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The Last Algorithms Course You'll Need

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Welcome to a super fun, beginner-friendly data structures and algorithms course. Is it really the last algorithms course you'll need? If you want to pass tough interview questions, then yes! You'll learn big o time complexity, fundamental data structures like arrays, lists, trees, graphs, and maps, and searching and sorting algorithms.


  • Introduction
  • Big O Time Complexity
  • Arrays Data Structure
  • Arrays Q&A
  • Linear Search & Kata Setup
  • Binary Search Algorithm
  • Pseudo Code Binary Search
  • Implementing Binary Search
  • Two Crystal Balls Problem
  • Implementing Two Crystal Balls
  • Bubble Sort
  • Implementing Bubble Sort
  • Linked List Data Structures
  • Linked List Complexity
  • Queue
  • Implementing a Queue
  • Queue Q&A
  • Stack
  • Implementing a Stack
  • Arrays vs Linked List
  • ArrayList
  • ArrayBuffer
  • Data Structures Q&A
  • Recursion
  • Path Finding: Base Case
  • Path Finding: Recursive Case
  • Recursion Q&A
  • QuickSort Algorithm
  • Implementing QuickSort
  • Linked List: prepend, insertAt, & append
  • Linked List: remove, get, & removeAt
  • Linked List Q&A
  • Debugging Linked List
  • Trees Overview
  • Tree Traversals
  • Implement Tree Traversal
  • Breadth-First Search
  • Implement Breadth-First Search
  • Search Practice
  • Implement Binary Tree Comparison
  • Depth-First: Find
  • Depth-First: Insert
  • Depth-First: Delete
  • Binary Search Tree Q&A
  • Implement Depth-First Search
  • Heap
  • Implementing Heap
  • Tries
  • Graphs Overview
  • Searching an Adjacency Matrix
  • Implementing BFS on Adjacency Matrix
  • Implement DFS on Adjacency List
  • Dijkstra's Shortest Path
  • Implement Dijkstra's Shortest Path
  • Dijkstra's Shortest Path Run Time
  • Maps
  • LRU Cache
  • LRU Cache Setup
  • Implementing an LRU Cache
  • Wrapping Up

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