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Universitat Politècnica de València

Introduction to video game development with Unity

Universitat Politècnica de València via edX


Never before has the video game market been at a better time. There are currently many platforms available and the emergence of mobile devices has revolutionized the sector.

The existence of multiple platforms implies great challenges for developers in decision making, both in the choice of platforms and in the sizing of work teams.

One solution to these problems is to use a game engine, and without a doubt the most popular and used engine of the moment is Unity.

Unity is the most popular engine for reasons such as its powerful tools, its ability to generate games on more than 20 different platforms, its excellent learning curve and the hundreds of add-ons available to it developed by third parties.


  • Unit 1. Introduction to the environment
  • Unit 2. Unity Basics
  • Unit 3. Introduction to the game engine
  • Unit 4. Unity and the different platforms
  • Unit 5. Scripting
  • Unit 6. Unity in action

Taught by

Jordi Linares Pellicer



4.7 rating, based on 49 Class Central reviews

4.8 rating at edX based on 5 ratings

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  • Anonymous
    The example that you will do in this course really teaches you well about Unity and gives enough knowledge to explore on your own afterwards. You have to turn the speed of the videos to 1.25x so it is at real speed, otherwise the video and audio is…
  • Anonymous
    It is a great basic course for game development, it is not only about Unity, but about what do develop a game is.
    It covers step bay step how to construct a basic game, but you can think in your own ideas to develop and make possible with some more practice.
    I do not have any knowledge of C#, but with the instructions received by the instructor, it was easy to learn the necessary commands to program the needed scripts.
    Recommended for those who want to enter in this world of creating, not only just games, but also educational resources.
    Thanks a lot for letting me to know as much as I did.
  • Anonymous
    A really useful course to learn the essential basics of how to build a video game.
    The teacher is good and his explanations are clear and helpful.
    The example of a complete little game with all the building blocks really provides the foundation for you to start making your own games. I truly recommend
  • Anonymous
    positive: - Very good introductory class to unity - During the course the most important aspects of unity game development is explained and one get an idea what is possible with unity - Concepts are explained step-by-step in a comfortable speed…
  • Anonymous
    As a complete beginner on Unity, I was quite worried about my understanding of this course. But Mr Linares is a wonderful teacher. He is really clear and takes his time to repeat several times each step in each lesson, helping us better handle the c…
  • Anonymous
    This course starts with basic elements and explains it well but then goes deeper very fast and start showing memorized things, it is hard to understand why codes work like that or why some codes and scripts needed to added different objects in diffe…
  • Anonymous
    The example that you will do in this course really teaches you well about Unity and gives enough knowledge to explore on your own afterwards.
    You have to turn the speed of the videos to 1.25x so it is at real speed, otherwise the video and audio is unnaturally slow.
    There are no practical execises to be corrected. There are test autocorrected which is enough if you are a self-lerner type.
    There are two types of video lessons:
    -Theoretical lessons where the professor is reading the same slide that your are watching. It feels really slow because you can read at the same time
  • Jatin Kumar
    nice teaching how to build a game nice teacher also nice video because i will give my rating is 5 out of 5 thankyou sir
  • Anonymous
    The course helped me to learn the basics of Unity with the essential background on how and why things work the way they do in Unity, and how a small change can influence the game. More than one way was taught to execute a process and the pros and cons of each processes were discussed too. I am happy with what I have learned so far through this course and I definitely recommend this course for beginners!
    Video game developers take a designer's concepts and build them into a playable game for users. Video game developers, also known as game developers or video game programmers, write code for games for a variety of formats, such as PCs, consoles, web browsers and mobile phones.09-Mar-2021
  • Anonymous

    Very interesting and satisfying. The way he teach it simple that is easy to understand, which makes it easy to get a basic understanding, which is very necessary when we learn new disciplines, especially for me whose educational background is not engineering. I hope the follow-up course will be launched soon so that I can produce high-class video games. Thank you very much Mr. Jordi.
  • Anonymous
    The teacher explained almost everything important completely. I thought using Unity will be way difficult but he made sure students were given information in a really understandable manner. I would definitely recommend this to others. Great Course!!!
  • Anonymous
    This is a good course to learn. This will help both younger and older talents to get their chance to achieve their dreams as game designers or developers. No matter how hard the challenge is remember always follow your dreams and you will be successful.
  • Anonymous
    Great course.

    Doing each item step-by-step with explanations of not just the "what" but also the "why" was excellent.

    The minor issue I had was with the sound file not being available to download, plus some of the instructor's word pronunciations were "interesting". :)
  • Anonymous
    The course has been very interesting and insightful, as it provided a good general and a basic understanding of the main elements of Unity. I hope an intermediate course is added to go deeper into the knowledge. Also, I would love participating in a beginner course of coding for C from the same university and professor. Thank you!
  • Anonymous
    Good and easyway for studying course .It improves my game ideas.thank you for class control.I plan for my life . And dream game company will soon.
  • Anonymous
    Great quick course , wish it was longer :)
    also i wish we had more examples on how to download the games to the mobile for independent use.
  • Anonymous
    the course was very helpful, and i learned a new skill through this course .Initially i thought it would be boring but as the course progressed through ,it became more and more interesting .Finally I could not leave a single day of this course except when I had my college exams
  • Anonymous
    As an introductory course it is very helpful in understanding fundamentals in unity programming without being overwhelmed.
    It helps a lot if you have a basic understanding of OOP and really opens up a new horizon to take on!
    Thank you very much for a wonderful teaching!
  • Anonymous
    Was very helpful, unlike other more disjointed classes you find on Unity basics, there is a step-by-step run-through of the different components for holistic learning. Would highly recommend to beginners at Unity who want to understand basic utilities of the game engine.

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