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Learn Java

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Learn the basics of the popular Java language in this introductory course. ☕️

### Why Learn Java?

Java is among the most popular programming languages out there, mainly because of how versatile and compatible it is. Java can be used for a large number of things, including software development, mobile applications, and large systems development. As of 2019, 88% market share of all smartphones run on Android, the mobile operating system written in Java. Knowing Java opens a great deal of doors for you as a developer.

### Take-Away Skills

In this course you'll be exposed to fundamental programming concepts, including object-oriented programming (OOP) using Java. You'll build 7 Java projects—like a basic calculator—to help you practice along the way.

### Recently Updated

We've recently updated this course! For more information on why we did this update and how it might affect you, check out this blog post: [Learn Java Updates](


  • Hello World: Welcome to the world of Java programming! Java is a popular object-oriented programming language that is used in many different industries.
    • Lesson: Hello World
    • Article: Java Program Structure
    • Quiz: Hello World
    • Project: Planting a Tree
    • Article: What Is an IDE?
  • Variables: Learn about datatypes in Java and how we use them. Then, practice your skills with two projects where you create and manipulate variables.
    • Lesson: Learn Java: Variables
    • Quiz: Java Variables Quiz
    • Project: Java Variables: Mad Libs
    • Lesson: Learn Java: Manipulating Variables
    • Quiz: Java Variable Manipulation Quiz
    • Project: Math Magic
  • Object-Oriented Java: Learn about object-oriented programming in Java. Explore syntax for defining classes and creating instances.

    • VideoContentItem: Classes and Objects
    • Lesson: Java: Introduction to Classes
    • Quiz: Intro to Java Classes
    • Lesson: Learn Java: Methods
    • Quiz: Java Methods Quiz
    • Project: A Basic Calculator
    • Project: Build A Droid
  • Conditionals and Control Flow: Conditionals and control flow in Java programs.
    • Lesson: Conditionals and Control Flow
    • Lesson: Conditional Operators
    • Quiz: Conditionals and Control Flow
    • Project: A Simple Car Loan Payment Calculator
    • Project: Continents and Cities
  • Arrays and ArrayLists: Build lists of data with Java arrays and ArrayLists.
    • Lesson: Learn Java: Arrays
    • Quiz: Java Arrays Quiz
    • Lesson: Learn Java: ArrayLists
    • Quiz: Java ArrayList Quiz
    • Project: Desert Island Playlist
  • Loops: Use loops to iterate through lists and repeat code.
    • Lesson: Learn Java: Loops
    • Quiz: Learn Java: Loops Quiz
    • Project: Fizz Buzz
    • Project: The Prime Directive
  • String Methods: The Java `String` class provides a lot of useful methods for performing operations on strings and data manipulation.
    • Lesson: String Methods
    • Quiz: String Methods
    • Project: DNA Sequencing
  • Access, Encapsulation, and Static Methods: Let's dive deeper into classes and learn about some of their more advanced features.
    • Lesson: Access, Encapsulation, and Scope
    • Quiz: Access, Encapsulation, and Scope
    • Article: Static Methods of the Math Class
    • Lesson: Static Variables and Methods
    • Quiz: Static Variables and Methods
  • Inheritance and Polymorphism: Dive deeper into object-oriented Java with inheritance and polymorphism.
    • Lesson: Inheritance and Polymorphism
    • Quiz: Inheritance and Polymorphism Quiz
    • Project: Language Families
  • Debugging: Learn about different types of errors in Java and practice finding them.
    • Lesson: Debugging
    • Quiz: Debugging
    • Project: Bug Detective
  • Two-Dimensional Arrays: Take your understanding of arrays and loops to the next dimension! Learn how to create and use two-dimensional arrays.
    • Lesson: 2D Arrays: Java
    • Quiz: Quiz: 2D Arrays in Java
    • Project: 2D Arrays: Image Manipulation Project
    • Informational: Next Steps

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Alisha Grama


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