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Adobe InDesign Mastery

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  • Apply advanced font tricks using Typekit and OpenType fonts.
  • Master color theory and perform professional proofing of colors for printing.
  • Create, align and distribute shapes and execute advanced drawing methods.
  • Become a styles master using nested, grep, next and advanced object styles.
  • Make visually engaging pie charts, bar graphs and forms.
  • Have a firm grasp of advanced drawing techniques.
  • Master long, text-heavy documents and apply tactics to fully control paragraphs.
  • Navigate the pros and cons of the different distribution methods including interactive PDFs and ePubs.
  • Memorize a host of keyboard shortcuts that will transform your workflow.
  • Use Adobe Comp CC to make InDesign layouts on your mobile device.


Adobe is constantly adding new and improved features to its powerful programs so it’s always important to ensure that your skills are as up to date and efficient as possible. If you have a strong foundational knowledge of how InDesign works and you’re ready to take your skills to the next level, then this class is perfect for you!

You’ll learn advanced techniques that will position you as an expert in your field including how to create interactive PDFs, work with long-form documents and dramatically speed up your workflow. You’ll cover everything you need to know about Publish Online and explore best practices when working across multiple InDesign documents. You’ll also learn how to make advanced use of the Pages Panel, Scripts, CC libraries and how to get the most out of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to support your InDesign creations.

Filled with exercise files to help you hone your new skills, this class covers everything from design principles to exporting and printing.


  • How to expand text boxes, split and spin columns, make arrows and draw flowers
  • How to adjust your workspace for maximum efficiency and flow
  • How to use Typekit and OpenType’s special features and where to get free fonts
  • How to access free icons using Adobe Market
  • How to use color modes, find and import colors and use setting default colors
  • How to auto-expand text boxes, use placeholder text alternatives, add paragraph borders and shading and make paragraphs span 2 columns
  • How to master justification, hyphenation options, advanced anchored objects and conditional text
  • How to create interactive, button-triggered animations and QR codes


  • People who already understand the fundamentals of Adobe InDesign
  • People who took Daniel’s Adobe InDesign Fundamentals class
  • Illustrators and designers who want to enhance their existing skill set
  • Professional artists who want to move their art to a digital platform
  • Creatives with an InDesign background who want to master the program
  • Freelancers already working with InDesign and wanting to learn advanced skills
  • Advanced level


Adobe InDesign CC


An influential media designer, Advanced Adobe Certified Instructor and dedicated teacher to thousands of students for over 15 years. Daniel is a speaker and multi-award winner at the prestigious annual Adobe Max conference.


