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The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

FinTech Foundations and Overview

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology via Coursera


Our primary goal is to help you to understand FinTech and to become more confident and persuasive in your ability to analyze and make recommendations to executives within the finance industry regarding how to react to these changes.

This FIRST MOOC ON FINTECH IN ASIA-PACIFIC offered by HKUST presents the insight of several professors from the top business school in Asia as well as perspectives from industry professionals. HKUST has been ranked for many years as the No.1 EMBA program in the world, as the number one Finance program in Asia, and as the top MBA program in Asia by multiple independent rating and review journals and surveys.

This course "FinTech Foundations and Overview" offers the combined strengths of HKUST in Business, Finance, and Technology as one the world's leading academic institutions on an important area of technology and business innovations. For learners from outside Asia, this also gives an insight into changes happening in the most advanced FinTech markets of the world, since Asia leads worldwide in FinTech adoption and creative innovations.


  • Introduction to FinTech
    • In this module (week one), students will gain a multi-dimensional perspective on what FinTech means from the perspective of large firms (and older participants in the industry - e.g. dinosaurs), entrepreneurs, investors, and consumers. Examining what FinTech is, or is not, provides a foundations upon which students can build for better understanding of opportunities and changes.
  • FinTech Business Applications
    • The Business Applications of FinTech are essentially the Fin part of the FinTech world, and in this module, we will examine applications across six categories of FinTech, including lending and personal finance, crowd-finding and business financing, payments and retail transactions, equity, trading and investment applications, various types of cryptocurrencies, and banking infrastructure and tools.
  • The Tech of FinTech
    • The Technology enabling and supporting FinTech is important to understand, and this module provides a brief introduction to each of the areas of technology that enable FinTech business changes, including identity and privacy technologies, blockchain and encryption, big data analytics, AI and automation, and consumer tech innovations. This introduction is designed to be at a level appropriate for business managers or students of business, and is not intended to excite or engage tech geeks.
  • FinTech Implications for Established Business
    • Building on our understanding of FinTech market applications and FinTech technologies, we move in this module to examine the implications of FinTech changes and challenges for existing financial services companies, and we look at current and future trends in FinTech world-wide. This module concludes, after the final quiz, with a final course project in which students will present their recommendations for senior managers of a large, established Asia-Pacific bank to take advantage of and respond to FinTech challenges and opportunities.

Taught by

Theodore Henry King CLARK

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4.7 rating, based on 141 reviews

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  • Cletus Okibe Ogah
    Very engaging online course as if you were actually present in person with the course facilitator and other important guest speakers .

    Presented in a simple and well articulated discussion that promotes insights and imaginative curiosity into the possibilities of FinTech and its associated blockchain technology capabilities.

    I enjoyed every time of it.

    Thanks Prof!
  • Anonymous
    Likes Everything prior to the appointment of this new Director was fair and clean. Employees were being praised and given opportunities on the basis of their performance and not on the basis of how often they agree with the management. Dislikes Spent...
  • Anonymous
    The course is well structured, highlighting all key areas in FinTech to help you as a student understand FinTech, Its applications, different perspectives, and what the future will look like with all the disruptions going on in the financial space. I love the short videos because it made it very easy to understand the course contents.

    I particularly love the assignment . The research work is really improved my understanding of the course. The different FinTech applications used by banks to create innovative ideas. The ups and downs associated with FinTech start ups and risk involved and ways to manage them.

    Finally, the PowerPoint presentation and the Pitch. Awesome!!!

  • Anonymous
    Excellent course presentation and well carved to suit my learning ability. After taking the course and completing the research project, I now have a broad understanding on the advantages and disadvantages of financial technology and how the business is now growing to attract lots of investment opportunities. Most of the huge players in the banking industries are paying key attention to the development of fintech and are as well taking advantage of the opportunities to expand their operation and remain relevant as competitors redesign their strategies to cope with the reality of contemporary demands for digital financial services and applications around the world
  • Anonymous
    Course has been structured in an excellent way to deliver idea or built foundation on Fintech industry and current market trends. It not only aims at delivery of lectures or presentation but also incorporates real world examples by interviewing key people associated with different stream of Fintec Industry.

