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Professional Web Accessibility Auditing Made Easy

Chang School of Continuing Education via Canvas Network

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This course will help you develop the skills and knowledge you need to develop Web sites, Web content, and Web applications that comply with international Web accessibility requirements. These requirements help ensure that people with disabilities are able to participate fully.

By the time you complete this course, you should be able to: 

  • Create an accessibility auditing toolkit. 
  • Identify and apply key accessibility guidelines in WCAG 2.0. 
  • Retrieve WCAG 2.0's supporting documents when needed. 
  • Employ Web-based automated accessibility checkers. 
  • Measure and/or assess Web design elements such as colour contrast, readability, and others using a range of publicly available test tools. 
  • Test for accessibility using assistive technologies such as the JAWS and ChromeVox screen readers. 
  • Apply easy manual tests to quickly assess accessibility. 
  • Select an appropriate type of Web accessibility audit and corresponding reporting strategy aimed at the audience being served. 
  • Recognize relevant accessibility guidelines, standards and specifications and integrate these into accessibility review strategies based on international requirements.

Badge Requirement

Participants who successfully complete the four required course assessments and participate in all course activities will receive a digital badge.


Module 1 An Overview of Web Accessibility 
Unit 1 Aspects of Web Accessibility Auditing 
Unit 2 Introduction to WCAG 2 

Module 2 Automated and Manual Testing Strategies 
Unit 3 Automated Review Tools 
Unit 4 Manual Testing 

Module 3 Assistive Technology and User testing 
Unit 5 Assistive Technologies 
Unit 6 Introduction to User Testing 

Module 4 Web Accessibility Audit Reporting 
Unit 7 Web Accessibility Reporting 
Unit 8 Other Accessibility Standards

Taught by

Igor Karasyov and Greg Gay


4.9 rating, based on 26 Class Central reviews

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  • Anonymous
    This is a great course. Very well structured and engaging. I had not really intended to work towards the badge but found the information and activities so stimulating that I just kept coming back for more. :)

    Knowing nothing about Web accessibility, except that it existed, I now find myself more aware of the ramifications of barriers to a large and growing sector of society and the need to ensure continued online access to information, education, goods and services, and overall connectivity to the rest of the world toward the greatest positive impact on lifestyle and well-being.
  • Anonymous
    This was a very well-rounded amount of information for just 4 weeks. It was thorough and well-laid out and, as someone who knew absolutely nothing about web accessibility prior to this course, it was extremely easy to follow the information and learn something new.
    I also appreciated that the course was essentially divided into a "technical" and "non-technical" component. I'm not a developer but I can read HTML and having the extra technical information was fantastic. It really helped me understand the material better.
  • Sheila Mcknight
    As someone completely new to web accessibility, I thought this course provided an excellent overview. Really well structured and paced, I found myself easily motivated to complete modules and activities. Although not visually beautiful, the Canvas platform functioned great and had engaging features. Some content was specific to Ontario, but there were many non-Ontario participants. Best online course I've come across by far.
  • Anonymous
    This course was great if you are looking for great information and hands-on exercises involving Web Accessibility. The toolkit that you will leave with is valuable and the material is presented very well. All assignments, activities and quizzes are due by the end, so there really were no issues going at my own pace. I wasn't able to begin until Week 2 and I've now completed roughly a week early.
  • I have first hand experience in web accessibility because I have disability and use the web daily. I have participated in a project for auditing web sites of public institutions. This course gave me good tools and structured knowledge. Of corse there is more to be learned, but the course gives a good start for professionals and people with or without disabilities.
  • Eye opening course that emphasizes why web accessibility is so important. Web authors and developers quickly learn the skills needed to identify and fix accessibility issues that may prevent some people from access content on the Web. Audit and write professional reports that guide clients on how to improve the accessibility of their websites.
  • Anonymous
    I am a website developer looking to understand what web accessibility means and how to achieve it. This course provided that information and I have added valuable skills to my resume. If you are interested in learning about web accessibility, I recommend this course.
  • Profile image for Monica Ccrw
    Monica Ccrw
    I found this course very enlightening. It helped me understand the concepts behind web accessibility and gave me some real tools to make sure our website is accessible. Fantastic course! hope it is repeated soon so I can get some colleagues to take it!!
  • Anonymous
    I went from knowing basically nothing about Web Accessibility to feeling capable of auditing Web pages. I now know what to look for, what tools to use, and how to make suggestions for improvements. This was a really helpful class!
  • This is a very good corse for the introduction to web accessibility auditing. The course is well organized and the explanations are very clear for understanding basic concepts of web accesibility. It explains how to check accessibility on web sites using different tools.
  • Anonymous
    If you do any work with web development, this course will be valuable. Even if you don't plan to do accessibility audits, developing a better understanding of accessibility guides, the audit process, and documentation can be really useful.
  • This online course has met my expectation and delivered that is promissed: to develop skills and knowledge needed to make websites AODA compliance.

    Thank you to Chang School of Continuing Education, Greg Gay and Igor Karasyov

  • Anonymous
    I highly recommend the course for business case building, developers and auditors. It has sufficient details to get everyone up to speed quickly on a very "grey area" subject.
  • Anonymous
    An absolutely excellent course full of links to really useful tools and guidance on how to use them.

    A must do for any web developer
  • Anonymous
    Great course, taught by knowledgeable and well-qualified instructors. Course materials and activities were all relevant and helpful, and gave the sense that the instructors truly care about students acquiring practical knowledge and skills. I had some prior background in creating and evaluating accessible web content and functionality, and I felt that the course was very well worth the time I invested. If you want to acquire, or improve the ability to conduct web accessibility audits this course offers a great opportunity.
  • Profile image for Carolyn Hajnasiewicz
    Carolyn Hajnasiewicz
    Obtained an incredible amount of knowledge in a very short period of time. With hands on exercises to explore AT's, real user experience from an impaired user point of view, and very thorough activities and instructions. Not for the faint of heart, you must commit yourself and fully participate. I'm in the home stretch now, should be complete by the end of this week.
    I recommend this course to anyone who touches web development, from designers to content admins to programmers and more.
  • Profile image for Javierbds
    The course provides the skills to start doing accesibility auditing. You get familiar with the WCAG 2.0 documentation and how to use it effectively. You develop an auditing toolkit to support your work (checkers, assistive technology). You identify common mistakes and learn the proper interpretation of the guidelines. The trainers have a lot of experience in accesibility and interact with the students on a regular basis, helping and clarifying issues.
  • I highly recommend this course for those looking to learn more about web accessibility standards. Taking this course is a very helpful experience that will assist you with helpful readings that present usability testing tools and the basic knowledge necessary to perform a site audit for ADA compliance. The professors are also very responsive with any questions you may have and you will be able to learn a lot if you put in the time.
  • Profile image for David Yang
    David Yang
    This should be a model online course. All aspects of the course are designed and delivered professionally. The instructor has been very helpful. I just loved this course. Telling the truth here: at the very beginning, I thought that I would be, at the best, an auditor, or even a dropper. Now I am completing it with new knowledge about accessibility. So happy.
    Thank you for the course. Thank you Greg!
  • Anonymous
    This was a great course. I really appreciated all the tools that were shared. I had no idea that Chrome had accessibility extensions and have now added that to my toolbox. I like the blended learning style of videos, links, discussion boards, assignments and quizzes. Also liked that I could do the course over four weeks at my own pace for each module.

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