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Angular Fundamentals: Building Responsive Web Apps with Ease

EDUCBA via Coursera


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This comprehensive course takes you through AngularJS, delving into foundational principles, including architecture, data binding, and essential features. You'll deepen your understanding of AngularJS architecture, empowering you to initiate critical application development. Exploring advanced concepts, you'll interpret adept implementation of routing, navigation, and form controls, showcasing proficiency in data binding. The course guarantees a thorough comprehension of Angular services, user authentication, and the execution of role-based access control. Delving into advanced Angular concepts, you'll construct modular components, implement effective state management, and ensure code reliability through testing and debugging practices. Additionally, the course emphasizes seamless Bootstrap integration into AngularJS and practical application in creating a MEAN stack project, showcasing your expertise in web development and design.


  • Introduction to AngularJS
    • In this module, you will thoroughly explore AngularJS, gaining insights into its foundational principles, including architecture, data binding, and essential features. You'll deepen your understanding of AngularJS architecture, empowering you to initiate the development of crucial applications. Additionally, you will gain profound insights into fundamental concepts related to Angular components and templates, emphasizing their structure, interactions, and practical application. By the module's conclusion, you, as a participant, will have built a robust foundation in AngularJS, enabling you to apply its fundamental principles and commence the development of applications with improved structure and functionality.
  • Angular Routing and Forms
    • This module is a comprehensive and hands-on learning experience that equips participants with the essential skills to harness two critical aspects of the Angular framework: Routing and Forms. These topics are integral to creating dynamic, interactive, and user-friendly web applications. Learners will dive into Angular Routing, a critical feature enabling the development of single-page applications (SPAs) with seamless navigation. Participants will learn how to configure routes, associate them with specific components, and handle URL changes without full page reloads. You'll explore advanced concepts such as nested routes, route guards, parameter passing, and query parameters. By the end of this section, you will have the expertise to create efficient and organized navigation structures, enhancing user experiences in your applications.
  • Angular Services and HTTP Communication
    • In this module, we explore fundamental Angular concepts, guaranteeing a thorough comprehension of Angular services and dependency injection. You will grasp core concepts, understanding the creation, utilization, and injection of services within Angular applications. Furthermore, the module anticipates your in-depth understanding of advanced user authentication concepts, encompassing user session management and the execution of role-based access control strategies. By the module's end, you, as a participant, will have established a strong foundation in Angular services and user authentication. This empowers you to seamlessly integrate these features into your applications, enhancing functionality and ensuring effective user access control.
  • Advanced Angular Concepts and Bootstrap
    • In this module, we delve into advanced Angular concepts, examining the capability to construct modular and reusable components, thereby improving proficiency in developing dynamic and feature-rich user interfaces. You will strategize and implement state management effectively in Angular applications using NgRx. You will explore Bootstrap's grid system, responsive design components, and various CSS and JavaScript utilities. You'll learn how to leverage Bootstrap's extensive library of pre-built UI elements, making it easier to design and prototype beautiful, user-friendly interfaces quickly. This module then transitions into AngularJS, introducing participants to its MVC architecture and two-way data binding, enhancing web applications' interactivity and efficiency. You will delve into AngularJS directives and services, enabling them to create dynamic and maintainable single-page applications.

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