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Accounting Basics for Beginners

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New to Accounting? Kickstart your Bookkeeping journey with these tutorials to master the basics.

The Accounting Equation, T Accounts, Debits and Credits? There's nothing to be scared of here. Accounting Basics for Beginners is a playlist dedicated to supporting Students and Small Business Owner's who are new to the world of Accounting.


ACCOUNTING BASICS: a Guide to (Almost) Everything.
ACCOUNTING BASICS: Debits and Credits Explained.
T Accounts Explained SIMPLY (With 5 Examples).
How JOURNAL ENTRIES Work (in Accounting).
The TRIAL BALANCE Explained (Full Example!).
GENERAL LEDGER: Visual Guide to Posting Journals.
DEALER: The Number 1 HACK for Debits & Credits.
5 Debit and Credit Practice Questions & Solutions.
What are Assets? (Let's Break Them Down).
What Are Liabilities? (SIMPLE Explanation).
What Does Equity ACTUALLY Mean?.
The KEY to Understanding Financial Statements.
How The BALANCE SHEET Works (Statement of Financial Position / SOFP).
The INCOME STATEMENT Explained (Profit & Loss / P&L).
Cash Accounting: How it Works & Should You Use It?.
Accrual Accounting: How it Works & Why it's #1!.
Revenue Recognition Principle in TWO MINUTES!.
Invoices: What You NEED TO KNOW.
Why Debits and Credits AREN'T Backwards.
3 Unexpected Benefits Of Learning Accounting.
Intro to Cash Flow Statements | Direct Method.
Prepare A Cash Flow Statement | Direct Method.
Prepare A Cash Flow Statement | Indirect Method.
How To Do A Bank Reconciliation (EASY WAY).
Prepayments and Accruals | Adjusting Entries.
How Prepaid Expenses Work | Adjusting Entries.
Deferred Revenue Explained | Adjusting Entries.
Accrued Expenses Broken Down | Adjusting Entries.
Accrued Revenue MADE EASY | Adjusting Entries.
Inventory Systems: Perpetual vs Periodic.
First In First Out (FIFO) | Inventory Cost Flows.
Last In First Out (LIFO) | Inventory Cost Flows.
Average Cost Method (AVCO) | Inventory Cost Flows.
DEPRECIATION BASICS! With Journal Entries.
STRAIGHT LINE Method of Depreciation in 3 Steps!.
DOUBLE DECLINING BALANCE Method of Depreciation.
SUM OF THE YEAR'S DIGITS Method of Depreciation.
UNITS OF PRODUCTION Method of Depreciation.
CLOSING ENTRIES: Everything You Need To Know.

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  • Profile image for MURENZI Patrick
    MURENZI Patrick
    I have liked to study here and am glad that i have completed my course this is good opportunity for me to develop my career in accounting thank you so much
  • Profile image for Ibrahim Lateef
    Ibrahim Lateef
    It is good training course also cover all things about financial accounting for beginners, Iam improved my informations and take ot with new language.
  • Lebohang Immaculate
    Great explanation and concise videos. The teacher is immaculate and will not put you to sleep. Amazing information in a short time, just seven hours
  • Sandy Arif Fadilah
    I like the explanations which involve animation in each explanation, making me understand more about accounting which is like a tree.
  • Bedhasa Kuma Kabeta
    It is good for beginners and to gain more knowledge of the day to day activities and work for purposes of life
  • Abdul Wahab Warraich
    It was really a great experience. A great basics in accounting related with business is given very precisely for the begginners. It was really good and ossum.
  • Mahnaz Ghorbani
    That was really useful, I recommend every body to watch it carefully. personally, I had no idea about accounting's rules in outside of Iran.
    Instructor explained clearly, thanks so much for your time and attention.
  • Profile image for مصطفی
    Idid accounting from high school to varsity but it was nice to remind myself about what I learn first from the beginning of my journey in the field of accounting and I guess it worked out perfectly fine.
    It's a great online course. Here I could easily learn about journal entries,income statement, balance sheet. After learning this course I could easily distinguish between assets and liabilities.
  • Lilia De Assunção Gomes Agostinho
    It was awesome and I enjoyed cause I learned so much now I need my certificate
    Cause it was challenging but still fine and I got to learn a lot of things that I didn’t knew back then
  • Profile image for Kavita Kumari
    Kavita Kumari
    Excellent course.
    I got job in multinational company because of this course Thanks .so I would like to recommend this course if you want to go job in big company
  • Profile image for Jaya Ashvinaa
    Jaya Ashvinaa
    Excellent explanation, understood every step thank you this was very helpful. Visuals were also good buy could have been better.

  • Kizza Dale Tagatac Floresca
    Accounting course help me remember my past accounting lessons that is needed now in my chosen program. This really helped me a lot.
  • Profile image for Venkata Krishna Reddy
    Venkata Krishna Reddy
    This is very good way of teaching of accounts and its classes very well. the publisher of the video explained the accounts very well.
  • Jairah Nepomuceno
    Great course for beginners. It tackles every fundamental topic in accounting. Very helpful video and very accessible.
  • Maryam Najeeb Paracha
    course was out class. lectures were really clear and explanations were in dept. everything was good enough
  • Tshepo Thapedi
    The course is very good and very much informative.

    I did accounting from high school to varsity but it was nice to remind myself about what I learn first from the beginning of my journey in the field of accounting and I guess it worked out perfectly fine.
  • Jeffrey Mason
    This was a very informational course. It was very clear and very detailed. Great review if you are looking to get back into accounting. Youtube is easy to work with. You can rewind in case you want to take notes.

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