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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cell Biology: Transport and Signaling

Massachusetts Institute of Technology via edX

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This is the first cell biology course in a three-part series. Building upon the concepts from biochemistry, genetics, and molecular biology from our 7.00x Introductory Biology and 7.05x Biochemistry MOOCs, these cell biology courses transition to a comprehensive discussion of biology at an experimental level. How do we know what we know about cells at a molecular level and how can we use that knowledge to design experiments to test hypotheses in cell biology?

Professors Rebecca Lamason and Iain Cheeseman guide you through a learning experience where you will discover experiments that answered big questions and find out what is still on the horizon. You will embark on a lively journey through cellular transport and cellular signaling mechanisms and regulation and learn how to apply key concepts and themes of this dynamic experimental science to understand the fundamental workings of cells.

We developed the 7.06x Cell Biology series with an emphasis on:

  • Developing your scientific thinking skills including articulating hypotheses, performing thought experiments, interpreting data, and designing experiments.
  • Using data based on real scientific experiments and highlighting the scientific process in assessments.
  • Asserting that biology is an active field that changes daily through examples of research and relevance to medicine, not static information in a textbook.
  • Uniting themes and principles that inform how scientists conduct and interpret research.
  • Exploring foundational experiments that defined modern cell biology.
  • Implementing the science of learning in the course design.


  • Membranes, Lipids, and Proteins
  • Intracellular Transport and Protein Secretion
  • Nuclear-Cytoplasmic Transport
  • Principles of Signal Transduction
  • Signaling Pathways and Regulatory Paradigms

Taught by

Frank Solomon, Rebecca Lamason, Mary Ellen Wiltrout, Darcy Gordon and Monika Avello


5.0 rating, based on 6 reviews

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  • Karen Carlson completed this course, spending 10 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be medium.

    Like all of the MIT biology courses, this one focuses on the laboratory: not just, how does a newly-made protein go from the ER to the Golgi to a vesicle, but: how do we know that's what it does? How do we figure out what enzymes take part in the process?...
  • Anonymous
    Everything is explained very well with deep understanding and clarification of concepts. Overall this is great opportunity for anyone who wants to learn about how the things work inside the cell.
  • Anonymous
    I am retired, I took this course with patience, and I regret not having passed it ten or 20 years before ... my students would have benefited a lot more.

    I am retired, I took this course with patience, and I regret not having passed it ten or 20 years before ... my students would have benefited a lot more.

    I ask young people to take advantage of these opportunities ...
  • Anonymous
    Well structured course and accessible with experienced teachers practitioners, what else? A remote real-life lab work overwatch, or a virtual lab :)
    Over all the course is a very pleasant learning experience.
  • Anonymous
    It is a very informative course. The classes are taught well - recordings are very clear. The course material is great. the exercises complement the material quite well.
  • Anonymous
    A very informative and understandable course. If you want to learn more about cell biology I recommend this course.

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