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Python for Beginners – Full Course [Programming Tutorial]

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This course aims to teach beginners the fundamentals of the Python programming language through hands-on coding projects. By the end of the course, students will be able to code a Rock, Paper, Scissors game and a Blackjack card game. The course covers topics such as variables, functions, data types, operators, control statements, data structures, functions, classes, and error handling. The teaching method involves a combination of video lectures and coding demonstrations. This course is intended for individuals with no prior programming experience who are interested in learning Python for various applications.


) Introduction.
) RPS - Variables and Functions.
) RPS - Calling Functions.
) RPS - Dictionaries.
) RPS - User Input.
) RPS - Libraries, Lists, Methods.
) RPS - Function Arguments.
) RPS - If Statements .
) RPS - Concatenating Strings.
) RPS - f-strings.
) RPS - Else and Elif Statements.
) RPS - Refactoring and Nested If.
) RPS - Accessing Dictionary Values.
) RPS - Testing Game.
) Setup Python Locally.
) Creating New Repl.
) Variables.
) Expressions and Statements .
) Comments.
) Data Types.
) Operators.
) Arithmetic Operators.
) Comparison Operators.
) Boolean Operators.
) Bitwise Operators.
) is & in Operators.
) Ternary Operator.
) Strings.
) String Methods.
) Escaping Characters.
) String Characters & Slicing.
) Booleans.
) Number Data Types.
) Built-in Functions.
) Enums.
) User Input.
) Control Statements.
) Lists.
) Sorting Lists.
) Tuples.
) Dictionaries.
) Sets.
) Functions.
) Variable Scope.
) Nested Functions .
) Closures.
) Objects.
) Loops.
) Break and Continue.
) Classes.
) Modules.
) Arguments from Command Line.
) Lambda Functions.
) Map, Filter, Reduce.
) Recursion .
) Decorators.
) Docstrings.
) Annotations.
) Exceptions .
) With.
) Installing Packages with pip.
) List Compression.
) Polymorphism.
) Operator Overloading.
) Blackjack - Beginning.
) Blackjack - Deck Class.
) Blackjack - Card Class.
) Blackjack - Hand Class.
) Blackjack - Game Class.
) Blackjack - Testing.
) Conclusion.

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  • The Python programming course offers a comprehensive introduction to the language. It covers fundamental concepts with clarity and practical examples. The course progresses logically, from basic syntax to more advanced topics like OOP and modules. Hands-on exercises reinforce learning and enhance problem-solving skills. The instructors are knowledgeable and engaging, although the pacing can be slightly fast. More real-world applications could enhance the experience. Overall, the course is suitable for beginners, equipping them with a solid foundation in Python for various applications. However, additional focus on complex projects and real-time debugging would be beneficial for aspiring developers.
  • Ishan Gaur
    Clear Explanation: The instructor breaks down complex concepts into understandable chunks, making it easy for beginners to grasp.Hands-on Exercises: The course offers plenty of coding exercises, allowing students to practice and reinforce their understanding of Python concepts.Real-world Projects: Building real-world projects throughout the course helps apply Python skills to practical scenarios, enhancing retention and applicability.Supportive Community: The course provides access to a supportive online community where students can ask questions, share knowledge, and collaborate on projects.
  • Profile image for Kelechi Deon
    Kelechi Deon
    This was an insightful course and i had so much fun Learning about the basics of python.
    If you are looking forward to a great start in python then this is the course for you
  • Abraham
    it is very clear and intersting tutorial realy i am proud of you thanks for your support and hope see you in other course
    Good and it was excellent teaching.
    It is easy to understand
    And I gained more knowledge about that
  • Profile image for Sirisha D
    Sirisha D
    Enjoy while learning that using was very good in the free code camp and the explanation with the visual views very clear to understand and now I can know the basic python and could code in the future so I am getting potential to my skills in the further projects and the internship for the make my career beautiful and showcase my skills to the HR and the interview

  • Profile image for Nandu
    Good teaching
    I Learn so much as I don't no about python programming thankyou for this crouses and for development my foundation

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