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British Council

Lessons and Teaching

British Council via FutureLearn



This focused teacher CPD course is for English language teachers who would like to improve their lesson plans, teaching resources, and overall professional development.

This course hones four professional practices that will improve your confidence and development based on the British Council’s teacher development framework. Upon completion of this course, you will have considered and improved your:

Lesson and course plans Teaching resource management Lesson management Responsibility for professional development

Improve your TEFL lesson plans and teaching resources

Quality lesson plans and teaching resources are the first tools in a teacher’s arsenal to ensure that their students achieve their learning outcomes and enjoy the journey to English fluency. You’ll hear from experienced teachers on how they approach their lesson plans, and will have the opportunity to analyse English lessons to see the application of those plans and resources.

Learn with English language teachers worldwide

Each week will focus on one of these practices. Short video interviews with experienced teachers will be combined with classroom films from around the world to illustrate the main points of each week.

Video tutors, Suzanne and Claire, will guide you through each week’s content, offering tips, advice and downloadable resources at every stage.

You’ll be asked to share your own experiences and opinions as you become part of a global community of English language teachers discussing what leads to success.

This course is aimed at English language teachers at all levels. You will need an intermediate level English (around B1 on the CEFR) in order to engage with the course materials.

Taught by

Claire Ross


4.8 rating, based on 421 Class Central reviews

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  • One of the most interesting and inspiring in many ways tutorial!I would definitely recommend it to any teacher who wants to succeed in developing more creative teaching methods in the educating process.
  • Profile image for Dr. Atif Rehman
    Dr. Atif Rehman
    Good lesson planning is essential to the process of teaching and learning. A teacher who is prepared is well on his/her way to a successful instructional experience. The development of interesting lessons takes a great deal of time and effort. As…
    This course very helping and motivated. We can achieve our career goals. We can easily understand the language and video.
  • Anonymous
    Hello! I am now on the half way of my online course 'Teaching for Success'. By this time, I have gone through all of the important tips step by step essential for teaching profession as well as developing oneself . The course is well organised with a lot of well- arranged lessons. This course will assist me in improving my skill and capability for facilitating the learners with new vigour and inspiration. I think its great! I am thankful to all associated with this course.
  • Anonymous
    By taking this online course I've learnt some issues related to lesson planning and why it's important to plan lessons taking into account essential aspects of teaching approaches such as managing resources,managing the lesson and taking responsib…
  • Anonymous
    Thank you very much Susan and other teachers and obviously to the Britich Council for giving valuable ideas and techniques. The methods of conducting course like this is really amazing .I am very glad to do this course. I and my fellow teachers feel proud to follow this course. Thanks a lot once again.
  • Great experience! I really love the content of the lesson. I will surely use it in my teaching career.
  • Incredible, I think this course will help You to understand the meaning of teaching in the world, there are several factor as a teacher we must learn and apply in the classroom.
  • Anonymous
    Upon engaging of the course I am so happy and very excited to learn with every single step of the way. All the information, video presentation and activities were all interesting. I learn many things and the mentors were very kind and knowledgeable. I am always looking forward for another step and weeks to go in learning and exploring which are related and bound to the course. For me all the things were perfect and i don't see any misconceptions and errors of all the things that i encountered and it also help me realize the impact and importance of such leanings and information which could help as refresh and also grow as a professional. Learning things and getting thins to know in this course are so fun, enjoyable and interesting.
  • Anonymous
    This week I have become acquainted with many new things. The use of realia or real-life objects is a new word to me though we use it in other ways. We have learnt the use of board in the classroom. The use of technology is essential for the learning…
  • Anonymous
    Hi, This is a wonderful learning experience where educators and expertise from all around the world are united and sharing their knowledge. All the teaching techniques learned are very informative and useful. Making Lesson plans, deciding aims or objectives, use of resources and different classroom activities were very good topics covered in first and second week of course. Online resources and experiences shared by participants were interesting and helpful.
    All the guidance , tips and support given by Team members Sally, Claire and Suzzane are great which are making this learning process interesting and easy .
    Thank you .
  • Anonymous
    This course has been quite enriching to me. I feel more motivated to learn and to be a better teacher each day. I have learnt a lot of things which otherwise I couldn't have had the opportunity to learn. i have improved on my lesson planning techniques and learnt the importance of keeping a reflective journal. There is nothing as gratifying as a seeing a learner who is encouraged or motivated to learn English because of his teacher . The teacher has to strive everyday to bring something new and exciting in his classroom.From these course I have got the strategies to use to make my lessons better and more inspiring to my learners. Once more thanks to the Future Learn Team.
  • Anonymous
    I am in an extreme bliss after completing this course. Its really a great boon for non-native English speakers like me to handle English at ease. TEACHING is one of the noble and mother of all professions which I believe. A good teacher must be more caring than a mother to their students. He/She must be loving, caring and understandable because a child spends most of his day with them. This course gained me a new world in the area of teaching. This course helps me not only my teaching prospects besides my attitude towards my students. It helps me to handle both my ids and students at ease while teaching. Thanks a lot future-learn for this wonderful course......

