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University of Glasgow

End of Life Care: Challenges and Innovation

University of Glasgow via FutureLearn


Learn about new directions and the latest thinking on end of life care.

Death itself may be certain, but how we die involves many challenges. On this course, you’ll explore the care we receive when dying, cultural variations and beliefs around what makes a good death, and the planning and timing of death.

With increasingly ageing populations, we are living longer but dying more slowly. New ideas around end of life care are therefore emerging in different contexts. You will discover the patterns and global trends taking place in palliative care, and explore these new approaches from a social science and humanities perspective.

You’ll also be learning from health and care experts at the University of Glasgow, recently ranked as offering the number one online healthcare course and number 14 online health and medicine course by Class Central, a search engine ranking the top online classes of all time.

This course is for people interested in or engaged in matters relating to death, dying, bereavement, palliative and end of life care.

This course will be of special interest to those working in healthcare, including physicians, nurses, social workers, and other health and social care professionals.

The course will also appeal to practitioners, students, researches, volunteers and policymakers in end of life care, as well as social activists and those working in artistic and cultural media who are working on end of life issues.

It is ideal for anybody considering taking The University of Glasgow’s MSc End of Life Studies

Taught by

David Clark

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4.8 rating, based on 131 reviews

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  • Anonymous
    This course provides a lot of social perspectives about death and dying. From the modern medical system, such as hospital, to compassionate community, Death Café, and individual perspectives. The most important thing I learn from here is that the importance...
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    This is a challenging subject for everyone. My sincere thanks go to the educators and fellow learners for such a very thought-provoking opportunity, and to FL for enabling peers who wished to share their head and heart thoughts in its safe global environment. The...
  • Kirk Lothian
    Many of the topics covered in this course have been debated in the media for decades but the participation in the course allowed me to deeply consider my own thoughts on the matter. There were some wonderfully enlightening and encouraging topics highlighting the selfless acts of compassion both abroad and very close to home. New roles within society are discussed and overall a very positive experience which I was quite surprised about, considering the gravity of the topic.
  • Anonymous
    I enjoyed this course and did find out a few things that i did not know. it was an introduction to the Degree . I would recommend this course to other nurses as well as non professionals, with its thought provoking content
  • Anonymous
    I really enjoyed this short course. It provides an easy and accessible way to learn. The ability to study in my own home and at times convenient to me opens us the possibility of growing my knowledge even in lockdown times. The material was excellent and very well presented. Studing alongside others from an international and interdisciplinary community adds a sense of community and a fascinating diversity of insight and experience. I warmly recommend it.
  • Anonymous
    This course tackled a very sensitive subject with just the right amount of information along with excellent examples in a variety of settings. This course should be mandatory in schools.
  • Anonymous
    This course was presented very well, with excellent real world videos and articles to contemplate. It was so interesting to view the comments and experiences of classmates from many countries and backgrounds. There were many academic and ethical questions to contemplate, and much exploration into personal thoughts, beliefs and feelings. This course is beneficial to anyone and everyone who plans on dying at some point...
  • Anonymous
    Throughout history, including our modern society, death has been the"taboo" subject.

    However, this course represents a refreshing and enlightening approach. Involving many different streams, some of the main components are focused on helping us to think about death and dying as an important part of life" and invite us through rescuing valuable new and old concepts, the necessary respect to reflect about it.
  • Anonymous
    This was a very interesting and thought provoking course, well balanced and well paced over the three weeks. I felt challenged at times, pushed to consider my beliefs and perspectives and found it very useful being able to read other people’s comments and reflections. I finish the course better informed and seriously considering the MSc in End of Life Care which Glasgow offer.
  • Anonymous
    This course was both interesting and informative, it provokes much reflection and consideration not only of ones own life but of others too, whose lives, cultures and belief systems are potentially very different from ours.There is plenty of opportunity to comment and to read and absorb the views of other students. Thank you to all who contributed to this experience.
  • Anonymous
    I’ve been in the NHS for 25 years as a nurse currently working in ICU have. Been in the covid ward for 16 months . I have a passion for pallative care . This course has helped me to reflect on the last 16 months I I look forward to a potential career in this field . I would recommend this short course to anyone interested in end of life care .
  • Anonymous
    I've just completed this course and it's been fascinating. A great range of topics and all so clearly set out and easy to explore at my own pace. Lots of links to further reading and we were encouraged to engage with others on the course too.

    Very tempted by the MSc! Thanks so much for all the work that's gone into this - I can't believe it's free.
  • Cilmara Lion
    This was a very well-structured course with lots of information and food for thought.

    The possibility to share ideas and interact with others makes it so much better experience and the course administrators are very active and make regular comments to participant's comments. I am very happy with the course. Thank you
  • Anonymous
    This class was excellent. It was informative, emotionally pulling, and reflective. I learned about world perspectives of dying, arguments for assisted-dying, and further learned about dying as a concept. It made me reflect on my own beliefs and placed new thoughts to further decide what to do with.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    This course is designed to give the student a wider perspective about death and other aspects associated with it. It has been a great learning experience to know about assisted suicide, the guidelines behind it. New terms like rational suicide, coffin club, personalised funeral, were very thought provoking and helped me understand ,how rest of the worlsidhandling this natural phenomenon.
  • Anonymous
    This course challenges our concepts of dying and the rituals we have surrounding death. It is often confronting. But at the same time, it opens free discussion without fear of judgement, and allows for a flow of ideas amongst people with vast experiences.
  • Anonymous
    This is such a thought provoking and insightful course. It will take you on a journey that will encourage you to explore some challenging issues that relate to many aspects of death. Well worth doing this course.
  • Profile image for Nora Weber
    Nora Weber
    I wanted to explore whether end of life care would be the right next step for me, so this course was the ideal introduction to concepts and an exploration of community approaches in different parts of the world.
  • Anonymous
    This course has been such a great resource - and for free! What a gift. I have really enjoyed how much this course has managed to cover, the variety of resources and reading other participants thoughts. Thank you.
  • Anonymous
    I enjoyed the course and learned lots of interesting information from a variety of perspectives. lots of food for thought. as a death doula it has enhanced my understanding of death from various viewpoints

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