    Overall its a good course to built a foundation of Fintech industry and its application.
  • Anonymous
    The course was very important and interesting. It oven my mind to the crypto world of FinTech.

    I learn a lot on cryptocurrencies that i didn't known exist. And the final assignment help me in creating good content and more knowledge on FinTech was discovered.

    This is helpful in preparing me for the new financial system of now and the future.

    I also understand the different between China and the U.S when it come to cryto and FinTech.

    The strategies use by traditional Banks when it come to buying Fintech firm in other to keep them in competition with developing Fintech world.
  • Anonymous
    I found this course in Coursera when looking for an upgrade on my career. I first got started in Fintech and am so interested in this field. All lectures are very well designed and prepared to even non professionals. I enjoyed and would highly recommend this course to anyone at beginner level to learn about Fintech. Also big thanks to Professor Ted who was superb to facilitate this course.
  • Anonymous
    This course helped me in understanding the overviews of Fintech, This was very useful to me.I'm delighted to have this course offered.I appreciate the format and set up of the course. The videos are very well done. Coursera was extremely easy to use.The sections were easy to understand, the professor engaging it.Coursera, is the best way to learn online. It is efficient. Many of the courses can be downloaded also and that helps a lot when travelling. The instructors speak clearly too and they make a lot of sense.

  • Anonymous
    The course is the first module of a specialization of the University of Hong Kong - as expected, all the content is the introduction to a broader theme, that will be detailed on the next ones.

    The final project is very challenging - but it drives us to learn about regulations, technologies and trends related to the banking and financial services.
  • Anonymous
    The best part about this course is you get a series of guests and interview portions. You see the banter and the professor being a good moderator and challenging different experts. It is done logically and offered such good insights. The professor was able to show pros and cons in a very objective manner. Definitely a must for beginners dabbling on FinTech!
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    The course has positively added to my knowledge base on Fintech technologies. The overview and application. Financial Technology is changing the traditional way of banking. Even banks nowadays have to change their strategy to embrace Fintech in the provision of their financial solutions to the general public for them to remain viable and profitable in this competition stif economy. Provision of Fintech is what cheaper, convenient as fast. It is also bringing on board the unbaked sector
  • Anonymous
    Great course
    Very detailed
    Covered fully with simplicity and chronological approach.
    The foundation and details about the subscriber are very clear and everything comes in time.
    It is a very specific course well managed.
    Only one thing need to be updated: the font of the presentation in order to get a high level of video quality.
  • Chen Hu
    I got a comprehensive understanding to FinTech from this course. It taught me what is FinTech, What FinTech companies are doing, and FinTech technologies. I also learned from the classmates' homework about the new FinTech trend. I like this course and it really increase my knowledge in FinTech.
  • Anonymous
    The course is well-structured, have a lot of case studies and different points of view on the subject. However, not all suggested prompts are equally engaging and thought-provoking, and some videos have technical issues: text has a lot of mistakes and poorly match the sound in video.
  • Anonymous
    The course content was very informative and the occasional writing prompts to allow for interactions among students from different backgrounds. The final assignments provide a good framework for students to further explore this field by doing external research and independent thinking.
  • Anonymous
    It is a good course that discusses Fintech at an introductory level. The course is well-structured. The instructor in the course explains in an engaging manner. The instructor also brings in guest lectures to better explain certain topics. Overall a worthwhile course to take.
  • Anonymous
    Thank you for the easy and positive presentation of information :) It is very convenient that the course is divided into short videos. This makes it possible to better assimilate information. It is also interesting to hear the opinions of the invited competent experts.
  • Anonymous
    Hoping for more industry facts study cases, especially for Sout East Asia region. Thank you for sharing knowledge and the courses material. I hope for new course regarding Metaverse enviroment that will changes how world interact and financial business as well
  • Anonymous
    I am very interesting to study about FinTech and this course is a great opportunity to learn about the foundations of FinTech and the technology behind it. This course also very helpful because it gave me a lot of new insight from some experts in FinTech.
  • Anonymous
    Our primary goal is to help you to understand FinTech and to become more confident and persuasive in your ability to analyze and make recommendations to executives within the finance industry regarding how to react to these changes. This FIRST MOOC ON...

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