  • Anonymous
    I have gone through many useful topics this week. I have learnt many techniques which I would use unsystematically. I have learnt using different resources which are very important in teaching. Using flashcard is very important for all classes of learners. I have learnt making and using flashcards in the classes. Using Relia is another type of teaching resource which is new to me. Using realia in the classroom makes lessons more vivid. The soft toy was really more interesting matter. I generally use the board in the classroom. But here I have learnt it systematically. Drawing Tutorial was another matter which I learnt from this week. Thanks
  • Anonymous
    This course has been very useful for strengthening some important issues related to lesson planning. Over the years a teacher gains more experience but at a time she/he has to learn new ways to improve teaching practice.Thus the teacher has to change the methodology to give room for the use of new technologies and all this influences on how the teacher designs the lesson plans.When a teacher plans to use the projector and this doesn't work readily then the teacher needs an alternative strategy to go ahead with the lesson.So there are many important decisions a teacher has to make when planning the lesson.
  • Anonymous
    Well, I like to thank all of you for this incredible opportunity. I knew I had to do something to improve my teaching techniques but I wasn't sure just how or what to do, but now because of this course I have tons of new ideas and I can honestly say that without this course and you, I would have been the same normal teacher I Have been for many years, it was an eye-opener to a new world full of possibilities and places where to get the help that I need it.

  • Profile image for Raquel Sánchez Lahoz
    Raquel Sánchez Lahoz
    This is a wonderful way to learn! Easy and quick course with the main aspects you need to know! It's helping me a lot when it comes to adding more resources and activities to my lessons. I'm learning new things every day so I appreciate this course…
  • Anonymous
    Teachers are important in society because they prepare influence for tomorrow's leaders. Everyday students learn important lessons about sharing, respect valuing differences and making ethical decisions. The value of a teacher in a student's life cannot be overstated. Becoming a teacher offers endless opportunity to help all students understand and achieve their full potential. Teaching is not only a profession with rigorous standards, it is also a calling to serve others.
  • Profile image for Yassou Yassou
    Yassou Yassou
    It was a really nice jouney as promissed and as expected , it started from simple actions in the class , planing lessons , managing and grouping dealing with differences to professional developement PLN to actions research . i really appreciate evety minute i spent in front of my computer learning and sharing .

    one thing would have completed my joy and happiness , i could be there for the live session and i couldn't interact live .

    i shred the links and the materials with all the english lovers professional and techer trainer of my community so that they can benifit just as much as i did.

    i can't thank you enough for all the efforts .

    allah bless you all .
  • Anonymous
    I am definitely learning new things and reviewing things that I knew. It is wonderful for me to see how teachers share what they do and give ideas of how to use resources.

    Creativity is needed to be a Teacher, and I bet all the Teachers who are taking this course are great because they are extremely creative.

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