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Essence of Gravity - Martin Rees.
Exoplanets — Didier Queloz.
Is There a Ninth Planet in the Solar System?.
Hawking Radiation – Hadi Godazgar.
Supergravity and Kaluza-Klein Theory – Hadi Godazgar.
Higher dimensional gravity — Mahdi Godazgar.
Black holes - Mahdi Godazgar.
Interplanetary satellites and distributed systems of small satellites Klaus Schilling.
Search for Life in Solar Vicinity - Jean-Loup Bertaux.
Venusian volcanism – Jean-Loup Bertaux.
Voyager and the Heliopause Crossing - Jean-Loup Bertaux.
Observation of D/H Ratio in Comets — Paul Hartogh / Serious Science.
D/H Ratio in Solar System - Paul Hartogh.
Lensing of Cosmic Microwave Background - Lyman Page.
Cosmic Microwave Background - Lyman Page.
Cosmic Microwave Background Polarization - Lyman Page.
The Stability of The Solar System - Scott Tremaine.
Supermassive Black Holes in Galaxies - Scott Tremaine.
The interstellar medium - Christopher McKee.
Star Formation - Christopher McKee.
Primordial Stars - Christopher McKee.
The first stars and galaxies - Avi Loeb.
A closer look at black holes – Avi Loeb.
The search for extraterrestrial life - Avi Loeb.
The Transits of Exoplanets - Joshua Winn.
Potentially Habitable Planets - Joshua Winn.
Hot Jupiters - Joshua Winn.
Circumbinary Planets - Joshua Winn.
Cosmic Inflation and the Origin of Structure in Universe - David Kaiser.
The Mathematical Structure of Our Universe - Max Tegmark.
Precision Cosmology - Max Tegmark.
Our Mathematical Universe - Max Tegmark.
Evidence for Parallel Universes — Max Tegmark / Serious Science.
Laser Frequency Combs in Astrophysics - Ronald Walsworth.
Construction of the Soviet Cosmonaut - Vyacheslav Gerovitch.
The Search for Gravitational Waves - Nergis Mavalvala.
Quantum Noise Limit in Gravitational Wave Detector - Nergis Mavalvala.
Death of Stars - Walter Lewin.
Origin of Complexity in the Universe - Seth Lloyd.
Dark Matter — John Ellis / Serious Science.
Moons of Saturn — Michele Dougherty / Serious Science.
Life in Space — Martin Rees / Serious Science.
Life on Exoplanets — Didier Queloz / Serious Science.
Cassini Mission — David Southwood / Serious Science.
Early Universe — John Ellis / Serious Science.
Earth's Magnetosphere — David Southwood / Serious Science.
Magnetic Field of Saturn — Michele Dougherty / Serious Science.
Saturn's Mysteries — David Southwood / Serious Science.
Moons of Jupiter — Michele Dougherty / Serious Science.
Gravitational Lensing — Alan Heavens / Serious Science.
Standard Cosmological Model — Alan Heavens / Serious Science.

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