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Understanding Money and Banking in One Minute

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This course examines monetary theory and the economics behind it in one minute segments. Topics include inflation and deflation, hyperinflation, money and banking, the International Monetary Fund, the gold standard, shadow banking, financial leverage, negative interest rates, the velocity of money, stagflation, compound interest, credit scores, the Bretton Woods Monetary System, currency wars, compound interest, bank runs, deposit guarantess, peer-to-peer lending, secured vs unsecured loans, debt/loan consolidation, insolvency and default, cash and cash equivalents, the money supply, three types of money, the IMF's special drawing rights, payday loans, intrinsic value, Gresham's and Thier's laws, capital controls, cryptocurrency exchanges, stablecoins, the Federal Funds rate, the Federal Reserve's discount rate, repurchase agreements and reverse repurchase agreements, liquidity crisis/squeeze and credit crunch, Milton Friedman's work and monetarism, underwriting, sovereign debt, Mortgage-backed securities, Collateralized debt obligations and Collateralized Loan Obligations, financial crisis vs. economic crisis, how low can interest rates go, money printing, deflationary shock/crash and inflationary spiral, hyperinflation threat, currency resets, eurodollars, US dollar crisis, potential USD alternatives, and the problem with too much debt.


Inflation Explained in One Minute.
Deflation Explained in One Minute.
Hyperinflation Explained in One Minute.
How Money Works Explained in One Minute.
Fractional Reserve Banking Explained in One Minute.
Monetary Easing (aka Quantitative Easing / QE, LTRO, APP and so on) Explained in One Minute.
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank Explained in One Minute.
The Gold Standard Explained in One Minute.
Shadow Banking (Hedge Funds, Money Market Funds, etc.) Explained in One Minute.
Financial Leverage (Trading on Equity) Explained in One Minute.
Negative Interest Rates (Negative Interest Rate Policy or NIRP Implications) Explained in One Minute.
Central Banks and Commercial Banks Compared in One Minute.
The Velocity of Money Explained in One Minute.
Stagflation Explained in One Minute.
Compound Interest Explained in One Minute.
Credit Scores and Credit Reports Explained in One Minute.
The Bretton Woods Monetary System (1944 - 1971) Explained in One Minute.
Currency Wars (Competitive Currency Devaluations) Explained in One Minute.
Bank Runs Explained in One Minute: How Banks Become Insolvent and Fail.
Deposit Guarantees (Deposit Insurance Systems Like the FDIC) Explained in One Minutes.
Peer-to-Peer Lending (AKA P2P Loans or Crowdlending) Explained in One Minute.
Secured vs. Unsecured Loans in One Minute: Definitions, Explanations and Comparison.
Debt/Loan Consolidation, Refinancing and Restructuring Defined, Explained & Compared in One Minute.
Insolvency vs. Default vs. Bankruptcy: Three Terms Defined, Explained and Compared in One Minute.
Cash and Cash Equivalents (Treasury Bills, Money Market Funds, CDs, etc.) Explained in One Minute.
The Money Supply (Monetary Base, M1 and M2) Defined & Explained in One Minute.
Three Types of Money in One Minute: Commodity Money, Representative Money and Fiat Money*/Currency.
The IMF's Special Drawing Rights (SDR or XDR) Defined and Explained in One Minute.
Payday Loans (AKA Cash Advance Loans, Payday Advance Loans or Salary Loans) Explained in One Minute.
"Intrinsic Value" Defined and Explained in One Minute: Labor vs. Subjective Theory of Value.
Gresham' s Law (Thomas Gresham) and Thiers' Law (Adolphe Thiers) Explained & Compared in One Minute.
Capital Controls (Limiting Inflows and Outflows) in One Minute: Definition, Explanation and Examples.
Cryptocurrency Exchanges Explained in One Minute: Is Your Crypto (BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, etc.) Safe?.
Stablecoins (Crypto) Explained in One Minute: Are Tether (USDT) or Coinbase's USD Coin (USDC) Safe?.
The Federal Funds Rate Explained in One Minute: Federal Reserve Interest Rate Superpower or Threat?.
The Federal Reserve's Discount Rate Explained in One Minute: From Definition to Implications.
Repurchase Agreements (Repo) & Reverse Repurchase Agreements (Reverse Repo) Explained in One Minute.
Liquidity Crisis/Squeeze vs. Credit Crunch: Definitions/Explanation and Comparison/Differences.
Milton Friedman's Work/Career (Theory, Books, Politics, etc.) and Monetarism Explained in One Minute.
Underwriting (Insurance, Loans, IPOs, etc.) Explained in One Minute: Definition/Meaning, Examples....
Sovereign Debt (National, Government or Public Debt) Explained in One Minute: From Meaning to Crisis.
Sovereign Debt (National, Government or Public Debt) Explained in One Minute: From Meaning to Crisis.
(Broad) Types of Debt Levels Countries Have Explained in One Minute: Household, National & Corporate.
Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS) Explained in One Minute: Did We Learn Our Lesson?.
The "Big Three" Credit Rating Agencies in One Minute: Standard & Poor's/S&P, Moody's and Fitch Group.
Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDOs) Explained in One Minute: Definition, Risk, Tranches, etc..
Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs) Explained in One Minute: Mortgage-Backed Securities 2.0?.
Financial Crisis vs. Economic Crisis: One Minute Explanation/Comparison (Definition, Examples, etc.).
How Low Can Interest Rates Go? A One Minute Perspective on "Modern-Day" Central Banking Limits.
Why Wasn't "Money Printing" (Fed, ECB, etc.) Followed by High Inflation? A One Minute Explanation.
From Deflationary Shock/Crash to Inflationary Spiral: A One Minute "Deflation to Inflation" Scenario.
Is Hyperinflation a Threat for the United States or European Union Nations? A One Minute Perspective.
How Likely Is a Currency Reset in 2020 and Beyond? Currency Resets Explained in One Minute.
How Likely Is a Currency Reset in 2020 and Beyond? Currency Resets Explained in One Minute.
How Eurodollars Work Explained in One Minute: From Definition and History to Market Importance.
US Dollar Crisis vs. Dollar Strength After a Crisis in the United States: One Minute, Two Scenarios.
What Could Replace the Dollar? Potential USD Alternatives (Gold, Currencies, etc.) in One Minute.
The Problem(s) with too Much Debt Explained in One Minute.
(How) Can Central Banks Create Inflation? Federal Reserve/ECB "Superpowers" Explained in One Minute.

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  • Anmol
    Thanks for the free course as it helps me gain real knowledge of our economy that how our economy works , though explained in very well manner with proper keywords and animation to retain for longer period of time thank full for the course
  • Tiago Dos Reis Garrido Pereira
    Simple and short, but excelent content. This 1 minute video series helped me to understand some important economic topics much better.

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