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Learn Python - Full Course for Beginners

via freeCodeCamp


This course will give you a full introduction into all of the core concepts in python. Follow along with the videos and you'll be a python programmer in no time!


Installing Python & PyCharm.
Setup & Hello World.
Drawing a Shape.
Variables & Data Types.
Working With Strings.
Working With Numbers.
Getting Input From Users.
Building a Basic Calculator.
Mad Libs Game.
List Functions.
Return Statement.
If Statements.
If Statements & Comparisons.
Building a better Calculator.
While Loop.
Building a Guessing Game.
For Loops.
Exponent Function.
2D Lists & Nested Loops.
Building a Translator.
Try / Except.
Reading Files.
Writing to Files.
Modules & Pip.
Classes & Objects.
Building a Multiple Choice Quiz.
Object Functions.
Python Interpreter.

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4.7 rating, based on 26 Class Central reviews

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  • It was very good and everything was explained very well and completely and also in a very simple and practical way
  • This course was amazing. very helpful. Basics to advance. I'm expecting for more courses like python.
  • Good basic intro course. A little slow if you are already a programmer in other languages. Maybe create a version for programmers and skip all the contruct explanations, but show how they are structured.
  • Profile image for Odili Chinedum Christian
    Odili Chinedum Christian
    This is one of the best Python course i have ever taken. You explicitly explained all the terms in this video without ambiguity such that even a novice would not need a prophet for further clarification. I Love you for this.
    "Python Course: A Comprehensive Introduction to Programming" offers a well-structured curriculum suitable for beginners. The course covers fundamental concepts such as variables, data types, control structures, and functions, gradually progressing to more advanced topics like object-oriented programming and file handling. With clear explanations and hands-on exercises, learners gain practical experience in writing Python code. The instructor's engaging delivery keeps students motivated throughout the course. However, more emphasis on real-world applications and project-based learning could enhance its value. Overall, it's an excellent starting point for anyone looking to learn Python programming efficiently.

  • The content covered in the course was both comprehensive and engaging. I found the materials to be well-organized and the topics to be relevant and up-to-date. The instructors were knowledgeable and presented the material in a clear and engaging manner, making it easy to understand even for someone like me who was new to the subject.

    One of the aspects I appreciated most was the flexibility the course offered. The ability to learn at my own pace and access the course materials at any time was incredibly convenient. Additionally, the assignments and assessments were challenging yet fair, which helped me solidify my understanding of the subject matter.
  • Mayuri Kashinath Gaikwad
    It was so. Amazing lecture python all concept are clear thanks a lot. Sir i thought python is very difficult language any other languages.. But nope.. Python is very easy language any other language. You can see this vedio all dout are clear it was a great course Everything explained very well
  • Profile image for Karthikeyan .E
    Karthikeyan .E
    Nice easy to understand The freeCodeCamp Python course for beginners is comprehensive and beginner-friendly. It covers fundamental concepts with practical examples, making it easy to grasp. The interactive coding challenges enhance hands-on learning. Overall, it's a valuable resource for those starting with Python, providing a solid foundation for further exploration.
  • Profile image for Neeharica Madanu
    Neeharica Madanu
    Everything explained very well. It was like an awesome stuff and I felt more learnt from this experience. Thank you !
  • Profile image for Wazif Isyraf
    Wazif Isyraf
    Very informative, well structured, easy to digest and simple examples and explanations. 100% recommended !!
  • Profile image for Lisha Poovendhiran
    Lisha Poovendhiran
    It is very important to me because its an essential course for my career so need more knowledge about python so I aquire this course. this course helps me to understand about all the concept.
  • Profile image for Ajay P R
    Ajay P R
    It's good and explanation is ultimate this will helps to students a lot. The guide who is teaching here is too ultimate. He have explaines the concepts wonderfully
  • Profile image for Karim Sherif
    Karim Sherif
    The course is a great refresher for reviewing python. I would encourage everybody to take it . Mike explains the topics very well. Also, he adds these simple examples like the calculator to help put together these topics. It has been a pleasure taking this course.
  • Profile image for Jofeth D. Chavez
    Jofeth D. Chavez
    I learn a lot from basics. This was good course for me specially I am a beginner in programming. I want to elaborate more of this python to learn more specially in creating a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that will be made by me for my researches.
  • This is one of the best course for me, so many things to learn and explore and many more.
    I had leveled up my skills. And I'll highly recommend it to all of you. It's really amazing.
  • it was a really good experinvce withn this type of learning of python and having good confidence to learn advanced python learning thank you for this amzing toturials
  • Julian Mangold
    Perfect course for Beginners. Really good explanations with examples. I would recommend this course to everybody who is interested in learning python.
  • Profile image for Raga Darsini
    Raga Darsini
    Good course to take but certificate is not available 😒 so i prefer not to take this ...well u need this u can afford it
  • Tanaya Dapse
    It is a good course well explained and it is more practical oriented course which will also develop practical skills
  • John Oluakin
    Python is as efficient and comfortable as reptile Python.

    It is great programming language, many people in IT sector has already learned this language because of its convenience that any body can learn it without much time also. It is very easy to go through our code and does not take much time and endeavor.

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