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70+ FutureLearn Courses with Free Certificates

Scanning FutureLearn’s catalog, we found 70 free certificates on data science, management, and genomics.

Future Learn Free Certificates

Ah, the good old days! Back when Class Central started covering online education and massive open online courses, most course certificates were free. Then, one by one, major online platforms began introducing paid certificate upgrades, and eventually, all but a few stopped offering free certificates altogether.

This isn’t to say that there isn’t still great content available for free. In fact, Class Central lists more than 1,700 Coursera courses that are still completely free. We’ve also catalogued close to 850+ courses you can take for free which are available through various course providers. These are essentially the same courses as those offered for credit in online degree programs.

While trying to collect pricing data for FutureLearn courses, I discovered 70+ courses on the FutureLearn platform that offer a free “digital upgrade”, which includes unlimited access to the course, quizzes, and a digital Certificate of Achievement upon completion. These courses span a wide range of topics, from bacterial genomics to social media.

More Certificates

If you don’t find what you need in the course list below, browse Class Central’s catalog of over 150K courses or visit our thematic collections:

You can find all the Class Central free certificate articles here.

Without further ado, here’s a list of FutureLearn courses that include free certificates of completion.

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Suparn Patra

Suparn developed an interest in MOOCs through a project he worked on during his MSc in Artificial Intelligence. He joined Class Central as a Full Stack Engineer.

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  1. jessika lisboa

    hey there. its not quite clear on where to go or what to do to get the free digital upgrade for the futurelearn courses… you only have to enroll and then wait or there is something else needed? like on coursera you have to enroll and go to the buying pages of the specific courses to get the free certificates…

    • Suparn Patra

      You need to enrol in the course and finish the course in order to get a free certificate. All your certificates would be available at https://www.futurelearn.com/your-achievements (you need to be logged in)

      For many courses, you may also need to give the online exam and secure passing marks criteria (if any). There exist courses which don’t have any compulsory exam. You get the certificate as soon as you finish the modules.

      In every module, there is a “Mark as Complete” button in the down-right corner. You need to click that too after you see lecture videos or read the given text.

      So far I’ve completed two courses from the list and got free certificates.

      • gouri

        Hi, Suparn,

        How do I understand which course at future learn is free?

        One more thing, If I complete the course at future learn with all necessary criteria of completion, But i don’t upgrade or buy unlimited facility, what do i get at the end?

        • Suparn Patra

          If the Futurelearn course page says “Digital upgrade”->”Free” which is there in the same row where they have “Duration”, “Weekly study”, “Learn” etc.
          It means you will get a free certificate without any payment at the end.
          But you need to complete all necessary criteria of completion like watching required modules (marking it as complete) and/or assignments/exam (if any).

  2. SeshaMallika Dasika

    I am a middle school mathematics teacher for past seven years, I would like to enhance my carrer in Mathematics. Kindly suggest any suitable course for the same.

    My Education qualification – BSc & BEd.

  3. Aniruddh

    Long long after registration can we have access to these courses?

    • Suparn Patra

      Probably not after the session gets over.
      You may need to re-join the course again even if you have earned the certificate.

      From my account, I was unable to access the course content which I’ve completed (I’ve completed only free upgrade courses so far from future learn). I needed to re-join it, in order to access its content.

      The scenario might vary for paid courses. Not sure about that.

  4. Muhammad Faizan Ahmed

    I’ve completed the course but couldn’t get free certificate. How can I get.?

    • Suparn Patra

      If you have completed the course that is fulfilled the minimum criteria like watched modules (marked module as mark as complete) and given/passed the exam if any and so on and the Futurelearn course page says “Digital upgrade”-> ” Free” (for free courses)
      Then you may see your all certificates at https://www.futurelearn.com/your-achievements (given you are logged in).

      If a course is not free, then you may need to pay in order to get a certificate (Given that course offers a certificate)
      Click on “Find out more” which is there below “Extra Benefits” to see what you will get by paying (Upgrade) for the course.

      • Sandra

        I was doing a basic first aid course . I upgraded to allow me a little bit of extra time also a certificate.
        I returned to my course to find it had disappeared from my courses.
        Why would that happen.

