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AWS Cloud for Technical Professionals

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Build cloud-native solutions on the AWS platform.
  • Explore AWS Cloud and navigate the management interfaces.
  • Learn about the AWS shared responsibility model and root user security.
  • Control authentication and authorization in AWS.
  • Explore AWS compute services that power your applications.
  • Set up the best traffic route for your app on AWS.
  • Implement storage services in your AWS development environment.
  • Explore AWS database services.
  • Improve performance and recognize security threats to your AWS architecture.
  • Scale your app to deliver the best user experience.


  • AWS Cloud
    • Get Started with the Cat Photo Application
    • Understand the Advantages of Using the Cloud
    • Explore the AWS Global Infrastructure
    • Navigate the AWS Management Interfaces
  • Security in AWS Cloud
    • Learn the AWS Shared Responsibility Model
    • Understand User Authentication and Authorization
    • Protect the AWS Root User
    • Use Multi-Factor Authentication
  • AWS Identity and Access Management
    • Get to Know AWS Identity and Access Management
    • Manage IAM Users and Groups
    • Understand IAM Roles
    • Set IAM Policies
    • Follow IAM Best Practices
    • Audit Account Activity with AWS CloudTrail
  • AWS Compute
    • Explore AWS Compute
    • Get To Know Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
    • Select Amazon EC2 Instance Configurations
    • Review the Amazon EC2 Instance Lifecycle and Pricing
    • Discover AWS Container Services
    • Learn About Serverless on AWS
    • Choose the Right Compute Service
  • AWS Networking
    • Explore Networking on AWS
    • Discover Amazon VPC
    • Learn About Amazon VPC Routing
    • Get Connected With Amazon VPC Gateways
    • Secure Your Network with Amazon VPC Security
  • AWS Storage
    • Explore AWS Storage Types
    • Get Block Storage with Amazon EBS
    • Get Object Storage with Amazon S3
    • Secure Amazon S3
    • Explore Amazon S3 Storage Classes and Lifecycle
    • Choose the Right Storage Service
  • AWS Databases
    • Explore Database Models
    • Get to Know Amazon Relational Database Service
    • Secure Your Amazon RDS Environment
    • Scale Amazon RDS
    • Choose the Right Database
  • Monitoring on AWS
    • Explore Monitoring on AWS
    • Monitor Your Architecture with Amazon CloudWatch
    • Prevent and Troubleshoot Issues with CloudWatch Alarms
    • Optimize Resources with Tags and AWS Trusted Advisor
  • AWS Optimization
    • Explore Optimizations on AWS
    • Discover Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling
    • Route Traffic with Amazon Elastic Load Balancing
    • Get to Know the Types of Load Balancers


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    "AWS Cloud for Technical Professionals" is a must-have resource for anyone looking to master AWS. Whether you're aiming to become AWS certified or want to enhance your proficiency in cloud computing, this book serves as an indispensable guide in your quest for expertise. I highly recommend it to technical professionals seeking to unlock the full potential of AWS.

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