peer/student. A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment, Coursera participant. 11/25/20. New York City
  • This is probably the best online course I have taken, in that I was challenged to learn gratitude, humility, and my view of the world. I learned how to show gratitude and appreciation. I learned how to see the positive around me and utilize it. I would highly recommend this course to all.
  • Anonymous
    This course offers a useful description of, and a prescription for, inter-subjective well-being at work. If pursued by a critical mass, it can lead to the discovery and unleashing of an organization's group-soul.
  • Anonymous
    Extremely good. Prof. Raj is wonderful to explain things. Lots of helpful tips, not only to be happy at work, but also to be happy in everyday life. Thank you so much prof. Raj, all my admiration to you.
  • Anonymous
    This course is really great. Not only the content and the practice but also it's presented in a funny way that makes the experience invaluable.
  • Profile image for Ronald  Lee Woods Sr.
    Ronald Lee Woods Sr.
    Awesome. This course is one of my most
    favorite courses online at Class Central.
    The educational and learning experience
    is out of this world.
  • Anonymous
    The course is really good and moves fast. I got some really good tips on how to increase my own happiness and also happiness of others. Some of the tips/items that I really found valuable for - Debbie Downer Section: It was good to hear it being cal…
  • Anonymous
    This course helped me to better understand needs of employers and employees to gain a higher level of happiness. Not only to realise a better quality of life but also to realise a higher profitability. The mix of video's, assessments, reviews and li…
  • Anonymous
    A wonderful course. In order to get self motivation and discipline in life this course is a must course. The course will definitely change your mind-set that the happier employee increases your productivity.
    The course is not a one way teaching but it also engaged its learner in a very effective manner. They have developed a website which engage participants. The activates definitely changed my daily routines which were badly affecting my routine life.
    If you are a manager and you take this course with mindfulness the impact will be positive on your department or organization.
    Cheers and be happy.
  • Anonymous
    I learned to define my values and align them with my actions. I also incorporated resiliency principles and methods into every struggle that presents itself. The ALOHA course has been of tremendous benefit from the first introductory lesson. I consider Raj a friend and colleague and although we have never met, I can call upon him for help every time I reach for my notes from the MOOC, his books or one of his internet postings.
    I am grateful for having been able to experience the course.
  • Profile image for Alejandra TGL
    Alejandra TGL
    I completed the course without access to a certificate.

    Is a great course, very valuable knowledge to make better organisations and to help employees be happier. Also great staff, they are truly connected to the topic of transmitting happiness you can feel it on each video. I widely recommend this course! You simply want to take the next lesson because they are fun and the course has questions inside the videos to help you retain information, very well structured.
  • Anonymous
    I learned a lot from this course...
    I understood it’s not good to control others just like been controlled by someone.
    And at the moment in my life happening so much changes and this course helped me to understand how to be better and live life better.
    Definitely I will try my best to live my life full filly and Look at the things with more positive aspect...
    To make myself more happier and life more meaningfully.
    Thank you fro certificate.
    Very happy☺️
  • Anonymous
    I´m still doing the course though I started some time ago. Since the beginning, I´ve passed through many situations that have prevented I finished but at the same time, learning has helped me to cope with obstacles and drives me to a happier experience.
    I´m enjoying the course and I´ve bought the book, so I can say I´m living on a "life of happiness and fulfillment" comradeship. I´m flowing with it. Isn´t it one of the goals? - Elena. Spain-
  • Profile image for Paco Caballero
    Paco Caballero
    Before this course I finish ALOHAF, another course with Dr. Raghunathan and I read his book.
    When I met this course, which was also Marshall Goldsmith as a teacher and my interest in being able to transfer these teachings to organizations, all this prompted me to start it.
    I am very satisfied with the development of the course, the methodology, the books recomended and the simple but powerful practices that it proposes.
  • Anonymous
    This course changed the way of perceiving some aspects of life and decision making. For better. Realizing the 7 deadly sins and the alternatives was excellent for realizing that we can improve our behavior in different aspects of life. After all, we intend to be happy. At the beginning of the course I was asked what happiness is for me. After the course, my definition is different. Thank you
  • Profile image for Shivani Khera
    Shivani Khera
    If you have been given the opportunity of managing a team at work, this course is great at two levels. 1. It will help you become happier as an employee; 2. It will help you keep your employees happier at work.
    Easy to comprehend and some very doable actionable make this course very worthy of the time and effort spent. I would recommend this for everyone in the corporate sector.
  • Anonymous
    So many great points from this class! I took ample notes, and some things that really stuck out:

    -La Bamba (it does take 2 to tango!)
    -we need to be able to bring our full selves to work
    -let us personalize our own workspace (totally agree with this one)-in relation to the three domains of autonomy
    -belonging at work, and creating a culture of recognition
  • Anonymous
    After 20 years of graduating from studying languages I'm very happy to be able to join this wonderful course of Happiness and Mindfulness it tough me how to become a more happier person and how to focus in myself specially in this moments that we are all living with this pandemic. All the teachers were great and the exercises very complete .

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