  5. Jay Kinskov

    Hi Suparn,

    Thanks for the great article on 50+ FutureLearn courses.

    Until when is the promotion for free certificates valid?

    Do I have to enroll before a certain deadline or do I have to finish before a certain deadline to get the free certificate?

    I tried to find this information online but couldn’t find it.


    • Suparn Patra

      There is no specific date provided by Futurelearn for the end of the free certificate for certain courses.

      They add/remove courses with free certificate stuff from time to time.

      You may keep checking the article for updates.
      We update our article (add/remove courses from the list) from time to time.

      If the Futurelearn course page says “Digital upgrade” -> ”Free”, it means you get a free certificate.
      Otherwise, it shows price under “Extra Benefits”

      • Parth Malhotra

        It is posted on the website that some certifications under ATIC are available until 30th June 2020 only:
        This course is part of our Study with Australia collection, with free upgrades and digital certificates supported by the Australian Trade and Investment Commission until 30 June, 2020. Explore more courses from leading Australian education providers.
        (from the course : Data Analytics for Decision Making: An Introduction to Using Excel)

        • Suparn Patra

          Thanks for the information.

  6. Daniela Paola Rodríguez Pardo

    Hi, I already registered to the course of “Data Analytics for Decision Making: An Introduction to Using Excel”, but it starts on June 21. My question is: Do I have until June 30 to finish the course and get the free certificate?

    • Suparn Patra

      Course “Data Analytics for Decision Making: An Introduction to Using Excel” is a two-weeks course. So you should get at least two weeks.

  7. Sadia Mahbub Misty

    Hi, I wanted to enroll for the course named ‘Introduction to Sustainability and Development’ from Deakin University. Though the course is free, it’s written that it would give a paid certificate. So, is there any other options to get the free certificate also?

    • Suparn Patra

      The course “Introduction to Sustainability and Development” is free (You will get a free certificate too).
      On our course page, we don’t update this as this information changes. So instead we update article regularly.
      FutureLearn Course page says- Digital upgrade: “Free”

  8. Sudakshina Kashyap

    Sir, when will i get my certificate as i’ve completed my course and scored enough, as per the criteria?
    And am i receiving it through email?

  9. Edwin Hidalgo

    Wrong. The course How to Teach Online you mention as a course with free certificate. But following your link it says Paid Certificate. Please check your facts

    • Suparn Patra

      The course “How To Teach Online: Providing Continuity for Students” offers a free certificate.
      On our course page, we don’t update this as this information changes. So instead we update the article regularly.

      From our course page, if you click on “Go To Class”, it will redirect you to corresponding Futurelearn course page which says- Digital upgrade: “Free”

  10. Ken adams

    Are these Free digital upgrqdes certificate reliable?

    • Suparn Patra

      You may read reviews on Class Central before going for the course. You’ll get to know about the course strength and weakness.

  11. Elizabeth Jobson

    I am only interested in British history. I have done three courses. Are there any more.

    Elizabeth Jobson

  12. Indira

    I did one of the courses but unfortunately I cannot get a certification. Why? I´ve already finish it.

    • Suparn Patra

      If you have completed the course that is fulfilled the minimum criteria like watched modules (marked module as mark as complete) and given/passed the exam if any and so on and the Futurelearn course page says “Digital upgrade”-> ” Free” (for free courses)
      Then you may see your all certificates at https://www.futurelearn.com/your-achievements (given you are logged in).

      List of free certificate keeps changing time to time that means some of them might become paid after sometime or free upgrade is limited to certain country.
      We try to update the list on regular basis.

  13. Lena Wilkinson

    Similar to other individuals who have completed FutureLearn courses, I also found that it was not quite clear what to do to get the free digital upgrade for the course, I recently completed two weeks ago. Although this ‘three week’ course about nutrition, food and medicine was an excellent course and I completed all the required work (reading the articles, interacting with student colleagues by way of comments, watching and listening to the videos, and other activities such as participating in polls) including all weekly quizzes one day earlier than the course completion date. However, I was not able to access the test step (‘Prove your knowledge and understanding’) during the final week and the only explanation written on the screen was the following: ‘This step is locked’ and I realized I would not be able to get the digital certificate and I felt very disappointed.


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