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How To Teach Online: Providing Continuity for Students

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Discover practical ways to teach online and support your students

Are you a teacher looking to learn how to teach online successfully but are under time-constraints?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. This 3-week course will teach you how to adapt from face-to-face teaching to online teaching so that you and your students can get the most out of the school day.

Even for experienced practitioners, doing this under time pressures presents challenges. However, with the right knowledge, you can overcome the hurdles presented by teaching online and embrace its possibilities.

Creating a lesson plan

The course will begin with a discussion about the challenges of online teaching and advice on how to prepare your students for success outside of the classroom.

You’ll learn how to create effective lesson plans for online teaching and think about learning design considerations. We’ll provide useful resources and share some answers to popular questions about teaching online.

Engaging your students

Discover how to build a strong online community by connecting with others, and learn how to create engagement through interaction. You’ll find out how to balance online learning with offline, asynchronous learning.

We’ll be thinking about creating a structure for students during this difficult time and discussing how to build an effective student learning environment from home.

You’ll select and design different approaches aimed at engaging students, and you’ll hear from some students about their experiences with learning online.

Checking progress and providing feedback

In the third and final week of the course, you’ll learn what makes an effective assessment and feedback system. Checking student progress and giving useful feedback is very different in an online context, so it’s important to learn the best methods.

This course is designed for educators, teachers, lecturers, and trainers who have to rapidly move from face-to-face to online teaching who are under time constraints.

Taught by

Matt Jenner, Felicity Parsisson, Monty King and Zoë Sandford

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4.5 rating, based on 32 reviews

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  • Maureen Mamaradlo Alger
    It will help me especially for the beginning of this school year 2021-2022, both in my online classes as I teach my learners and for my academic writing for my master's degree. I am writing about the analysis of low academic performance of students die...
  • Nicole Vernon
    If you are a teacher going into online teaching for the first time and not sure how to begin, what strategies to use, then this course is for you. Do you have material and no idea how to arrange it to be presented to students? This course is for you....
  • Anonymous
    Is very important this course because the online learning will be for the rest of the life's, by the reason of COVID-19 and the possibilities of mutation of viruses. This course was full, according the title. I like me much. Much thanks for all.
  • Profile image for Anké Jansen Van Rensburg
    Anké Jansen Van Rensburg
    I love the flexibility of the course and the fact that there are so many resources and strategies shared. Getting great advice from international colleagues is also a big help! Thank you!
  • Profile image for Oleksandra Zanina
    Oleksandra Zanina
    Great course. Easily accessible on laptop or phone. The biggest bonuses of this course are that's FREE and comunity based
  • Anonymous
    The course was really informative and useful for each teacher. I am sure that everyone found anything interesting here. I would like to express my gratitude to the organizers of the course and my colleagues from all over the world who shared their experience and ideas.
  • Anonymous
    Lack of engagement, interaction and tools to teach online. A good example though of what online teaching shouldn't be.
  • Anonymous
    The course was very informative & interesting. I enjoyed the course and gained quite much knowledge from the same.
    I am sure I will be able to applying the knowledge into my career as well and will share the same with my students and colleagues as well. I will select few more courses from your site and will complete the same. I got quite many ideas from the course e.g., time management, lesson planning & obviously my favourite engaging the students to their core subject with the rightful knowledge they need. Thank you for such a wonderful learning experiences.
  • Daniel Martins Aragão
    I think there were too many links and articles to be read. So it made me take it longer. Because I wanted to read most of them, taking notes, trying them and even reading other links too. But it was great, because it has given me so many ideas. And as I had mentioned on a comment before I understood that teaching online is just another way of guiding students, and finding approaches is and should be a continuous way for us teacher to help students on the teaching/learning process, which basics are the fundamental key to our work.
  • Anonymous
    Course is awesome. Educators and teachers made very great content made they put on lots of efforts.i learned lots of information from this course. I will share this content to my peer groups. I noted all the information. And I will implement the techniques. I learned from this course well being and how to maintain good health. I also learned how controlling exam tensions. I learned lesson keeping continuity to the students on subject. Assessment and feedback back technique now I know because of this course.Honestly feedback techniques is very useful and great. Everyone must know this topic. From now onwards I will plan to implement these techniques. Once's again I thanked to all of your educators.
  • Anonymous

    It all adds to become a better teacher especially in an online environment. A good course with lots of information, but rather than so many articles to read, I would have preferred a more interactive course with perhaps a few tests. This help learning and focus.
  • Anonymous
    very good. The structure of the material is easily understood yet still challenge me to generate new ideas and method. In addition, the resources given such as articles and templates are really useful and practical that I can immediately apply to my teaching plan.
  • Anonymous
    I just completed the course and it was a fascinating new experience that surely will help me develop better teachins skills and strategies for online teaching and learning, -which is a whole new environment for most of us.
  • Anonymous
    Very useful course that provides many useful tools and resources for improving an existing online learning course or help in converting a face to face course to an online course.
  • Anonymous
    The course gives knowledge about many new techniques that the educators tell . Furthermore, the reviews of other learners have come out to be beneficial.
  • Anonymous
    HOW TO TEACH ONLINE FUTURELEARN, Providing Continuity for Students

    First of all I do appreciated all your efforts, as you mention this course was done “in the rush”, to HELP us, for that thank you very much, one comment: I notice one mistake, there is a letter “a “ missing in the word education.

    Punto 1.9 How to be a Better Online Teacher: Advice Guide Adults

    Flower Danby in the Chronicle of Higher Eduction This article includes ‘10 essential principles and practices of better online teaching’

  • Anonymous
    I took this course to familiarize with online teaching because I'm getting ready to take a test to qualify for a teaching position. I learned a lot, not only about the contents of the course, but the structure of it also helped me understand the different requirements of online teaching. Very flexible, loads of resources to investigate and a great community to reflect progress. Completely recomended!!!
  • Anonymous
    The course was quite sufficient to cater for the needs of any teachers who would start to teach online. It provides the information and resources needed. It is suitable not only for primary or secondary level teachers but also higher education instructors who are in need of searching information about how and where to start off teaching online. Thanks and kind regards to the course developers.
  • Anonymous
    Very useful course for those who want to teach online. There are many tips regarding active involvement of students , use of new technology, students feedback and assessment, taking care of students health & safety etc. They have shared lots of resources useful to make online teaching more interesting, innovative , participate, encouraging , less-stressful, developing and many more.
  • Anonymous
    I already completed the review and I have completed the the class three times. I appreciate the information , but it has no end. How do you earn a certificate. I completed all the exercises and participated in all the discussions, but can't receive a certificate. So although it was helpful it is also a waste of TIME!

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