  • Introduction To Adobe InDesign CC Advanced
  • Getting Started With The Adobe InDesign CC Advanced Class
  • Adjusting Your Workspace For Maximum Amazingness
  • Setting The Default Font Size For New Documents Adobe InDesign
  • Special Features For Typekit & Open Type Fonts
  • Where To Get Great Free Fonts For Use In InDesign
  • Mastering Your Fonts In Adobe InDesign CC
  • What The Font - Font Guess In Adobe InDesign CC
  • How To Pick Beautiful Font Pairings In Adobe InDesign CC
  • Quiz - Fonts
  • Free Icons Using Adobe Market In InDesign CC
  • How To Use The Color Theme Tool In Adobe InDesign CC
  • Using Color Modes In Adobe InDesign CC
  • Importing Colors & Setting Default Colors In Adobe InDesign CC
  • Finding Great Colours Using Adobe Color For Use In Adobe InDesign CC
  • Appearance Of Black & Proofing Colours
  • Draw Lot Of Shapes At Once InDesign Gridify Live Distribute
  • Quiz - Color
  • How To Make Arrows In Adobe InDesign CC
  • How To Draw Complex Flowers In Adobe InDesign CC
  • Quiz - Drawing
  • How Text Boxes Can Auto-Expand In Adobe InDesign CC With Auto Size
  • Placeholder Text Alternatives In Adobe InDesign CC
  • How To Add Paragraph Borders & Shading In Adobe InDesign CC
  • Paragraph Vs Single Line Composer In Adobe InDesign CC
  • How To Make Paragraphs Span 2 Columns In Adobe InDesign CC
  • Mastering Justification In Adobe InDesign CC
  • Mastering Hyphenation Options Using Adobe InDesign CC
  • Optical Margin Alignment In Adobe InDesign CC
  • The Secret Power Of Keep Options In Adobe InDesign CC
  • Advanced Anchored Objects In Adobe InDesign CC
  • How To Use Conditional Text In Adobe InDesign CC
  • Quiz - Paragraph Goodness
  • How To Create Pie Charts & Bar Graphs In Adobe InDesign CC
  • Quiz - Charts & Infographics
  • The Pros & Cons Of The Various Interactive Types In InDesign CC
  • How To Create An Interactive PDF In Adobe InDesign CC
  • How To Add Interactive Page Transitions In Adobe InDesign CC
  • How To Add Navigation To An Interactive PDF In Adobe InDesign CC
  • What Is Publish Online In Adobe InDesign CC
  • How To Publish Your Adobe InDesign Publish Online Documents
  • How To Add Video To Adobe InDesign CC Documents
  • How To Create Interactive Button Triggered Animations In InDesign CC
  • How To Make A Multi State Object In Adobe InDesign CC
  • How To Add Adobe Animate CC To InDesign CC Files
  • Adding Maps & Calendars To Interactive Documents In InDesign CC
  • How To Create QR Codes In Adobe InDesign CC
  • Quiz - Interactive Documents
  • Keyboard Shortcuts In Adobe InDesign CC That Will Change Your Life
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • How To Automatically Place Lots Of Text Onto Multiple Pages In InDesign CC
  • How To Make A Cross Reference In Adobe InDesign CC
  • How To Create An Index In Adobe InDesign CC
  • Add Document Name Automatically To The Page In InDesign Using Text Variables
  • How To Use The Adobe InDesign CC Book Feature
  • Quiz - Long Documents
  • Changing Preferences For Advanced InDesign Users
  • How To Speed Up Your Workflow For Advanced InDesign CC Users Styles
  • Why Should I Use Character Styles In Adobe InDesign CC
  • Advanced Paragraph Styles In Adobe InDesign CC
  • How To Use & Map Word Styles In With Adobe InDesign Styles
  • How To Create Nested Styles In Adobe InDesign CC
  • How To Create A Grep Style In Adobe InDesign CC
  • How To Use A Next Style In Adobe InDesign CC
  • Advanced Object Styles In Adobe InDesign CC
  • Quiz - Styles
  • Best Practices For Working Across Multiple Documents In Adobe InDesign
  • How To Use Adobe Stock With Adobe InDesign CC
  • How To Crop Images Inside Of Text In Adobe InDesign CC
  • Using Adobe Comp CC To Make InDesign Layouts On Your Mobile Phone Or Ipad
  • Quiz - Images
  • Advanced Use Of CC Libraries In Adobe InDesign CC
  • How To Get The Most Of Photoshop & Illustrator In Adobe InDesign CC
  • How To Create A PDF Form Using Adobe InDesign CC
  • Quiz - Forms
  • Advanced Use Of The Pages Panel In Adobe InDesign CC
  • How To Place InDesign Documents Inside Of Each Other
  • Quiz - Pages
  • How To Use And Install Scripts In Adobe InDesign CC
  • How To Speed Up InDesign When It’s Running Really Slow
  • Quiz - Speed Up InDesign
  • Advanced Exporting & Printing Tricks For Adobe InDesign CC
  • Quiz - Exporting & Printing Tricks
  • BONUS: Software Updates
  • What To Do Once You’ve Finished Your Advanced InDesign CC Training Class
  • Final Quiz

Taught by

Daniel Walter Scott


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