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Tomsk State University

Presentation skills: Effective Presentation Delivery

Tomsk State University via Coursera


Mumbling, stumbling, worrying, trembling, sweating and fearing are the outcomes of the low delivery skills.

In this course, we are not going to teach you how to replicate the best bits and traits of the acknowledged speakers. Dumb replication of someone’s successful behavior may help you only to an extent. That extent is the situation. When you are facing a different context, a different situation such “skills” might not work at all.

Instead, we try to get to the core issues that stand behind the troubles with delivery and start honing your skills from there. Topics we are going to cover:

1) Preparation — how to deal with fear and anxiety
2) Voice, pace and gesture — how to speak, stand and move.
3) Getting live feedback — how to interact with the audience.
4) Taking Q&A and Improvisation

So don’t meddle, start the course and make your delivery better.


  • Part 1: Preparation
    • This week is about preparation. Preparation is the key to dealing with anxiety and fear, various technical, semi-technical faults and live mistakes. We will cover the proper ways to rehearse, ways to deal with faults and mistakes.
  • Part 2: Voice
    • This week is about key principles of delivery: how to spread attention between audience, yourself and material, how to visualize and feel in order to appear more passionate, how to do semi-warm-ups (if only needed) and how to speak with an audience.
  • Part 3: Contact
    • This week is about the contact with your audience. Connection with the audience is the most important part of the delivery. No connection — you are talking to abyss, your message is lost. But there is no single ultimate indicator whether you have the connection or not. It is more like a cloud of small nonverbal and verbal signs: faces, gestures, smartphones, questions and so on. So you need to look for, decode and response to the feedback.
  • Part 4: Q&A
    • This week is about Q&A and improvisation. Q&A’s are risky, because you can be caught off-guard and look stupid, but in the same time exciting — live demos are always more fun than screencasts; and important, because anyone can memorize a somebody else’s speech, but only the author can answer tough but valuable questions. So we are going to cover some basic dos and don’ts and then my proven algorithm of dealing with questions.

Taught by

Alexei Kapterev

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4.9 rating, based on 122 reviews

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  • Hanan Khamis
    When I have been recommended to take this course, I was thinking what it will add to me as I have done a lot of presentations during my career and during college too, so what is going to add more to me? I'm already doing great. But when I started the...
  • Anonymous
    Presentation and effective delivery is my weakest part . Especially dealing with Q&As.

    It is very helpful to take this course and helping me more engaged to the audience as well as dealing with difficult questions.

  • Anonymous
    If you are someone who looks forward to public speaking , then you have come to the right place. I got something much more realistic than a magic wand! I learnt some incredible techniques to help deal with a variety of scenarios which cause me anxiety....
  • Hani Ateeq Alharbi
    his course was very comprehensive and covered many (if not all) important topics with regards to presentation skills. The several chapters were full of good advise, knowledge and great stories, so it never became boring. At the end there was a lot of...
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    Mr. Alexei Kapterev is a brilliant speaker and presenter. He explained all the intricacies of public speaking in a clear and energetic manner. This course will definitely help those who want to get rid of their stage fright and achieve greater heights. I would like to recommend this course to every learner who wants to be better at presenting and public speaking. The wide range of topics ranging from storytelling, scriptwriting, correcting your mistakes, status anxiety to answering tough questions and finally being a winner at giving presentations is a perfect package in itself. All in all, the course has many uses in real-life experiences and thus every person who is willing to learn something should give it a chance.
  • Anonymous
    I appreciated the materials that were covered throughout the course. While some of it wasn't new to me, I did pick up on several new presentation skills that I hadn't given much thought to before. For instance, as someone that hasn't been through any kind of difficult Q&A sessions, I appreciated learning the do's and don'ts associated with tackling tough or personal or context-inappropriate questions and feel that I'm now better equipped to handle those situations.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    Course is the best new one, got to much knowledge about new things. Prof. Alexei Kepterev, is clam and he explained all syllabus in the best manner, i benefited, I can use it in my PPT, day to day work also. Thanks.
  • Anonymous
    This course was very comprehensive and covered many (if not all) important topics with regards to presentation skills. The several chapters were full of good advise, knowledge and great stories, so it never became boring. At the end there was a lot of fun that came with the course and it was very entertaining.
  • Anonymous
    his course was very comprehensive and covered many (if not all) important topics with regards to presentation skills. The several chapters were full of good advise, knowledge and great stories, so it never became boring. At the end there was a lot of fun that came with the course and it was very entertaining.
  • Anonymous
    The course has been an amazing training that I am pretty sure I am going to need during my professional life, plenty of tips and tricks for managing all kind of situations that might occur during the speech. More than useful! And thanks to the Alexei for doing this course so entertained and useful.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous is taking this course right now.

    The course really helped me alot on many areas especially q&a. I would like to know more about dealing with the audience who is trying to outsmart you with questions because sometimes it is related to topic and we don't know and they start criticising with other questions.
  • Anonymous
    The course has been designed effectively and gives a lots of insights on the areas we tend to ignore during our presentations. It gives holistic view on the presentation skills and now its time to gear up and practice , practice & practice.
  • Phan Dang Khoa
    Very interesting and useful course, this helps me to strengthen my capability and skill on daily work.
  • Anonymous
    This is a well-structured, interesting and useful course. Quiz and practical tasks which helps us to memorize all the information better. Peer-graded Assignment gives you the opportunity to see other people's opinion. Mr. Alexei Kapterev is an excellence...
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    Thank you for providing this course. It was really nice. It provided fruitful knowledge for an effective presentation and gave platform to practice a few.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    I think this course which is talking about the presentation skills is one of the most important courses that I have ever taken as it prepares you to different and difficult situations that might happen to you and provides you with the most suitable...
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous is taking this course right now.

    Thank you. I have learnt a lot. I will definitely apply in my work and share with people in my community. This is my first time getting to know about Coursera but I had a great time listening to videos, taking quizzes (my most favorite), completing...
  • Anonymous
    I started this course merely for academic grades but Mr. Alexei Kapterev kept the course so engaging and resourceful throughout. Through the entirety of the course, I learnt only about presentation skills but the method used to determine whats good and whats not. It is astounding how simple these are and yet we fail to recognise and implement them in our everyday presentations.
  • Anonymous
    At two tasks you need to record yourself on video, so, if you have some privacy or cultural concerns, be aware of that.

    Anyway, I liked this course and recommend specially if you always wanted to know how to handle the audience during your speech, for exemple, how to deal with hecklers, tough questions, and bored people, explained at the 4th Module of this course.
  • Anonymous
    When it comes to online reviews, a high star rating isn’t enough that why i'm taking the time out to express how well organized and informative this course was. i like the pre-test before actually completing the actual exam; which was not long and boring. The pre-test give me an idea of what to expect .Over all this course was excellent and not very time consuming.

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