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Azure Networking Fundamentals

EDUCBA via Coursera


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The "Azure Networking Fundamentals" course is the foundational step in a comprehensive certificate program to prepare learners for various entry-level roles in cloud networking. This course offers a holistic overview of key concepts and skills essential for functions such as Azure Network Engineer, Cloud Solutions Architect, and Cloud Operations Engineer. Upon completing the course, you will understand Azure networking principles, covering virtual networks, subnets, IP addressing, and network security groups. Practical skills in configuring and managing Azure virtual networks, establishing connectivity between virtual and on-premises networks, and implementing robust network security measures will be ingrained. The course goes beyond theoretical knowledge by providing hands-on experience monitoring and troubleshooting Azure network resources using tools like Azure Network Watcher. Additionally, you will gain expertise in designing scalable and resilient Azure network architectures, incorporating high availability, redundancy, and disaster recovery strategies. This course offers a comprehensive curriculum that blends theoretical understanding with practical application. It empowers you with the knowledge and skills required to build, secure, monitor, and troubleshoot Azure networks, setting a solid foundation for subsequent roles in cloud networking. By the end of the course, you will have a well-rounded skill set encompassing the foundational and practical aspects of Azure networking, preparing them for roles such as Azure Network Engineer, Cloud Solutions Architect, Cloud Operations Engineer, and more.


  • Introduction to Azure Networking
    • This module provides a holistic grasp of Azure's geographical infrastructure, offering insights into its global architecture. You will master the adept handling of public IP addresses in Azure, seamlessly integrating virtual machines into established Virtual Networks. The module deepens understanding by exploring routing concepts, empowering learners to implement custom routes in Azure. You gain practical skills through comprehensive demonstrations, ensuring they can proficiently navigate and optimize routing configurations. By the module's conclusion, you will possess a robust theoretical foundation and hands-on expertise in key Azure infrastructure components, enabling them to effectively design and manage network configurations.
  • Azure Virtual Network Connectivity
    • This module guides you in analyzing and distinguishing between connectivity options in Azure, facilitating informed decision-making. You delve into the detailed procedure of establishing Site-to-Site VPN connections, comprehending each step proficiently. The module extends this analytical approach to applying essential skills for competently setting up Point-to-Site VPN connections in Azure. Furthermore, you articulate a comprehensive understanding of VNet peering, demonstrating practical proficiency through active engagement in a VNet Peering Demo. By combining theoretical insights with hands-on experience, you develop the expertise to navigate and implement diverse connectivity solutions within the Azure environment.
  • Azure Load Balancing
    • This module immerses you in the intricacies of load balancing in Azure, exploring a range of options and conducting an in-depth examination of Azure Load Balancer and its SKUs. You analyze and gain proficiency in comprehending Azure Application Gateway, acquiring hands-on skills in its configuration and management. Further, you demonstrate a thorough understanding of Azure Traffic Manager, applying practical skills in its configuration and management. The module concludes with an exploration of Azure Front Door, where you use your comprehensive comprehension alongside becoming acquainted with Azure CDN, enriching your knowledge of content delivery strategies within the Azure ecosystem.
  • Network Security and Monitoring in Azure
    • This module empowers you to apply an in-depth understanding of Network Security Groups and Application Security Groups in the Azure environment. You achieve a high level of proficiency in comprehending Azure Firewall and exploring its features and functionalities. Additionally, you gain the ability to describe a comprehensive knowledge of Azure DDoS Protection, along with practical skills in configuring and managing protection policies. The module concludes with acquiring the proficiency to describe Azure Network Watcher comprehensively, including its functionalities. Through a balance of theoretical insights and practical applications, you develop expertise in securing and monitoring Azure network environments effectively.

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