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Data Visualization

via freeCodeCamp


Data is all around us, but it doesn't mean much without shape or context.

In the Data Visualization Certification, you'll build charts, graphs, and maps to present different types of data with the D3.js library.

You'll also learn about JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), and how to work with data online using an API (Application Programming Interface).

Major Topics:
  • Data Visualization with D3
  • JSON APIs and Ajax
  • Data Visualization Projects


  • Add Document Elements with D3
  • Select a Group of Elements with D3
  • Work with Data in D3
  • Work with Dynamic Data in D3
  • Add Inline Styling to Elements
  • Change Styles Based on Data
  • Add Classes with D3
  • Update the Height of an Element Dynamically
  • Change the Presentation of a Bar Chart
  • Learn About SVG in D3
  • Display Shapes with SVG
  • Create a Bar for Each Data Point in the Set
  • Dynamically Set the Coordinates for Each Bar
  • Dynamically Change the Height of Each Bar
  • Invert SVG Elements
  • Change the Color of an SVG Element
  • Add Labels to D3 Elements
  • Style D3 Labels
  • Add a Hover Effect to a D3 Element
  • Add a Tooltip to a D3 Element
  • Create a Scatterplot with SVG Circles
  • Add Attributes to the Circle Elements
  • Add Labels to Scatter Plot Circles
  • Create a Linear Scale with D3
  • Set a Domain and a Range on a Scale
  • Use the d3.max and d3.min Functions to Find Minimum and Maximum Values in a Dataset
  • Use Dynamic Scales
  • Use a Pre-Defined Scale to Place Elements
  • Add Axes to a Visualization
  • Handle Click Events with JavaScript using the onclick property
  • Change Text with click Events
  • Get JSON with the JavaScript XMLHttpRequest Method
  • Get JSON with the JavaScript fetch method
  • Access the JSON Data from an API
  • Convert JSON Data to HTML
  • Render Images from Data Sources
  • Pre-filter JSON to Get the Data You Need
  • Get Geolocation Data to Find A User's GPS Coordinates
  • Post Data with the JavaScript XMLHttpRequest Method
  • Visualize Data with a Bar Chart
  • Visualize Data with a Scatterplot Graph
  • Visualize Data with a Heat Map
  • Visualize Data with a Choropleth Map
  • Visualize Data with a Treemap Diagram

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freeCodeCamp Team


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  • There was a while when I thought that this course was kind of unnecessary because of the esoteric application (mainly building graphs and charts from data). I didn't think that this skillset would really be helpful in getting a job, unless I was try…

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