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#Scala Crash Course by a Scala Veteran (with some JavaScript flavor)

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Master Scala in a 3-4 hour crash course by a 10+ year veteran, covering everything from setup to advanced concepts like ADTs and implicits. Offered by Traversy Media.


Slides - Why learn Scala?.
Slides - Why learn Scala now?.
Slides - What is Scala?.
Environment setup.
Comments/Javadoc/Scaladoc (crash course starts here).
Keywords: val, var, def, lazy val.
Top level definitions.
The Uniform Access Principle.
Keyword: type.
Literals and String interpolation.
If expressions and the type hiearchy.
Boolean opeartions and equality.
Loops and tail recursion.
Higher order functions and lambdas aka anonymous functions aka arrow functions.
Pattern matching and partial functions.
Collections and imports.
For Comprehensions.
Factorial (just another tail recursive example).
Adding/removing elements to collections and right-associative operators.
Methods with variable argument lists aka Varargs.
Function currying and OO classes.
OO objects and properties.
OO traits, inheritance and subtype polymorphism.
Self types.
Objects (classes) expose methods and hide data.
Data structures (case classes) expose data and hide methods.
Algebraic Data Types aka ADTs.

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