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Executing Full Text Queries with Elasticsearch

Board Infinity via Coursera


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Embark on a comprehensive journey into the realm of Elasticsearch with this thoughtfully crafted course, divided into three distinct modules. Ideal for beginners or those aiming to reinforce their foundational understanding, this course offers a clear and progressive path to mastering Elasticsearch. In the first module, Introduction to Elasticsearch, participants dive into Elasticsearch's core. They will understand its architecture, explore its foundational elements, and gain hands-on experience creating indices and understanding nodes and clusters. The second module, Query Mechanism, and Optimization, offers a journey through Elasticsearch queries. Learners will familiarize themselves with the Explain API, explore key query tuning techniques, and enhance their search performance skills. In the third module, Advanced Elasticsearch Techniques, attendees delve into sophisticated facets of Elasticsearch. They will master advanced query mechanisms, appreciate the significance of aggregation, and discern the role of nested queries and facets in comprehensive data interpretation. Upon course completion, attendees will have forged a comprehensive understanding of Elasticsearch, standing poised to deploy efficient search solutions and ready to tackle more nuanced Elasticsearch challenges.


  • Introduction to Elasticsearch
    • This module is designed to provide an introduction to Elasticsearch, a powerful search and analytics engine widely used for data exploration, log analysis, and real-time search applications. In this module, you will learn the basics of Elasticsearch, including how to install and configure the software, index data, and create mappings. You will also explore the different types of data that can be indexed in Elasticsearch, such as text, numerical, and geospatial data. Additionally, you will gain a basic understanding of Elasticsearch's architecture, including its distributed nature and its use of sharding and replication to ensure high availability and fault tolerance.
  • Search Based Query Optimisation
    • This module is designed to teach you how to optimize search-based queries in Elasticsearch for improved performance and relevance. You will start by learning how to use Elasticsearch's Explain API to understand how queries are executed and identify potential bottlenecks. You will then explore different techniques for improving query performance, such as using filters instead of queries, limiting the number of fields returned, and caching query results.
  • Advanced Querying Mechanism in Elasticsearch
    • This module is designed to teach you advanced query mechanisms in Elasticsearch, enabling you to build complex queries that deliver highly relevant results. You will start by learning about the different types of query mechanisms available in Elasticsearch, such as Boolean queries, fuzzy queries, and proximity queries. You will then explore advanced query mechanisms such as nested queries, script queries, and join queries. Additionally, you will learn how to use Elasticsearch's search templates to build and reuse complex queries.

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